S/P cardiac ablation having fluttering and thumping

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I am 5 days post ablation and I have been getting these fluttering feelings in my chest my heart rate has been running 70-80 after ablation but today I felt fluttering and shortness of breath my heart rate was 115 but this subsided evenetully. My big problem is I randomly feel a thump in my head/ chest which makes me cough/ gasp for air and then it’s gone. I have never felt anything like this and it’s hard to explain. Has anyone felt like this after an ablation? Can you get another arrhythmia after/ from the ablation

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    My ablation 11 months ago, did indeed stop my ectopic beats joining together to form the dangerous Ventricular Tachycardia, the cardiologists seem happy they have saved my life, in fact the arrhythmia cardiologist is to discharge me from his care following my appointment next month.

    However, quality of life is appalling, my heartbeat is pretty much constantly above 100 now unless I am in bed, very slow walking earlier in the week my heartbeat was 133.

    I imagine the shortness of breath is due to so many beats not actually doing much, I had lung function tests which showed I had mechanically good lungs.

    I get the fluttering and also what feels like I have been poked in the top of the stomach with a stick, when I get the big spikes in my ecg, it feels as if my breath has been snatched away. Here is an ecg I took a few days ago.


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      Have you shown this ecg to your cardiologist, those big spikes if i'm not mistaken are Left Branch Bundle Blocks, my husband has those, your two sides of the bottom or venticles in your heart get out of rythum, they should beat together, it can be lived with if not causing any problems, but should be looked at as a part of the whole picture, by a cardiologist, along side a echocardiogram to make sure there is no underlying issues that are causing the LBBB, or LBBB complicating other issues.

      ?It does make you breathless if you have a run of very fast heartbeats, as the heart or jug of fluid can only fill so fast before it is pumped out again, and that makes you unable to exchange oxygen/carbon dioxide across your lungs.

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      Thanks Lyn, I do have a Reveal Linq implanted monitor which the cardiologist is supposed to be monitoring me from. I only see her every six months, buts she did say to let her know if the palpitations were getting worst which they are, the above one was from when I woke in the morning, looked just like the one I did before I fell asleep, so presume it was the same all night, I am also feeling really ill these days and getting bad pulsing acid indigestion, even when I have eaten nothing?

      So I wrote a letter to her a couple of weeks back enclosing these ecgs, not heard anything though.

      I have other ecgs I took that to me look like heart block as there is a space between every 2nd and 3rd beat which otherwise look normal.

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      My husband Left Branch Bundle Block showed up as a big long spike, downwards, similar to yours, and a long arch after that big downward spike, from what I understood, the GP should not have missed the big enlongated arch after the downward spike, his covered 14 squares on her ECG charts, which had her really worried, she told us. 

      Husband collapsed the following day at home, lungs full of fluid with a cough and sweating like a waterfall, I called an ambulance, told I had done the right thing, his lungs were full of fluid, he had gone on to develop congestive heart failure as his heart was not beating strong enough to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide across his lungs, also during this episode, he passed a clot from his heart, went down his leg otherwise he would not be here.

      ?Interesting that his blood pressure was considered in the normal range, consultant specialists have since learnt with him to be careful with his blood pressure, even when his heart beat down to 23 BPM, during the 100% branch bundle block, his blood pressure was still normal.

      I can tell you I got extremely angry and abused the young cardiologist and told him he needed to go back to medical school, senior cardiologist when he eventually arrived told me I was right, and order junior staff into his office, he was not a happy chappy.

      ?Junior staff at the hospital treat me better now, I don't know if the specialist has put a note on husbands file, to watch out for wife, but I was told by a nurse that they were told at the time, wife knows what she is talking about and to listen.

      ?I have educated myself about husbands condition, and know what the warning signs are, breathless, cough that is not clearing up, sleepy, very low blood pressure, have my own blood pressure monitor that also gives me his heart rate.

      ?After being married for 45 years I know him, and I know when he is not himself, even when he is trying his best to fool me.

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      Sounds like you have a very lucky husband to have you. I am on my own so Doctors have to take my word for it when I say how truly ill I feel. The fact I had to buy my own ECG because the NHS failed to detect my Ventricular Tachycardia for two years didnt help either, some of them now like to label me as having "health anxiety" as an excuse to do nothing, including the cough I have had now since last March.

      I did reason with one of my GPs thought that if I had Health anxiety, wouldn't I have called an ambulance as instructed every time I saw and felt my heart do the following, which was every day until my ablation!  

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    Yes, you can.  I don't know how common it might be, but I had a friend who spent 8 hours in the cath lab undergoing an ablation and he still had problems and they had told him at one point he might have to undergo another.  Unfortunately, that never took place because he died suddenly, why, I don't know the particulars.  I was so upset to hear of this that, even though I suffer from a-fib, I'm determined not to end up in the cath lab, because I'm afraid I'd have to go through it again if I still had a rhythm problem.

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