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Hello everyone.

Here is my problem. It all happened on Thanksgiving night when I went to sleep on that day. When  I woke up the following morning I could not hear 100% out of my left ear. In my own opinion the only two things that could have caused the hearing loss is because I was laying on my left ear with my hands cupped on them the WHOLE NIGHT, so I was sleeping sideways the entire night (because it was cold too). I sleep stuck in one spot because it got so freezing cold. I was also crying during the night (personal reasons). And as I was crying I did notice that the droplets from my tears dripped into my ear possibly. I had so much tears, it was a flood. My face was sticky, my elbows were sticky, my cheeks, the tear flew down the side of my face. So this is ALL happening while I'm laying on my side with my hand cupped to my ear. Also I didn't lose my hearing while all that was happening. The loss of hearing, happened when I woke up. And it might have happened somewhere in the middle of the night until I woke up...

My ears feel TERRIBLE. This is the 2nd day and out of 100% I can hear maybe 10% only. I took shower yesterday and thought the steam would help but no it did not. A little bit of water got in. I also used DEBROX yesterday too, because I was thinking maybe it's ear wax that I unintentionally jammed in while my hand was plastered directly on my left ear laying sideways the entire night. I also put a little bit of baby oil in my ear yesterday, not in drops more like rubbed the oil with a Q-tip and carefully rubbed the outer ear, hoping the oil would go in on it's own.

This morning I woke up and I was still pretty deaf, and became even MORE deaf after using Debrox's clogged my ear even more.

Anyone know how to get my hearing back?? Nothing is working other than TIME. I noticed that at some point yesterday and today that just for a few seconds/minutes -the hearing goes up like 2 %or 3 % where I can hear just a whisper, but then goes back to being completely blocked.

Also my ears DON'T HURT. I can swallow, I can yawn, eat. It only hurts when I put too much liquid in it like (water or Debrox) and rub it around. Or if I poke the inside of my ear with my pinky and play around with my ear, or tug at my ear lobes to starts to get sore. The only thing that can cause a little pain is when I blow my nose hard, or sneeze. Then it feel like there's fullness in the ear.

Lastly I just don't see how it could be an infection, or fluid behind my eardurm type thing. Both ears were working just find until after Thanksgiving night. The only liquid that went in my ear was a bit of shower water, and Debrox drops that's it.

I almost fee like my eardrum is bent or something from laying on it the whole night....but honestly I don't know what is going on???

And I'm very scared. I CAN'T GO to a Doctors or an ENT...I don't have a job right now, and I'm broke. Which is why I'm on a forum seeking help. Maybe next year I can afford to pay out of the pocket to see a nurse at Wallgreens for an ear clean out but until then I have to stick with remedies. My best luck is giving it time. I had EXTREME swimmers ear early last year...but that went away on it's own....

Any ideas, remedies? Has anyone ever had severe hearing loss but left it alone, and it the hearing came back? I just can't believe my hearing could be gone -when I didn't do anything to it....other than laying on it??


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    Sudden sensorineural hearing loss can occur overnight and should be treated as a medical emergency. It could have happened for several reasons but you do need to get it tested. I know you don't want to hear this due to costs. Sometimes corticosteroids are given. It may just need antibiotics. I do hope you can sort it out.
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    I have had this happen twice, in each ear, the first time was after a heavy cold so maybe your tears have acted in the same way and it took 3 months to clear, if it just tears it should be quicker. Mine was gunge!

    The second time was after a really serious chest infection ,and the cochlear has been damage d, so unlikely to return, that does not sound the same at all.

    You don't say your age but you seem young, I am old and not as likely to bounce back from these things, also in UK with health service..

    The nature of ears have a slow recovery rate, don't put anything in though, can't see it helping. Don't know what debrox


    The rule of thumb is that you don't put anything smaller than your elbow in the ear canal.

    I Wish you could see a ENT consultant but will keep my fingers crossed for you. Del

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      Debrox is an ear wax removal kit that you by at a local drugstore. I used it today and it's clogged my ears more. So threw it away today, as well.

      I am 31 years old turning 32 in March.

      Delphine you said it happend two times for you. May I ask how much hearing loss you felt?? Did you lose complete hearing or just a little. My left ear is about 100 percent blocked.

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    Easily 100% in right ear that came back , about 92% in left

    tear that is still deaf. I have hearing aids for both ears ,but for an unrelated reason in my hearing ear

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    LauraXane;  That is the nice part of this forum, we can try and put our heads together and get answers for something that is scary, and part of the unknown.  I can tell you that my issue started around the 1st or 2nd week of october 2015.  I had a sinus infection, dual ear infection, upper respiratory infection and with not being able to get into my doctors office immediately, I went to an urgent care.  Was given a 10 day supply of antibiotics that took care of the sinus infection but still no hearing in both ears 90 to 100 % loss.  After another visit to urgent care another 10 days of antibiotics, still no good.  Visited my PCP / GP for another 10 days of antibiotics and an ear cleaning / flush / irregation (still no good).  10 days later back to my doctor to be given another 10 days of oral antibiotics and the news that my hearing may never come back, and I would have to live with it.  I requested a specialist an (ENT). 3 weekly visits later along with 3  steroid shots  later (1 each week)  I have 30 to 40% of my hearing back from a 90 to 100% loss.  I purchased 2 inexpensive hearing aids on the internet to be able to cope with other individuals conversation and listening to the radio and T.V. without making my wife or the dog move to another room because the volume settings are so high, it hurts their ears.  The only thing I remember in on that day in october, I woke and the only thing I could hear was my breathing, my talking, a ringing in my ears and that my ears hurt.  I know I was also sweating because my pillow was wet.  While I know that I have not been much help, I hope what you have is nothing like what I have.  On a brighter note, I have heard from others in my area that has something simular if not the same,  Some have regained hearing in a week to 10 days without seeing a doctor, yet some others,  have waited a month to see a doctor hopeing it would go away, like it came.  OVERNIGHT.

    BTW: it appears the Oral Antibiotics didn't work on the hearing part, but did work on the sinus infection, upper respiratory and the last of the 40 days of oral antibiotics did finally clear the ear infection.  I know others that have been on the z-packs with no resolution. 

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      GJL3109- You've actually been great help. I was so happy to read what you wrote because I get to read another's person experience, because ear problems really are scary. Reading comments and advice helps me tremendously by making me not feel alone in all this. I appreciate your comment so much as well as others, let's me see a light at the end of the tunnel.

      I'm still very panicky, scared, and inadequate in my daily activities because of this. I'm going to give this whole thing a week, and see if there's an improvement.

      I hope my hearing resumes back to normal, like those people you mentioned within weeks days. If all goes well I'm never taking my ears for granted LOL......always be careful, it's amazing how quickly how a health ailment can take what you used have - aka hearing loss.


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      LauraXane;  Hopefully, for you and others, this will be a short trip where your hearing would return for you in a very short period of time ie: a week, 10 days.  For some of us, it could be a longer journey ie:2 months or longer.  Scary?  Yes it is.  Specially when people (professionals) that you put your trust and faith in tell you that you will have to live with this issue (which is outside your control) for the rest of your life.  Don't give up.  This is just another lesson in our journey of life.  I know I have learned a great deal about myself, and others with this hearing issue.  I sit back and think about when this happened to me,  what I did or who I was around.  Did I get it from someone?  Did I pass it to someone?  Was it a virus, an infection or some type of bacteria that I got into ?  Believe me, the list went on.  While I am sure I didn't pass it on to anyone, and no one  in my close circles have anything like this.  I am happy for that.  I know for the first 3 weeks, I was somewhat depressed and my engergy levels was very low.  I didn't want to deal with people that I couldn't hear, I was told by my wife that I was shouting, and that the neighbor in the house next to me could hear our TV and my radio due to the level of volume that I had to play it at.  Going on week 4, I figured I would try a couple hearing devices that I found on the internet (you know a temporary fix)  They did the job to a point where I could communicate with people when I was out and about, and I could now listen to the TV and Radio at a more tolerated level.  ie: before the loss volume level was 16 to 18.  When the loss occured 36 to 60 depending on the TV. and currently with the hearing aid, 20 to 24 (depending if there is other background noise).  Without the hearing aid, I can hear the tv currently at 24 to 26.  Better after 2 months, but for me, the hearing is not coming back fast enough (impatient)..  Yet from the start
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      I LOVE MY COMPUTER and the Ability to autosend in the middle of my email. Back to topic...  Continued: Yet from the start of this journey, back when I was told that I will not get my hearing back and I will have to live with it. I guess the 35 to 40 % regained so far out of a 90 to 100% loss is a good start.  I would just like this to be over.  I honestly feel your pain and understand where you are coming from.  Anxiety and Depression are 2 things you don't need to fall into.  I left a job of 15 years where I had early retired to care for my wife who lost her limbs to diabetes.  While hearing is very important to me, I do understand there are those who have lost theirs on a more permanate basis.  This issue has helped  me get a better understanding of those individuals (the hearing impared), and not to not take for granted what I have.
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      Yeah like you said don't give up. Your 35%-40% percent is pretty good out of a 100%. I'm sorry about your wife that's sad! but very sweet that you took of her. I think with your mentality you'll get it back 100%.

      For me, there's been a good improvement today. My ear doesn't feel as full, and I can hear sounds more. I did use something in my ear and took out quite a bit of wax on my own (which I probably shouldn't have done). But it helped. I used a ear wax kit (drops) and baby oil YESTERDAY, and I can still feel it swishing in my ear a little, it's sounds mushy and sticky rather than fluid-y. So THAT and a little more deep canal ear wax is what's causing me not hear fully. It'll probably take 10 days like you said or 2 more weeks. Basically it feels like I have medicore swimmers ear now....

      Well, again....I really do hope you get better too! cheesygrinsmile

      Happy Holidays~


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    Dear LauraXane, it sounds like you have earwax which is blocking your ear canal. As a result of your tears draining into your ear canal at night, the moisture has made the earwax swell up and this could have caused the sudden blockage sensation which you woke up with. Also, using the earwax drops made it feel worse, which is not an unusual sensation in such situations. Usually, as you continue with the earwax drops, they will make the wax softer and this would start to drain out of your ear canal slowly, over a few days, which in turn would start to make things better.

    However, if the wax is very impacted, you might still feel blocked, in which case you must see your family doctor or practice nurse to examine your ear. If the earwax is confirmed, you will need to have this removed by ear irrigation or ear microsuction.

    ear Microsuction is the safest and the most thorough procedure for clearing the ear canal (earwax, foreign bodies, acute ear canal infections, etc).

    Ear irrigation is not indicated or should be recommended with caution in the following situations:!scenario:1

    I hope this helps.

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    LauraXane,  I am truly happy for you.  I hope this may be an end to your experience with this (whatever this really is). 

    While sometimes symptoms mimic each other, It may look like one thing, but it could actually be a totally different issue..  I know in looking around on this site and others, along with knowing others that have been affected.  For some it was a bad 2 weeks for them, but than it was back (their hearing).  For others it has been a month plus with little to no hearing restoral to this point.  I was shocked to know of 1 person who hadn't even seen a doctor but was just waiting for it to go away.

    For me, when the hearing left, I made a bee line for the urgent care because my doctor couldn't see me on such short notice..  I wanted to make sure it wasn't a crisis situation where hearing was lost  forever.

    For me, I think the doctors between my pcp (primary care physician) and the ent has had to flush the ear canal 3 times now (at different times) and I have cleaned it out using just warm water 3 different times myself.  I bought a ear wax removal kit, but it seems like the drops irratate the ear, so I just use warm water.

    Thanks for the kudos regarding my wife.  But it was a good thing for me too.  Besides leaving a job that I loved, it didn't love me.  After leaving my stress levels dropped and I was able to lower both my blood pressure and my cholesterol meds.  Sometimes things happen for the right reasons.   Stay in touch.

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    Hi Laura. 

    I have this exact problem last year. Sudden deaf on my left ear.

    At first i went to ENT. they give me steroids. but it didnt work.

    and then i go for traditional medicine - herbs (it doesnt cost much), but it works!

    after few weeks, my ear went from profound to moderate. and then i go for acupuncture. it helps a bit. the doctor say that i need to rest well and sleep right. that is the key remedy to this problem. and yea. be happy! dont feel too stress out about all this. it will only damage ur health more. 

    just keep calm. i know what you are going through. its okay! you will get through this. 

    im still in the battle to get my hearing back. it gets better each day, but just need to be patient.

    be strong ayte?

    (p/s: sorry for my poor grammar.)

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