Sciatic nerve pain so bad I can’t stand it

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Please help I have had bad sciatic pain since January 4th all I can do is lay down with ice pack & hot water bottle which helps very little 😞 I have had 2 SI injections last one 2 weeks ago they have done nothing for my pain, I have done chiropractor, PT, massage, oils, creams etc pain meds only helps for about an hour. The pain is so bad in my tail bone left butt cheek & all down my left leg rainy days like today makes it worse! I walk all bent over, I can’t do anything without severe pain I have 2 bulging disc in low back! I feel like I am dying the pain is driving me crazy! Please help if you know what would help! Thanks 

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     So sorry to hear that you are  in that much pain.

    I have arthritis in my spine in various locations and my hip as well so I know what it’s like to have persistent pain .

     It’s up-and-down I’ve had several days that were quite bad today I’m feeling better.

    I’m not a doctor of course but in my own experience and reading and knowledge of different treatments I can offer my opinion .

     As for medications I don’t know what you have taken ;Tylenol extra strength  can help with pain and Advil which reduces inflammation and you can take both together you might want to try that.

    Just make sure you do not take more than the recommended dosage of each.

    I actually had a fair bit of pain for several days and took Advil yesterday along with my Tylenol and it seems to have reduced the inflammation. I feel better today 

     Are there exercises that you can do for this condition you should ask your physiotherapist as well as your doctor.  Of course it won’t work overnight but exercises are usually one of the things that are highly recommended to strengthen muscles .

     Of course you have to make sure you were doing correct ones and not ones that could be more damaging .  Ask about this 

     Tramadol is often used for pain maybe to get you through a short period of time except doctors are now saying it can be habit-forming and addictive but as long as you follow the prescribed doses and it’s not for an

    Indefinite period it might be an alternative to ask about .

     I have also had nerve block injections which sometimes help they numb the nerves almost like freezing the dentist does.

    It could help.

    The drug they use for me is Marcaine.

     You should also look into if there is a pain clinic where you live .

     You should speak to your doctor or have you already and what did he or she say ?

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    Oh poor you this must be awful.  I can't offer much except my mum had this for months and what finally healed her was chiropractory.  It took quite a while but eventually he managed to free the sciatic nerve and she was immediately a lot better.  I hope you find some answers.  x

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    OMG..... do not let a Chiropractor touch you!!!  you need to see a "Spine Specialist" right away!!...... until that appointment..... if you can get in a hot tub...... make a soak with Epsom Salt, Lavender, Ginger and Cummin ...... get in...... relax..... maybe some music..... candle light...... add warm water as water cools ...... stay in for at least 30 minutes........ and call that doctor on Monday!!!  I will be praying for you!

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    Wow I read the first three responses and I am amazed at the answers. One is extremely alarming which it doesn't need to be that way and one is telling you to take a medication (Advil specifically) which makes your stomach bleed and will cause you to have stomach problems. And I don't feel as strong against Chiropractic as one of the other commenters does.

    I have had lower back pain for 13 years. Fortunately I've never had pain go all the way down my leg. At the worst it's in my butt cheek but I do understand the inability to sit down for very long at all. I have a friend in one of my pain groups on Facebook that can't sit at all because the pain starts immediately.

    It does not sound like you're seeing a pain management specialist except maybe for the injection. Unfortunately with today's attitude about opiates it is very difficult to get a prescription for an opiate. I'm not urging you to start taking them it is a personal choice and one that you should think about long and hard before you ask your doctor for some. I say that because I have been on opiates for almost 10 years and in that 10 years I have not raised my dose except one time. And in fact I have lowered my dose a couple of times. Of course those were of my own doing. If you live in America you will find that the CDC has issued a guideline that tells doctors how much pain meds they're allowed to prescribe to their patient. Enough about that (I could go on and on about the CDC) But I have two suggestions for you... regardless of whether you choose to take opiate or not you should ask if you can try either Gabapentin (also known as Neurontin), or Lyrica (also known as pregabalin.) They are both intended to treat the pain from a pinched nerve like what you're feeling. They are used a lot in pain management and you might want to Google them. Some people get great deal of relief and have been on it for years and other people hate it and hate what it does to them. I have taken Gabapentin myself but I was on a low dose and it was a short time but I never had any problems at all. The important thing about Gabapentin or Lyrica is that you need to taper off of them do not ever just stop them cold turkey.

    I don't know that all family doctors know the appropriate amount of opiates pain pills to prescribe and this may be why your not getting the relief that you should be getting from what your taking. It also might be the reason your doctor hasn't offered Gabapentin or Lyrica. Going to a pain management doctor will be a whole new and different experience. But if you're in America and you go to one be prepared to have to sign a contract with them. It's a legal requirement and it protects both you and the doctor. And you will have to jump through a bunch of hoops. Things like having your pills counted and having to take UA's to check for other drugs in your system and to check and make sure you are taking your medication and not trying to sell it.

    I know that's a lot of information and I could share a whole lot more with you if you ever want to hear it. In the 13 years I've had pain I have done everything except kinesiology. And I still suffer considerably and as I age the pain is getting worse. I hope you find some relief soon.

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    Hi maybe you could try acupuncture that helps relieve nerves sometimes worth a go and physical therapist can help the acupuncture  you bulging disc would be causing the sciatica I’m a true believer in acupuncture hope that helps you ❤️❤️
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      And absolutely you should be taking much stronger pain medication lyrica is great for nerve pain and OxyContin which I take for my back pain and my fibromyalgia my doctor is awesome and believes you shouldn’t have to suffer like that I’m very lucky because he was a physical therapist before he became a doctor so he does the acupuncture on my back neck shoulders I also have a pinched Nerve and a disc bulge in my neck please don’t suffer in silence seek more stronger pain medication try acupuncture and please keep us posted 😂😘😘

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    Sounds like you and I might have the same issue. I have been dealing with this problem since 13/2017. I have bee through pain medication, steroids, physical therapy none of which worked for me. I had a spinal epidural injection which happened some. Then last week I had a selective nerve root block and doing even better still pain if I sit down to long. But, the pain is not the excruciating pain that I was having. The next plan is to have a radiofrequency ablaton which might get rid of the pain for, possibly, up to two years. I hope you find relief from your pain soon.
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