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So first things first, I am not selling, trolling or gloating.

After having scabies for the last 6 months (2 knowingly) i can say that I am finally cured.

For the first three months of having this awful affliction I was convinced it was something else (guttate psoriasis) due to having this skin problem previously and the somewhat similar symptoms. When the symptoms never improved I consulted my doctor who agreed with my self-diagnosis and assured me it would cease over time. (no blame one the doc's front, i was positive this was my condition).

My symptoms started off manageable, itchy spots on my ass but nothing insanely unmanageable. After a while the 'rash' spread and more than 3 hours sleep became a distant dream. I would typically fall asleep at 2am exhausted wake up at 4am - itch for 2 or 3 hours and then fall back asleep for another 2 to 3 hours sleep max. before having to go to university.

My body was covered in 'bites', mutilated and the eternal itch or crawling which could not be scratched, my skin is crawling now just thinking.

I only realised i had scabies when an ex-partner came to visit, we spent a few days in bed together, one or two months later he experienced symptoms and consulted his doctor (in Germany) who diagnosed scabies.

He was immediately prescribed 5% permethrin cream, two doses, two weeks apart in his case (i think 30ml per dose).

Upon hearing his diagnosis i immediately went to my local pharmacy (UK) and bought one 30ml tube of permethrin 5% cream and applied that night as per instruction.

The pharmacist told me to do 2 treatments, one week apart. I did 4 weeks treatment (30ml each), a week apart each, i wanted to be sure to rid of this horrible affliction and reasoned that this should be sufficient.

After 4 weeks i ceased treatment in the hope that i was cured (my 'bites' and scarring were improved remarkably) but after 11 days i felt the familiar 'crawling' sensation once more and seen what appeared to be more 'bite' marks.

This may be post-scabies, I am not sure but i know that I was so sick and tired of this infestation that I needed to take every precaution I could.

Note that after every topical application I would clean all my bed linen, vacuum carpets, sofa etc. (maybe not neccessary but desperate). i would not wear any clothes for one week since last application after being on a 60 degree wash and tumble dry. 

My mind really did not think of much else, i did not want to hug my mother incase of infection, having sex was out of the question, i even felt guilty when shaking peoples hands.

I know this is all probably all irrational but if you are reading this then i am sure you know what i mean!?!?

Anyways after ordering some ivermectin horse paste online from amazon which i never received i decided to try the permethrin again this time on a faster application timeline. This time i applied one full body application every 5 days for 20 days ( i was scared this was dangerous and it may be) and thankfully it seems to have worked for me.

I am now confident I am scabie free and wish you all the best.

I should also point out that my partner who i infected has been completely scabie free for months now after only 2 permethrin treatments, I may have been hypochondriacal to the post scabies. 

Regardless, I will never know although i only know now that i am scabie free and wish to tell you that it does happen, almost as quick as they appear it feels now.

Dont give up, for me, multiple permethrin treatments and switching clothing seemed to work,



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    Was the horse paste called "NU-STOCK"? I was on amazon and read how this paste cured a lot of people. Probably because it has 75% sulphur in it. It also has 25% mineral oil and 2% pine oil. Anyway, pls let m know if that's what it was...and SHARE WITH OTHERS on this thread!  wink

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    Hey there, thanks for the info.  I tried a bunch of those things and want to share my experience.  Firstoff, in the US you cannot just buy permethrin without a prescription.  And in 2018 you can't just pop online and buy it from another country.  Those days are past.  So I knew I had to go get one. Having read dozens of anecdotal posts from fellow victims I knew that the mdical community would be skeptical at best and extortive at worst so I prepared before my appointment.

    First, the "home remedies" I used and how they worked:

    I picked up scabies (and both kinds of lice nd dust mites) from sitting on a cushioned pool lounger at my apartment complex pool.  Never doing that again.  Going out to buy cheap plastic chairs to bring with me from now on.

    When I realized I was itchy the first thing I did was (midday) rip the blankets and top sheet off my bed and scour it with a flashlight, magnifying glass, credit card and clear plastic (sealing) container.  I picked up every suspicious dot and sealed them into a cupcake-cup container which then was sealed again into a ziplock bag (the color change kind so it's REALLYsealed).  Since I could only barely just perceive that these dots were not lint, I went online and bought a $20 digital microscope camera to photograph them.  Doing this, I caught a body louse, a pubic louse and two dust mites.  Evidence!  But also easy enough to get rid of without a doctor.

    Since my mattress was already previously sealed in a water proof, zipping cover I feel safe about it, but I clean that with a weak ammonia cleaner and sprayed it with DEET (campers bug spray %25).  However I threw away my comforter in a plastic trash bag and bought a new one.  I also threw away my couch.  I'm sure there are ways to debug it but mine wasn't worth the work, yours might be. 

    After boiling my bedding and clothing in actual boiling water I washed them all on high heat with a mixture of 1c bleach/ 1 c borax and regular amount of laundry soap, then dried them on hot for an hour and a half.  Every day for the last 3 weeks. 

    Once I had done all that, the mites and lice were gone but my itches were not.  SO I turned the microscope on my skin, Fist thing I noticed is that my scratches had turned my skin into an open wound.  Literally a buffet of vulnerable flesh for a parasite to feast on.  So I cut of my nails and filed them flat and blunt.  Inside the wounds I coud see scolling black lines and teeny black specks, some above the skin and som below it.  I photographed those and printed them out, labelled by date and location.  I knew now it was scabies on top of the other parasites.

    Using a piece of clear packing tape I captured several of the nasty things and sealed them tight and put them under the microscope for more pictures.  Printed and labeled.

    I found from a pharmacist a Neem oil product to spray down my bed and car interior (this was 2 weeks in by  now), and located a camping gear cleaner with 10% permethrin formula to wash my clothes and bedding (NOT FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL USE, THIS IS POISON DO NOT TR TO MAKE A CREAM FROM IT).

    Armed with lots of photos and captured bugs I went to the doctors finally, and she was amazed at the evidence (didn't even need the expensive skin scrape) and promptly wrote me out prescriptions for everything: the permethrin cream, the ivermectin pills, and even two different kinds of antihistimes to control the itch while my skin heals.

    The doctor is really the only hope, if you are in US and have to have an Rx to get the permethrin and ivermectin.  These monsters are too resisiliant for home remedies, but if you prepare and do all the investigating and acquire all the real evidence beforehand, the doctor has to recognize what they are and will treat you.

    Today is the first day after having the pills and the cream.  I still itch, but the quality of the itching has changed, it feels like fading.  Like the itch of a healing wound instead of the itch of a fresh bite.  The psycholgical aspect of being infested with parasites cannot be denied and I must say I also feel less frantic, less desperate, less depressed. This is wonderful and makes me able to face the fact that I have at least another 10 days of itching before my skin sheds the buried corpses, fecal matter and egg shells.

    Take heart, sufferer.  Be proactive and acquire the evidence to support your claim THEN go to the doctor.  You can get thru this.  You can be free of them.  Just be diligent.  The microscope camera was only $20 on Amazon.  There are dozens to choose from, find one you can afford that will work with your computer or phone.  It was the silver bullet for me.  Those photos.


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    I am just now getting over a scabies outbreak. I am an animal rescuer, and I picked up a puppy out of trash on the side of the highway. I took him to the vet immediately and found he had sarcoptic mange. Scabies is a subspecies of that. I got them just from holding him. Scabies lives IN the skin and can only be passed by skin to skin contact. They cannot live on upholstery, sheets, etc., but it's still a good idea to wash everything. More than likely, you got it from an animal or another person who had it. I called my clinic to have them prescribe me some Elimite, which is what they use nowadays. It's the 5% permethrine for humans. I did only one treatment, as the medical info from the pharmaceutical company said that was all that was needed, and that is how my doctor prescribed it's use. However, the itching can go on for up to 4 weeks. I did my treatment on Tuesday, and today the itching has subsided quite a bit, but I still have some, and that unsightly rash. I use an over the counter anti-itch spray for that. It will be gone soon. What fascinates me is that NO ONE can tell me when you know your scabies free. You see, before I picked up this puppy (on Friday) I had a trip planned to go pick up two puppies I had purchased. I had made up my mind to get out of the animal rescue "business" that I've been doing for years, and I decided that my last two dogs would be something I really wanted. I have spent tens of thousands over the years taking care of the abused and unwanted, so I got for myself 2 Chinese Crested puppies. I have had them for 5 days and haven't even been able to touch them. One weighs 1.2 lbs., the other us 1.6. I cannot risk spreading this to them as if they got it, or anything else for that matter, they cannot be treated because no meds are available for such little puppies. That's why I'm wanting someone to answer the do you know when you're scabies free? So far, I don't know . It seems to me that in between the pharmaceutical company, my doctor AND my pharmacist, someone would know the answer to this.

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