RTKR knee bend / slide 2 weeks post op

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Hello everyone. I had RTKR on 8th Jan, ( in UK) no idea what to expect, but I've found these forums really helpful, so thank you.

My problem is the knee bend/slide, my knee feels like it has a band around it preventing it from bending. I think I managed 70 degrees at my 2 week physio appointment....... and it was a struggle! So she's arranging some extra sessions for me.

I had a set back the day after surgery due to low blood pressure mainly.... passed out, threw up, not a good day. As a result I had no physio and no real out of bed time until I came home 3 days later; so I felt a bit behind.

I cant lift my leg either so I'm working on that. I use my 'good' leg to hook under.

I do my rest and ice, exercises, have a wander around the house on my crutches, put my leg back up. Basically, I do what feels OK because I had no advice on daily routine, I guess as is clear reading your posts, thats because were all different. But I do wonder sometimes if I should be doing more?

Any ideas on how to get this knee to bend and lift would be great 😃

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    I had my tkr on 7th January so you have my sympathy. This is my 2nd as I had a tkr on 15th October last year. First one was a text book recovery but this one is quite different. It takes a while before you can lift your leg and a lot of it may be down to how strong your muscles were before the op. However, using a dressing gown cord or similar under the sole of your foot is a great help for lifting your leg. We all seem to experience the tight band thing although this time its higher up my leg . Physio said it's where they put the tourniquet when operating. This feels like it'll never go away but it does and one day you'll suddenly realise it's gone! The physio they gave me in hospital was literally just to get me up and walking a short distance with a frame or crutches so you didnt miss much. Just keep bending that knee. I use a carrier bag on the floor for sliding my foot easily and then pull it back further with the good one. With each bend it feels a little easier. Initially it all tightens up again in minutes but after a few weeks I found that the stretch became more permanent, although if stationary for a period my good one still seizes up a bit. Hope that helps. There are loads of good people here to help but if Chico_marx replies he's really knowledgeable so well worth hearing from!!! Good luck!!🤞👍🤞👍

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    Laying on my bed I put along scarf around my foot and used the ends to pull my knee towards me doing this eventually got me to a good bend, it helped putting a board under my leg as this helped the slide. I am at 15 weeks second knee replacement just keep moving and benting and you will get there when sitting put leg heal on stool for 10 minutes will helpwith getting and keeping and straight leg a few times a day or when laying down put leg ankle on rolled towel. These were a couple of exercise taught at Physcio, if you cango its agreat support.

    At 12 weeks you start tosee a difference, read stuff from Chico Marx. Goodluck

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    The tight band is normal. I am 13 months post op and have had that tightness all along, easing up as the time passes. Each of us has a different recover, and other than the tightness, mine was text book. I was told as well that it is from the tourniquet, but I also found that it was the tightness in my leg associated with the ITband. I found just recently some exercise's online for stretching the muscles around the ITB and it has made a huge difference for me. I was sent home from hospital with a list of exercises to do and I did them religiously three times a day, as recommended. I found putting a facecloth, or small towel, on the ceramic or hardwood floor and pushing it as far under a chair as I could really helped to get that bend. You can push with the other foot to try and go a bit further. I had bilateral knee replacement, so I just pushed as far as I could and it wasn't long before I was 120 - 80. Best of luck with your recovery.

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    At two weeks dont panic just keep doing your exercises, rest and ice. When do you start physio. If you cant raise your leg after several months push to go back to your surgeon. i never could raise mine plus other problems.

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    Your knee will still be swollen so it will be difficult trying to bend more at this early stage.Try sitting on a dining chair and try to bend your leg back. I found the slide on the bed hard to do.

    As for lifting your leg it will gradually come. I found this best to do on the bed.

    Are you booked in for physio?

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    Thanks for your encouragement everyone 😃

    Yes saralice I'm booked in on Wednesday.

    I'll try the slide on a chair, and hopefully see some improvement, I was hoping to be a few degrees better by the time I see physio .....

    by the time i get to my third set of home exercises my leg hurts and doesn't want to co-operate lol

    Thanks again and good luck to you all.

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