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Hi all,

I am almost 3 weeks post-op and I have a scar from my belly button to my pelvic bone. What do you all suggest I use to encourage fading?


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    Nothing until it heals completely and not sore any more. Mine healed itself well but not used anything to help it. Bio oil or vit E oil is supposed to help but not yet! rolleyes 

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    Definitely take the tension away from your scar with special (expensive) strips.

    It's a bit of technique to pull one side to the scar and when going over it pulling the other skin on the other side to the scar, so that the scar has no tension and will stay thin.

    The fading goes by itself over time.

    How it heals depends not only on location and your care, also on your own tissue regrowth genetically.

    OK, moisturizing it once completely healed and closed is the key.

    We used bio oil, BUT some people react on it. Anything that moisturises your skin will do for the scar. If you have some oil you usually use (I whip up my own body butter with shea, coconut oil, almond oil, cocoa butter) and not react to, you just smear on it as well.

    I have tried (and I have a lot of scars) many things, also special scar creams and those gel mats, that you put on it (and constantly slip), but no better effect than any moisturizer.

    Best of luck with your healing. With 3 weeks it should be healed pretty well to start moisturizing, but have a look, because it otherwise can infect and upset scar.

    Don't expose it to uv, so if exposed put some sun screen on pls.

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      Thanks so much! You're right, the scar is fairly well-healed at this point and very thin. I'm very impressed with how it looks, but would like to do anything I can to encourage fading. Thanks for the tip on moisturizers and body butter, I don't want to pay more than I have to!

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      Be aware though, that the scar healing is not done and dusted yet.

      The big 'blow' in connective tissue building comes at ca week 6 after incision/stitching. It's like an inflammation of area in order to heal.

      You might notice a reddening, slight thickening, the line becomes a bit of a thread,  it's normal.

      You can only try not to stretch this area via movements and maybe use strips correctly to do your bit additionally to take tension from the edges of scar if you think it has a pull to withstand (careful when taking them off, not to pull at the edge of scar, always towards the scar, never pull away from scar, bit fiddly). The rest is your body and genetics.

      Moisturising and UV protection helps appearance, but is limited. 

      You often see people (or my own scars) that are beautifully thin first few weeks, but then still widen and get thicker after months; 6 weeks always a good cut off and really visible change due to connective tissue boost.

      the scar is usually stable - no matter which yoga stretch - after 6 months in general if pull forces work on it. (that's when I started to bike ride again with a 20cm fresh scar on thigh)

      Your scar is young and not stable yet. No matter if strips or not, it will thicken, but to which degree (maybe a degree that is hardly noticable) not only in your hands.

      Some people are lucky with their genetics, do nothing and it stays beautifully small. Also if the scar runs within the skin tension lines (like the bikini line) is a big plus and beneficial for healing and outcome. If it goes against skin tension lines, it is harder to stay less obvious by nature.

      Others try hard and it still becomes a worm thingy, but if they didn't try (strips, moisturize), it would be a thicker worm even.

      I usually use strips for 2 months!

      Then I get sick of them, but if I don't, the scars get wider.

      I had 12 post burn operations of a kelloid scar on thigh (unfortunately a position, where pulling and tugging on scar comes by simply walking already) and the care made a huge difference. I could trial and error over a decade on same location, so I dare say have experience.

      I had stiches in face and those never tend to scar as badly without any care (no strips even) as on e.g. thigh or arm, the ones on belly are fairly ok too, also there is hardly a pull on this location in face or belly button anyway. If I did nothing to fresh thigh scar, it would widen to 2cm, after that I started to take care, no matter if surgeons believed in it or not (they even laugh at you if you cover it with strips for 2 months, but then are impressed by the results, duh) and could keep it to 5mm same spot, same surgery.

      so same person, different scars due to different body locations and also different outcome on same location due to my bit.

      Location (which pull forces are on the edges of scar) on your body,

      direction of scar (if within skin tension lines),

      care of surgeon (which stitches),


      and long term after care, are key.

      Only one part of these 5 is in your hands though.

      But not to underestimate if not per nature or location an easy thin scar healer pre-programmed.

      Most importantly of course: the operation site and wound did not get infected. Care about looks comes after that. ;-)

      Good luck!


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    How is it going now, that you should have hit the highest connective tissue production for healing?
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      Thanks for checking in! I'm doing well! My scar is still very thin, but has definitely filled in like you said, so I'm not sure I'll use any products. My doctor was very proud of herself with how great the scar looked. You're so sweet to check in!

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      cheesygrin well done,

      yes, they fill in a bit,

      I always wished, they just stayed this hardly visible nothing line, but if they don't stretch, wonderful.

      Products are limited in function, some use eye creme to soften it, but it won't do anything to width.....

      (I was looking through some older posts where people have pains and aches and hardly anyone has updated their post, which is sad, because I came to this forum looking for answers when described symptoms actually were very, very similar and the original poster often, even after a year, when maybe something more is known, doesn't come back after a hell lot of suggestions, what it was at the end or still not known or what was excluded till then....I find that quite frustrating. Also I  had some more idea to a 'yeast' question poster and it was gone. But you were here 'a month ago' and I thought, hm, I wonder how she is going. GOOD!cheesygrin)

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