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Saying goodbye to contraception!

So for the past 6-7 years ive been on contraception. First i had the IUD ( implant) for 5 years and after having too many issues i thought the pill would be my answer to lord was i wrong!

I was firstly prescribed the combined pill ( can't remeber the name of it),

i took it for 3 months and my mood was awful, constant bleeding and very low sex drive.

After visting my GP she then gave me Norethindron and told me to "give it chance for my body to adapt".

Six months later and thats it! Im saying goodbye to contraception.

Norethindron ( the mini pill) caused me to have the worst skin ive ever had, im covered in pimples! Face, neck and shoulders. My libido is none exsistant, i can't even stand for my boyfriend to breathe near me without me flipping my lid at him. I already suffer with Anxitey and Depression ( controlled by Anti-Depressants) but its definitly got worse since being on the pill, my weight is creeping back up ( after fighting to lose 4st) and over all im just not happy and no longer want to control by body with horomones.

And yes i totally get thats not the way for everyone.

So after extensive research i have decided to give Natural Cycles a go, 

in simple terms it sounds a bit crazy but, you take your temperature every morning with the themomiter you get along with your yearly subscription ( £40) and the app is free to download , you log in your temp and it works out if youre ovulating or not. So its very simple but warns to be very careful. For the first few months it may not be accurate but im willing to give it a go if it means ill be horomone free.

Ill keep anyone who is interested updated on my progress and if youve had any experiences with coming off the mini pill or youve used Natural Cycles before id love to hear from you!


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  • v2709 v2709 KellyStevenson

    Hi Kelly! Really glad I came across your story!!

    I've gone through similar this year. I was on and off the combined pill for around 8 years and felt fine on it, however at the end of last year I was told by my doctor if you have aura migraines you cannot take the combined pill as you are at a higher risk of a blood clot or stroke (concerning it took 8 years to be told this when I had been to the doctors several times over the years due to really bad migraines!). In those 8 years I tried the implant, after 4 months of non stop bleeding and feeling awful I had it removed.  So I went on the mini pill in Nov last year and it was awful!! I had the worst anxiety I've ever had, I was so low and felt like I lost myself. I decided to come off it and considered the mirena coil. But after the doctor said it was the same hormone as the mini pill and implant I decided not to go ahead...I never want to feel the way I did again and it was a risk I wasn't willing to take. After 6 months of being off the pill, I now feel the best I've felt in a long time. It did take 3 months for things to settle down like my anxiety and periods back to normal but now I fee great! 

    I'd love to hear about your progress and hope being hormone free will be as positive as it has been for me smile x

    • KellyStevenson KellyStevenson v2709

      Hi thanks for your reply! Im pretty relieved im not the only person who feels this way about contreception! I also suffer with migranes so the pills i was allowed to take were limited and it also meant i couldnt take pills that put me at risk of strokes and blood clots the same as you. Its strange, i didnt realise that just after i started taking my pill thats when i was diagnoised with Anxiety and Depression and began taking Cetalopram. I dont mind controling my mood with tablets but im hoping coming off of contreception will benifit me health and physcoligical wise.

      Ive been off it about 2 weeks and i had a small bleed, no period pains. I dont constantly think about food as i did before, and my appetite has gone back to the way it was before i started any contreception so im hoping ill drop some more weight. Im still getting used to using the Natural Cycles app but i would reccomend it to anyone, not only for the saftey of sex but im learning more about my body. 

      I hope my experience becomes as positive as yours and im looking forward to being totally hormone free!

      Kelly x

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