scary colonoscopy

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fri was the dreaded day   about a week before the app I get a call they need to cancel and reschedule due to dr schedule--next opening was 4-13  I knew I wasnt going to last that long  so I called the insurance since when I set up the app I was told because of my insurance I could only go to one center---the guy at insurance said I could go to any center the dr was at so I thought that would open things up more--so I called scheduling telling them the wholes story she checked with the dept and they got me in at 830 instead of 7 something about the amount of time is set aside for each block of time--

so started drinking the gag drink at 5pm thurs  and again at 1230am fri running to the bathroom all the time getting sick on the drink--anixiety raising--so finally were on on way--was all checked in and set by 920 and started waiting and waiting  finally anRN asked if anyone told us what was going on--no one had she told the person had a reaction to the anthestic finally at 11 it was my turn--well by this time  I was a real mess--higher anixety  going up

well they gave me fentyal versed and benadryl last thing I remembered was the fentanyl so finally Im in  recovery--by this time its about noon--I was awake and talking--I told hubby that as soon as I was awake take me home--anixety raising again--finally he said there were some issues and they have to keep you for observation--he said Ill tell you more when we get in the car--well I made him tell me--apparently I was fighty everything they were trying to do so they kept giving me versed to get my calmed down and it wasnt working finally it was like all what they were giving me hit me all at once and I stopped breathing!!!!!

dr told hubby it was only for a couple of seconds but none the less they had to give me narcan

hubby texted both our kids to tell them--when he told our son he said oh lord mom OD--my son is a cop and they have to carry narcan for drug overdoes so as soon as hubby told him about the narcan he knew right away it was from an overdose 

I sure hope by the next time they have some new way of doing this --this really scared me beyond belief 

I had versed a few yrs when I needed surgery for cancer and it worked like a charm--my hubby said all of a sudden I got real quite and contend--not this time and anxiety was running high then too

has anyone ever done the get go gone kit--just wondering how good that is


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    I thought my experience was bad till I read urs .  I had a reaction to whatever they knocked me out with , so it had to be abandoned half way through . I was ill after it for weeks with vertigo too . I'll never go for that again , I'm just going to have a scan instead . 

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    Your description sounds like a paradoxical response to versed/midazolam.  If your doctor agrees, then that should be noted on your medical record since it means that your response to versed is opposite of what it should be.  Ask your doctor if you should list benzodiazepines (versed is one) as a medication that you are allergic to.  And narcan is a narcotic antagonist, and I am puzzled as to why it would be given to reverse versed (which is an amnesiac with sedative effects) and benadryl is an antihistamine that also makes one drowsy.  I worked in health care for decades, not as a doctor, but with meds like versed and narcotics as well.
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      thanks joe for your great response-- while I could understand some of it Im a little confused about parts

      when I had my surgery 6 years ago I was freaking out so the anthes. gave me versed to calm me down which worked very fast--I got the rest of the meds once they got me to the OR--when I had the last colonscopy 5 yrs ago I was freaking out and the veresd again worked fast--so I dont know what was different about this time--it was like once the versed kicked in it all went into my system at once--caused me to OD and stop breathing  and needy the narcan  what would make the versed work oppisite on me all of a sudden--I will be looking forward to hearing from you again as you seem to have alot of knowledge about this  thanks

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    Reading your response to my response, I wondered if you experienced increased agitation after the narcan, or after initial doses of versed.  Perhaps the initial dose of versed did result in a paradoxical effect, which resulted in additional doses of the versed which eventually resulted in your respiratory depression, which led to narcan.  I did not think narcan could reverse the effect of versed.  In fact, I looked more online, and noted that narcan can only reverse the action of opiates, like fentanyl, morphine, demerol, etc.  Flumazenil is typically used to reverse versed.  I worked as an RN for decades, some of that in very busy surgical trauma ICUs in WashingtonDC before doing research years ago.  I was very familiar with versed as well as opiates.  I still would suggest learning what actually precipitated both the increased agitation followed by the need for a dose of narcan or whatever as it may reveal some medication allergy you have.  Otherwise, it may have just meant that that your respiratory depression was only the result of too much of the versed.  Again, all people are different in how they will respond to medication, and to different doses.  People were not made on an assembly line like a car, so we all have some different reactions, which unfortunately can be paradoxical (totally opposite of the usual) reactions.  I hope you have recovered, and the exam results were ones that you hoped for. 
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      Hi Joe thanks again for the helpful response--however I did get some more info--my hubby first told me it was the versed that led to the need for narcan--we have sort of a running joke about versed since I had surgery--my hubby coulndt believe how fast it calmed me down that time--anyways we were talking about it more and he said the dr just told him it was the sedation not saying what kind--I so remember the fentanyl being put in my line but after that I was out--which surprised even me cause I knew they were going to give me versed and it worked so good on me last time--

      I did contact the clinic where I went I just want to know what all happened to me--Im sure this will be in my chart but if I ever need anything done again where I need to be put under do I need to let them know

      thanks again for all the great info

      take care

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