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I thought that I had scabies for a while and after using that abusive cream, I thought that I had some relief. A month or so later, though I was not itching as much, I researched so much to find that I actually had a parasite.

Has anyone found this to be true for them as well?

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    That is kind of what I'm thinking right now...or maybe having both...I've been battling this since end of July...did permethrin then just went back to doc who said it is shabbiest again...just did another round last Friday but still getting itchy bumps but now with a creepy crawly feeling on my scalp, nose & scalp...then researching maybe I have bird mites? I asked doc to test me for a parasite but never called me back yesterday...doing cleanse with apple cider vinegar...but have sanitized & went crazy with laundry...I think I might be getting reinvested by my car...I fogged it yesterday...did you take a lab test to determine this parasite? 
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    Hi Marilyn

    Read your text, how are things going.  what have you found out.?

    I'm getting there with the morgellons, doing detox with chlorella and boosting immune system. Still taking D.E powder in a drink too.... seems to be easing, so not longer troublesome, but still around. Will probably have to have mercury fillings removed... 

    I keep reading the messages from so many people just at their wits end, ... was the advise I gave you any good, did you use the usb microscope to find out...etc

    Let me know how you are getting on.

    Take care


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      Hi Stella,

      I didn't get the microscope, but great advice. I have been so overwhelmed. Had two root canal teeth pulled, on Dr. Amin's detox and cleanse. Supplements. Was doing better. Something changed on Thursday so either I got a vitamin C IV and it didn't do well with me or I had to stop the supplements for 10 days as I got a kidney stone. When I googled it, it said can be from overload of supplements. I wish I had never stopped. I had never had any itching and now my 8 year old son and I are both itching and I have burning, more lesions. Would you mind telling me what supplements and cleanse and detox you are taking?

      My Doc said to switch to non toxic cleaning supplies, make-up and all organic food. Anything that's helped with the itching? The fact that my son is suffering me may kill me. They say it's a secondaty infection, but don't know how to get rid of it. Your email brightened my day. Rough 5 days. The Biological Dentist said to look at bonding, fillings, root canals and I think overlays. This is so overwhelming and so many people posting HORROR stories, crazy cures. I'm so desperate to get well so my son will that I am tempted to try all the cures. Any thoughts or advice always welcome. Did your Doc say there's a cure?

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       HI marilyn

      So sorry to hear your news.  From the souds of it you've used the same  parasite co as I did, although mine is the u.k. branch. Dr. Amin is the head specialist in the usa.  Which parasite did they say you had.?

      Are you following their detox/cleanse.Which supplements did they say to have.

      I couldn't afford all the tests, nor their treatment.  so have really done my own thing.  

      What I gleaned was that when I was first ill with depression, I wasn't eating properly and was terribly constipated!!!- breeding ground for bacteria. I also had athletes foot, from the swimming pool.( fungus) and then developed some sores on my feet which blistered badly ...went weepy ( bacteria) plus cracked a root canal tooth( mercury) all in the space of a month. thats a recipe for morgellons!. 

      First of all I read up on pH balance.. the train of thought there is that bacteria/ disease etc needs an acid environment to survive/breed. Firstly cut sugar, artificial sweetners and foods/ drinks which contain those. If you need a sweetener, try Stevia, it's a naturally sweet plant, you can buy it in liquid/powder form.  It is safe for diabetics and kidney patients.  Look up alkaline forming foods. try to maintain ph around 7-7.5, I cheat and take a 1/2 teaspoon Bi carbonate of soda,( arm & hammer do baking soda, same thing... NOT baking powder).am and p.m. on an empty stomach.  or at least 1 hour after any food, as the stomach needs to be acid ti break down food.. I also test my urine daily( paper dip sticks) , it will fluctuate depending on what you eat or drink.No need to eat only alkaline foods, that just as bad as only acid ones... combine both but more alkaline than acid. I eat a pink grapefruit every day and start my day with  a cup of of hot water with a couple of slices of lemon, Good for livening you up in the morning!

      Immune system. Vitamin C... you can buy it in powder form and effervescent tablets... but not the cheap ones, they have sweeteners in them, there are ones with natural sweetners..   Zinc, selenium. B vits I hate taking pills, as I have to for osteoarthritis. Again look up vitamins which help immune system, check for foods which contain them. It's better, although slower to take a natural approach

      Keep away from GM foods.  In the states, wheat and rice are genetically modified... go organic, dearer but better. That includes flour / pasta etc, make your own bread if you can.  Take Probiotics, good for the gut., . Steady on the yoghurt though. Dairy is mildly acid forming. I'm boring, I love greek natural yoghurt... but add fresh fruit to it. Nuts/seeds.

      Look at herbs and spices for anti parstic ones and building the immune system.  Depending on the parasite, lots thrive in the digestive system.  I use diatemaceous earth comes with a health notice. do not breathe it in...! . Read up on it. it does clean the digestive system but tastes vile.. ok in juice.  Does not cause diarrhea. Seriously though, the first few days of taking it, I have never passed so much... just goes to show how much the digestive system was gummed up!  I stopped short of papaya and the seeds. The seeds crushed and taken really do hit parasites in the bowel... but it's a moving experience.!!! I can't eat the fruit, let alone the seeds! 

      I've made a pesto..which I used as a spread on savoury biscuits, you could make them. the pesto has flax seed oil, instead off olive oil.but not with basil, with coriander, again good for mercury detox, lots of garlic. 

      You've probably heard about green juices , with spirulina etc.  Chlorella is an algae it can detox mercury, I have found that really has made a difference to me. It's vile, but I mix it up in an apple juice.  note... all juices should be pure, not concentrates.

      I'm concerned about your skin and your sons.  What are you putting on it and bathing with? Are you using took much magnesium or using a magnesium based oil/ gel. Epsom salts is good in baths as it draws impurities out when having a long soak., but not to much or it will bring you out in a rash.  Do you have spots/sores? Bicarbonate of soda can be used in a bath, it's a good cleanser, and soothing. Salt is good, but very drying.  I had open sores and used 3% hydrogen peroxide on them, it kills bacteria. but use food grade won't burn any stronger it will. Read up on hydrogen peroxide. .

      I used to use a shower gel called Octsen it's anti microbial and issued in hosptals here. I also used an antimicrobial emoillient cream to calm and moisturise my skin. , it was a bit greasy but did help....  

      I do wish some of the people on the site would stop using the chemical crap, all they are doing is inflamming the skin more.bleach, harsh chemicals 

      Most of these parasites are internal.. it's the insides which need cleansing. But that takes time.  I can't tell you how just knowing what it was I had did for me... after I got over the intial shock... I got proactive.

      I look after my skin, don't throw crap at it anymore... One thing, I use a japanese wash cloth as an exfoliator . They are really long piece of coarse nylon like those puff ball things.  When new it's like having a rub down with sandpaper lol.. so approach with caution, but they are great for the back... , better than a long handled brush.

      By the way, my NHS Doc was useless. He had never heard of morgelllons and currently it's not being treated under the NHS, but there is a specialist who can see, again I can't afford the fees. 

      Marilyn, I can only guess what your problems is. If you can tell me which parasite it is, then maybe I can help by looking up things and finding out what I can. I know you said you didn't get that usb microscoe, maybe you should... by comparison the cost is minimal to what you are spening on the pills etc.  mine only cost me about £20... not the best but enough for me to see what I needed to.   It's strange it's only you and your son who is affected....  have they told you it's not morgellons only the mercury thing suggests it is???? Merciry and other dental fillesr can make your system toxic, that's what hits the immune system, then all you need is a bacteria or fungus then the body can't fight it.

      Did they mention borrelia burgdorferiit's caused by ticks... also known as lyme disease. It's one of the most commonly found bacterias found in morgellons suffers. .

      Keep your spirits up, you've suffered a setback, but that's all it is.... as the song goes... pick yourself up, dust yourself down, start all over again.  xx Take care

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