Scary Chest And Head Symptoms For over 3 years . Need help

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Light-headed like I’m floating, feeling detached, balance not right, hazy vision & faint feeling.

Pressure or discomfort (like a headache is starting) in the cheeks, nose, around the eyes, forehead and above roof of mouth.

Strange chest pain in random areas starting from just above right pec area to the left pec area and down left side.

The above symptoms is what I’ve been dealing with everyday since February 2015.

I’ve had every test under the sun and all negative. The specialist I am seeing is out of options and doesn’t know what else to do. I’m 48, 240lbs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I want to add that I’ve had minor polyp surgery (sinus) many years ago. Could this be somehow connected?

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    Hello stephane34172,  Have you considered it is a migraine headache and treated it as such ? 

    Are you taking any medications or supplements because they can interfere in our lives. The BP med i was taking and still take at a minimal dose did a real bad number on my entire body with side effects that made me feel like I took a street drug (and I've never done street drugs). Also, I have problems with my ears and I was told to move in order to improve my ear problems.  There's just too much environmental noise where i live and it has actually  caused my ear drums to burst and give me tinnitus as well as cause an abnormal eardrum and probably dysfunctioning ear drums and ear pressure which certainly will have an effect on your feelings of movement and hearing.  I have taken great notice of my present surroundings in regard to sound and i always feel like I'm on a moving ship that rocks to and fro; it's horrible and it is because of sound in the house and around the house..i can't wait to move...I was having a lot of chest discomfort, but i think it was because of the BP medication because the less i take the less pain I have...It can also be from overexertion or repetitive movements..i too have been suffering for just about a year now and most of it caused from BP medications and the Doctor is unwilling to try alternative treatment since most BP meds make me sick so I won't go back to that Doctor...i feel 90% better just having stopped one BP med and cut down on the other to the minimum and knowing i won't have to deal with the doctor who said he doesn't believe my allergies and sensitivities..alot of doctors feel that way; they stick to traditional medications unwilling to try other methods so now i am my own doctor and i feel so much better..try doctoring yourself with cold therapy and heat and just tylenol if you can take it..what about seeing a chiropractor or orthapedic doctor as well ?  .i've been seeing the commercial for that navage I think it is, a nasal sinus cleaning device that uses salt and water to clean out your sinuses and i'm tempted to try myself, but a little know you also could have a vitamin deficiency like vitamin d3 or another one..i did and do and i feel better taking the vitamin d3 supplement with magnesium, calcium and zinc 200IU's maybe 2x a day at the most and sometimes i skip a day...i'm looking into supplements for any BP problems too or foods that can help plus exercising  and going to see if maybe a nutritionist can help that is if my insurance will cover one.Another thing; do you have TMJ or clench or grind your teeth because that can cause pressure throughout our head, jaw, neck and shoulders;probably even your pecs....I think Chiropractors; the right one can help with alot of these conditions.  I wish you all the best and hope you get relief.  Don't forget to try compression; light compression like wrapping lightly with ace bandage like material around your chest for some comfort...I did that too and it did help me...Good of health to you..

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      Mary! thank you so much for your reply. The only meds I take are tecta for heartburn one pill a day. Was off them for a year and still had my symptoms. I also take a saline over the counter nasal spray seldom which doesn’t really help anything. My BP is always good. I will definitely look into your suggestions especially the chiropractor. 
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    Oh, you're quite welcome stephane34172 and I hope you get relief soon...I think you will...heavy sinus pressure i get it too and have massaging my face myself which helps moves any mucous down and out.  Also, I use hot compresses heated in the microwave on the affected areas and  ice too; usually heat though and it does seem to be a clear mucous; excess i guess that gets stuck somewhere in the sinus cavities; even affects my teeth..Good luck smile

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    I am updating this post almost a year later and no, unfortunately I am not feeling better. Will add to this post soon.

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    Update. Although this post is 11 months old. I am still not feeling any better.

    I'm male 49, 5ft.6. 225lbs. I've been dealing with scary symptoms for 4 years now.

    My head/ body feels as if I am floating. Like I'm gonna tip over my balance not right and unsteady on my feet. A weak faint feeling wether I am standing, laying or sitting. It gets worse the more I move/walk around.

    The only relief I get is when I'm sleeping.

    When I roll my eyes in a circular motion I can feel the head floating symptom every time.

    My vision doesn't seem right at times. I do wear glasses. I recently got a complete eye exam that was all good.

    The optometrist did referred me for further testing to rule out eyes. That isn't till July.

    I rarely ever get headaches. The last few months I've been getting some random "mini shots" 1-3 second headaches.

    For 4 years I still get random dull left side chest pain (that catches my attention) just below the pec area that comes and goes on a daily basis wether I'm standing, laying, sitting, moving.

    Also get tickling or itching sensations under the skin in random parts of body-arms, across chest upper area and down left side. Sometimes pins or pricking feeling neck area.

    I'm also experiencing random slight nausea that can last from 5 min to couple hours.

    Once again as stated in my first post I've had several tests MRI, chest scans, heart ultrasound, stress test, cardiac scans, EEG, ECG, ENT, blood work, 2 endoscopies. Saw many specialists and nobody knows anything. All tests are negative.

    Fortunately, I work from home although it's still a challenge with all this discomfort.

    The only meds I was taking are tecta for mild case of esophagitis. I was on anxiety meds which didn't help. I am not currently taking any meds or supplements.

    I recently saw my GP for annual routine blood work check up. Was pleading to her my symptoms need to get sorted out.

    She is sending me to go see a ENT again as my left sinus looked a little blocked.

    I don't know if this will give me any answers about my discomfort however, I am still waiting for the ENT schedule.

    I was a smoker for 30 years. I quit to see if it would make me feel better. It did not. I've been smoke free though going on my 3rd year.

    I tried getting a massage in hopes it would help my discomfort. I even saw a chiropractor. Will try acupuncture next.

    I am very open to any suggestions, comments or questions.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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