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Hi. I've been sick with mono since April 19, 2017. Many symptoms disappeared thanks God. But SCALP tenderness along with tinnitus don't seem to go away. Anyone else suffers from those too?

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    Yes! I do, on the top of my head but had know idea this could be related?? 
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      That's exactly where my scalp sensitivity is, on top of my head!

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      I was just saying last night how much my scalp hurt when I move my hair. I can't keep track of all of these symptoms. I feel sad and like I'm going right crazy. I then worry they are a symptom of something even worse :-/ 

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    Hi Gee,

    Sorry to hear your still struggling badly with the virus. Ironically , I also first got ill on April 15th 2017 (2 days before you) and am still feeling pretty rough.

    My symptoms are mainly fatigue (feel exhausted after any form of light exercise) , dull ache in throat / tonsils , random headaches and probably most annoyingly a sore aching neck and glands. 

    I’ve seen some improvements in the past month but only very minimal. How has your experience been and anyone else who cares to share?


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      I still have headaches, tinnitus, scalp sensitivity, short term memory or concentration issues- forget what I was about to say, sore neck, slightly sleepy feeling eyes, anxiety and depression.
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      Forgot to mention persistent puffy area above eyes.
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      Do you feel better since the start and would you say monthly you make progress ?? I think it’s just a time thing I reckon another 6 months for me till I feel more normal but hopefully sooner!  
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      Don't want to jinx it but I believe I do. At the beginning I was Constantly dizzy with 24/7 headache, woke up tired everyday and was fatigued and drowsy like never before. Also had red eyes. I was also running a low grade fever.

      My sister is a doctor and under her supervision I took antivirals for 6 weeks and immunostimulators for 6 months. I believe that was the key to a recovery. I'm not saying I've recovered but like you I'm hopeful it's on the horizon.

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      Wow that’s exactly the same for me at first dizzy 24/7 And unbearable fatigue but now even though the fatigue is still bad it’s not as bad as it was. I’ve taken no anti vitals I’m not sure that you can get them in the UK for EBV and whether they would help or not. I just hope a full recovery is possible for us both . I often think I’ll be stuck this way forever and that’s the worst part of it all
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      My fear is that it's something more, undiagnosed. Something worse. Or that mono triggered lupus or chronic fatigue. The reason why I took pills so aggressively was because I convinced myself at the beginning it's a chronic fatigue syndrome.

      You're lucky, you're self-employed. I was fired over mono!

      I owe people around 7 thousand dollars and considering selling my car. I've spent around half of that money on medical bills. Valtrex costs a fortune even in Kazakhstan. And i had no insurance after losing a job. We don't have NHS. I'm also 4 years older than you and a female. Malaise feels like death during ovulation and periods. Being older means longer sickness. See, I took all those pills and you didn't but we both came to the same results. One could argue pills had placebo effect but I tend to believe my sister who knows me and knows medicine. Immune system is a very complicated mechanism and everyone has a unique one. No one from my family ever had mono, it was not in my dna. My immune system was like wtf is that?

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      Had i not taken those pills God knows how I'd feel now.

      Ps being a female doesn't mean weaker immune system btw it's quite the opposite. I was just trying to say hormones with mono is a horrible combination.

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    Really hoping these symptoms disappear Gee. You’ve had such a tough time I know. Still thinking about you and believing in your recovery. 2018 will be a great year for you hang in there. 


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    just wanted to say I've been suffering from Nasty Mono symptoms and my acute stage was the worst sickness i've ever experienced. 13 days of hell with the worst migraine I’ve ever had, Brutal fever, chills, vomiting, sore neck, fatigue, night sweats.

    Doctors thought I had viral meningitis because of the severe symptoms. They were unable to diagnose me right away. I started getting sick October 23rd 2020 and it wasn’t until late November that they were able to diagnose me as my lymph nodes were extremely swollen.

    It’s now January 2021 and I’m experiencing the weirdest symptoms like sensitive scalp, weird burning skin irritation, and facial numbness. My latest new symptom is my armpit has become extremely irritated and now feels like it’s on fire and extremely sore.

    I’m a person who suffers with anxiety so being this sick for so long I inevitably think I have lymphoma or a brain tumour or something very serious causing my symptoms. I’m normally an extremely active person who works out daily and leads a very active lifestyle. I’ve been unable to be myself and it seams every time I workout I make it worse.

    Also if I drink alcohol it also seems to make issues way worse. I’m sick of being like this and fearing there’s something worse going on. Just felt like venting my frustrations. Happy new year everyone.

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    I get very sensitive scalp and strange facial tingling as well as senstive armpit. The crazy symptoms are disconcerting.

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