Scariest moment of my life. Anyone felt like this? Or have any advise

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Hi all,

I am currently on propanolol 40mg 1-3 times a day. I am currently on my third week for Aniexty in public places and I have been diagnosed with depression also but I have stopped citalopram before I started propanolol.

Anyway I was lying in bed last night watching tv as I don't sleep and takes me hours upon hours to drift of to sleep. So I have been taking nytol more or less every night for ages.

I went to the doc months ago he gave me cit, went through hell and eventually came of them, so the doctor gave me propanolol, As I asked what can I so for helping me sleep now and he said continue the nytol but it's not as effrctive so I have upped my dose to 4 pills a night along side cita. 

Then as I said went on propanolol and didn't even think about asking about nytol and taking them together, the last few nights I think I might be stoned or something? well not stoned I don't feel good I don't feel bad basically feel normal there is no buzz and no downer just feel my vision I can see the floor sorta vibrate it's not a massive deal just something I didn't care much about. 

So last night - I have never ever been so scared in my life so I took my propanolol throughout the day and 1 before bed I take 2-3 aday. Took my nytol and started the usal vibrating in my vision thing but worse. I was beginning to see like water moving on walls when I knew that's not real hours later, then... BAM!!! It was weird and hard to explain I almost could see a closer version of my left eye but zoomed almost?!? ( really hard to explain?!) and i was thinking what is going on here? then my heart started freaking out( I have had pulpations since starting propanolol. But this was weird I was seconds away to passing out but I was so scared I basically flopped myself on my girlfriend saying help as I thought I was actually about to die!!

Needless to say I am not gonna take nytol anymore regardless if it is safe. All the vision stuff happened when I started propanolol during night times along side nytol.

So after the whole heart thing and sorry I should add my heart wasn't that painful it was more like shock of what was going on that made this happen am I in any danger? I don't think pills are for me I am going to suggest to come of all meds and try and deal without.

Final thing, after the whole thing when I was with my girl friend and she was trying to help me I felt shooting cold blood also coming into my arms down to my legs and repeat like throabing around them areas. Also my feet and hands are and have been extremely cold,  but this sensation of cold blood coming in and out was never an issue before.

Thankfully and eventually after 15mins of going through it, it stopped but the cold blood kept coming. I think I maybe overdosed on nytol and now that I look at my packet of propanolol I might have taken an extra pill earlier today...? Not quite sure tho. I was so scared because I actually did for the first time in my life think I was about to die.

After all this I felt really sick and during really sick but couldn't be sick just dry heaving I instantly stuck my hand down my throat as I was not taking the risk incase I did overdose and it may help if it didn't help which it thankfully did I was heading to hospital as a last resort as if it was an "overdose" they would think I was trying to kill myself or something.

Thanks for reading this sorry that it is so long!and I applicate any comments or replies if you have any advice/ or know what happened pleae get in touch! Thanks all! 

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    Also to try and explain the vision- hard to explain but it's clear but desorts and squiggles and moves about in air? It's like air that bends almost it can also be noticed as vibrating floor? 
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    I've been on 40mg of propranolol for one and a half weeks and when I started taking it I had similar weirdness with falling asleep. I was seeing things that definitely weren't there etc and having weird dreams. This actually subsided after a couple of days and I'm now sleeping well but just having the odd weird dream.

    I'm not a doctor but I wouldn't take nytol with them ... Ask your doctor but persevere with the tablets as they've calmed me down no end!!


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    Hi, with propanalol you can get disturbed sleep and hallucinations as long as you are aware that what you are seeing is not real thats good because if you start to believe its real it could be a phycosis of some sorts.  Make sure you go to your doctor and explain whats been happening, it is unlikely they would think it was a deliberate overdose, it is fairly common for people to forget they have taken a pill and just because you have depression doesnt mean you are suicidial.  If i was you i would discuss with your doctor about dosages and taking thr nytol and propanalol toghether.  I hope you are ok x
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      Hey, just woken from a good 12 hour sleep after all that. Thank you for your help. I don't have a doctors appointment until the 15th of dec. I rang the out of hours doctor and just told me to continue to take the propanolol until I spoke to my doctor who gave them to me in the first place. He didn't mention about not taking nytol with it again. I don't think I will risk it.

      I'll just have to deal with no sleeping until monday and ill try and get an emergency appointment but it won't be with the guy I have been dealing with my depression/aniexty. I might just pack it all in as in stop all forms of pills (if I get the go ahead from a doctor) and maybe go try and speak to someone as I have never before spoke to anyone about my problems. 

      I have never had anything like this happen to me before in my whole like. Just sad and hopeless that I have felt for the last 8 years on and of. More so on than of now adays that's why I reached out and decided to try and fix it by going to the doctors. Since I was at the doctors and giving citalopram/propanolol I have been in hell worse than ever before and its just made new problems not fix the existing problems.


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      Hey steeko I can absolutely relate to what you are experiencing.

      I have had to come off the citalopram although still taking the propranolol. How long ago did you stop your citalopram or are you still taking it?

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