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Ok, I’m male 41, physically fit I workout at least 5 times a week (well until this pain started!)

I have started getting pain in my left leg it kind of radiates down my leg and is more painful from knee downwards.

To say I’m getting annoyed is an understatement! I assume it’s Sciatica as during the whole month of December I was off work as made redundant, i started new job in office on Tuesday and by Wednesday I’ve been in agony ever since.

The worst thing is trying to sleep I literally cannot sleep on my left side, as soon as I turn over I get pain down by my shin which feels like electricity going down my leg. 

Oddly I do get pain in front of leg just to left of shin bone and this is usually where it hurts most but have also been suffering from knee pain as well.

I had been having sports massage as found I have really tight  hamstrings and hip flexors (I can barely sit cross legged).

Anyone else suffer like this? Sometimes I feel like crying and  I’m a 41 year old man but nothing gets rid of the pain!

I’ve found the pain to of gotten worse since I changed cars which has a more upright driving position. The pain in my leg holding and operating the clutch is horrible and goes upto my groin.

I would appreciate any advice or comments as I’m so annoyed it’s affecting my whole life at the moment especially the exercising!! sad

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    Hi it sounds like sciatica you need to go to Drs and get it confirmed first then next steps from there I've had mine for 3 months now waiting for mri scan the meds the dr has put me on is masking the pain so it's not hurting like it was when I first got it. I don't get pain in my groin or shin but my left buttocks all the way down to my ankle like electric shocks also worse when i drive and working out became impossible. I find walking helps and I've just started to do light weights working upper body only for the moment that's only since these tablets have kicked in. I'm also physically fit and only 36. in a nutshell

    go to Drs maybe physio or chrio and push for a scan

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    Have you had an MRI? I have had off and own Sciatica for years and it got really bad 7 years ago and my Doctor arranged for an MRI and found that I had a Pinched Nerve, I had a series of Epidurals ( 3 ) and it relieved it until late 2016. I started hurting again and my Doctor arranged for a new MRI and found I now have 2 Pinched nerves and ED symstoms, I went for a series of Epidurals and the new Meds they are using caused very high BP and it did not work for the pain. Considering non-invasive Lazer Procedure next. 
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    I've been similar to you since the start of November. Pleased to say that (hopefully)mine has improved being off work for the last 10 days. ( I work in an office and also drive alot for my work)

    My tips and things which have helped me are:

    1. Keep moving. Walking helps me so much.

    2. Watch how you lie on the sofa or in bed. Maybe elevate your leg in bed?

    3. I stretch my hamstrings 3 - 4 times per day. I bought one of those elastic things and do legs stretches by lifting my leg and holding it for 20 secs x 3. Which helps relieve the pain. Ive found if i dont do my exercises it gets worse so they do work.

    4. Try swimming. Ive gone from being a cardio freak to walking and swimming. Steam room and jacuzzi helps me

    5. Try putting an ice pack on your spine. I did this and it appears to have helped. Again when i dont do it, i notice the difference.

    6. Try some Devils Claw, Vitamin B and Magnesium vitamins. Again, i think these have helped me.

    So frustrating having sciatica. My 5 Osteopath appointments have given me alot of relief and good pointers. Not least, to move away from my desk every 30mins. But in many ways for me, its been trial and error and changing what you do day in day out. Sitting position on the car, office, house etc. You need to look at your overall posture. Mine was and has been poor.

    Good luck. Im hoping to be back at the gym in 2 weeks. Its a slow process apparently and you cant rush hope you get back to it. Keep the faith though. You'll get to a stage of more good days than bad💪.

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    I have a similar situation.  Left leg pain from buttocks down to shins and toes.  I had an MRI and they found a synovial cyst.  I have an appointment to have it drained.  I'm hoping that will solve it.  I have been getting epidurals for my lower back but this is the first time the pain trickled down my leg.  The pain is just as you describe and it's worse at night when I don't move.  If I stand up ( with a lot of effort and pain) it ameliorates the pain somehow.  During the day I am miraculously very functional.  It's at night where I get the pain.

    Forget about exercising. I tried and it makes it worse.  

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    I would strongly advise not to do any weights of any kind while you have sciatica. Mine started end of August and got considerably worse because I tried to carry on as normal. As others have said, walking is good but obviously not running. I have just started swimming again but nothing other than walking and swimming until I am 100%. Also keep sitting down to a minimum and drive as little as possible. I didn’t do either for over two months. If it gets worse, you have to stop anything that aggravates or inflames the nerve, or you’ll just get stuck in a vicious circle
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    Hi.. first ----don't cross your legs , sleeping ,or ,finding a comfortable position. Lie on your back, put a pillow under your knee, , if it's taking the pain away ,good, if not put another one under ,and build until it feels o k getting out of bed is a problem ,but put yourself on the edge of the bed ,stay there for a couple of minutes, wriggle your toes,then stand up ,,VERY slowly. and straighten your back. 

    Don't know if you are into Vitamins and mineral supplements, but I take  Bromelain ,,(pain ) Magnesium (muscle relaxant ) Calcium (works well with Magnesium. )And Tumeric. (pain) And two Paracetamol. All taken with food

    a,m and p.m I declined all the pain killers from G.P primarily because of the horrendous side effects. and ,you don't know if you are getting better .I do drive, but I have an automatic , I also use a pain killing gel on my ankle ,big toe and calf muscle, which surprisingly does help. Rest  is good .I also do acupressure on the points that  are  on the thigh halfway down ,you have found the right spot if it hurts, just massage until it stops hurting, under  your knee joint, and , about four fingers width down the calf.  Rotate your feet ,when you are sitting, NO CROSSING. Now ..all that should help ,I am 22 days from searing pain .lower back down to my big toe. I am now well on the way back to a pain free zone. The duration is about 6- 8 weeks, or so I have been told, and in my case ,I am sure it is right. There is no way I could have written this at the beginning ,as I was in total despair . WHY ME syndrome.  Take care and ,be good to yourself



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