Scared to death about up coming urethral dilation

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Well its my first time posting on here but I am sh***ing myself over this procedure in a few days.

I was hoping I could get other peoples experiences.. honest experiences.

I need to get a urethral dilation, I am not too bothered about the actual procedure as il be under GA, but the recovery is scaring me and I dont know what to expect. I expect some pain when I urinate afterwards, but looking online people seem to be saying anything from its a bit irritating to grown men saying it was unbelievably painful and they felt like screaming. What can I honestly expect here?

Also is there a chance il have a catheter in afterwards?.. because iv seen some information about needing a catheter but the doctor hasnt mentioned it to me, I have had one before and I know they are not painful so much just miserable, and I was told Id be ok for work after a day, I obviously cant go work with one of them.

I know I cant take the answers for this last question as medical advice but just looking for opinions and experiences, my problem isnt effecting my life that much, ever since a circumcision a few years ago my urine sprays and double streams forcing me to sit while urinating, yeah its annoying but I have done it for two years now I dont even think about it, if this is as bad as it gets I dont think its worth the procedure because as well as worrying about pain I have heard it can make things worse or make you incontinent.. so if I back out of this procedure could I get by as I am or is it something that is going to get worse and cause worse problems down the line.

Thanks in advance for your answers

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    Hi Ryan,

    I had a urethral dilation under GA. I did have a fitted catheter for a few days afterwards. My experience of fitted catheters is that they irritate the meatus after a few days by rubbing the tender skin around the hole. This I suppose can be avoided if you apply vaseline or something from the start, or get some anaesthetising gel from whoever does the dilation.

    I can't comment much about urethral pain. I am unable to pee normally, so never pass anything down the urethra, so don't know if it would hurt! It's a few years ago now, but I don't recall feeling any discomfort from the dilation itself, only from the fitted catheter.

    Best wishes,


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      Thanks Ryan. In a way not being able to pee makes life a lot easier. I can choose when and where to use a single-use catheter, safe in the knowledge that i will never wet myself! It's been two and half years now of peeing like this three or four times a day, and it has become very routine. The only downside seems to be an increased risk of bladder infection, no matter how conscientious I am about washing hands and penis each time.

      I hope your fears about pain are unfounded, and even if there is some, it will pass. I have to confess that I have just remembered that what I had was a meatal dilation, not a urethral dilation, and I imagine the latter will be a bit more to deal with. Best of luck with it.

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    Hi Ryan, I have been dilated many times. The GA I think you are referring to is lidocaine injected right into the urethra. The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes. It is discomforting but not really painful. The thought of having it done is more painful than the procedure. Afterwards I had a little discomfort urinating but after a few times it felt wonderful. Good stream and no burning sensation. A word to the wise as told to me by a urologist specialist that procedure has an almost !00% chance of reoccurrence. Count on having it done over and over for many years. I as many others have the same story. Ask your doctor for a more permanent solution to your problem. It took me over 40 yrs to get the proper diagnosis. Now, this Thursday I am having an urethraplasty done. This surgery is about 95% successful from reoccurrence, however; it is major surgery and will require some down time with me having a catheter in me for 4 weeks. Compared to having dilations for years it will be worth it. Hope everything goes well for you. Anxiety is not your friend with dilations. Just relax and let the doctor do his/her thing. 
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      Thanks Barry

      By GA I mean general anaesthetic, I will be asleep for it thank god so going through the actual precedure isnt too worry

      I just seen some comments by people who said they are a grown man with high pain tolerance and the nearly fainted trying to urinate afterwards... but I suppose they are just horror stories.. people only write online with bad experience, the thousands of people like you who had a little bit of discomfort dont bother writing their experiences online.

      I also heard that it is a very low success rate which is another reason I think is it worth it, especially if it hasnt got too a negative effect on my life as it is now.

      Procedures tomorrow looks like il just have to bite the bullet and be brave haha

      Thanks for your reply

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    Ok so I had this done today, if anyone is curious or is due to have this done themselves, dont worry, I was worrying like mad and it was the longest few days of my life.

    Was put to sleep for the procedure so that was ok, recovery wise, I woke up with feeling like I needes to urinate bad... went to the toilet and yeah it sting a bit but nothing like the horror stories I was seeing online where grown men were screaming or fainting.. it was barable. I did find it hard to urinate, only a bit would come out and Id feel like I still needed to go, nurse said that was normal it should be ok soon.

    So I went home, went to urinate again for the 3rd time since the procedure, the pain had died down a massive amount and I was also urinating a good amount and emptying my bladder first time

    Hopefully if I carry on downing water it will carry on this way.

    Its not something I enjoy or would like to do again.. its a bit irritating but not anywhere near as bad as some horrir experiences you will read online

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    Ryan60518, thanks for this post. I’m in almost exact same situation. My urinary symptoms are pretty mild, lots of dribbling some spraying and lower flow steam and mild burning, had a flexible scope which was uncomfortable but not that bad and was told I had a mild stricture (30% narrowed). They are recommending the dilation under anesthesia. Did you end up sent home with a catheter? Now that you are a few months out, do you think it helped? I am tempted to just deal with the urinary symptoms rather than having the dilators shoved up there and having to get GA. Any thoughts or experiences appreciated
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