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I'm a 17 year old boy battered with an array of problems and it's tearing me apart and I just can't cope with it anymore, first of all I have huge rows with my mum because I find it almost impossible to get out of bed on a morning for college, even though I have 4 alarms and don't hear them at all, these rows have lead to her threatening me to be kicked out from the house and my college get very infuriated by this but nobody listens when I tell them I'm not lazy and I tell them that I think I have a problem hence why I haven't been to see a doctor because I feel that they'll just treat me the same way. Another thing is that I'm seriously lacking in concentration in college lessons and in doing homework, my mind drifts off constantly and it's hard to focus for more than 1 minute without drifting off which means I learn next to nothing which means my grades will be rubbish and I'll get punished my my mum and dad for it and won't have a very good life. Another thing is that I cannot look forward to something or enjoy anything as much as I used to, I find very little or no pleasure in things that I used to love doing and find myself looking forward to nothing even though events that should be exciting are coming up, tomorrow I'm going on a holiday with my family, I couldn't care less and I now sound ungreatful and horrible but I wish I could look forward to it and thoroughly enjoy it but I just can't do it please help me someone :-(

(I would just like to add that I am in no way suicidal and would not self harm)


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    Daniel the docs are there to listen as long as you tell them everything even little details they need the whole story, if you ain't happy with the doc then get a second opinion from another doc, don't think too far ahead and take each day or hour at a time, your only 17 and have a looooong life ahead of you,  go on holiday and enjoy it as if you dont go you wil regret it, 
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    I am no medic but sounds like severe depresion, you must go and see the doctor and explain everything . then your mum will see you have a problem with goig to see the doc. good luck

    when you wake in the morning do you feel that you do not want to go anywhere or do any thing, because thats a few of the signs of depression, let me know how you  get on at the docs.

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    Hi Daniel. I am 26 and i have extreme anxiety disorder and major depression. I hid away in my room most of my life because i was too anxious to do anything about it. But lately after having 3 major panic attacks and ending up in hospital. My parents have found out about my condition. I can tell that they don't really understand it but i know it is because they have never experienced the extremes it goes too. But i have been told to goto the doctors now and they are sorting it out for me. It will take time, there is no quick fix for anything in life. That is just a lie the media make up to make you spend money on stuff you don't need. The quicker you go to the doctors and seek proffessional help the better your life will be. Luckily you are only 17!! You have to do this now, trust me from my own experience i am 26 and i did nothing but hide away scared to face a doctor and i am a mess now. The longer you leave it the worse it will get. Good luck buddy and i know you can do it. Prepare to start feeling better!! :D
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    Hi Daniel  I hope you have a good holiday.  There are so many things it could be.   Your doctor could be more understanding than you think.  At least he could run some tests for the usual suspects, but  don't just give up.  It could be a bad case of depression, but it could just as easily be something else and you could be becoming depressed on top of that.

    My granddaughter had a problem getting up in the morning, didn't hear her alarms and even with her mother coming in to wake her she just couldn't get up.  We all thought she was putting it on.  She found it hard to concentrate at times too.

    Several years later we have a diagnosis, inherited myatonia, but she was misdiagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and also fibromyalgia as she had aches and pains and also with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).  She had loads of negative tests along the way.  Now I'm not saying you've got what she's got, but don't give up trying to find out what's wrong with you.

    It may be a long slog, but if there's something medically wrong with you, whether it's a mental or physical condition, you need help.  If they don't find something quickly, you may feel like giving up, but GPs are only General Practitioners, and they are not experts on everything.  You know there is something wrong, so, even if you don't get your parents onside, you need to keep on until you feel better, you are the only person who knows how you really feel and you owe it to yourself to find out what's wrong.

    I sincerely hope that you get some help.  Try talking to your parents again and definitely see your doctor.  If he or she is no help, try to see another doctor in the practice and see if they are any better.  When you are 18, if not before you can change your doctor if they are not helpful.

    You've been brave enough to come on here and say how you feel, so I believe that you are brave enough to succeed in finding out what is wrong with you.

    Godd luck.


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    Hi Daniel I really feel you should go to the doctors and explain fully how you are feeling and ask for some support in your recovery many people on here know what you are going through unfortunately there is no quick fix for this so don't expect to feel better instantly it's something that is going to take time and effort and once you have asked for support your family will understand that you are not just being lazy or unmotivated that you are feeling very unwell and need plenty of support to get you through this. Sometimes we can't put our finger on what started it but it comes on very slowly and although on the surface everything looks fine we put on this happy face until we can't anymore then everything falls apart, life in itself is very stressful and starting college is no difference it's not always what we expect and we find it hard to live up to everyone's expectations of what we can achieve, I would imagine if you spoke to other students you would find they are feeling something similar, so go on holiday and enjoy the peace and get plenty of rest try and do things that make you happy and try not to dwell on these feelings as they will go away eventually.

    take care



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