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mamadeesix mamadeesix

Sclerotherapy-how do they target the correct veins

I have had 2 treatments already on pelvic congestion veins.....but my right leg vericose veins and those in the vulva area have not improved.  Am prob going to need sclerotherapy directly on those veins.

Can anyone tell me how they target the correct veins when they do this?  Apparently the valves in my legs are ok, so scanning there won't help.  They issue started farther up, as it is the valves in my pelvis that were refluxed.

You can't see all the vericose veins well when I am laying down.  Only when I stand up do they all pop out. does the doctor know which veins to inject?  And how do they get all the ones (and branches) they need to?

I have googled this to death and can't find anything other than they use ultrasound guidance.......

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  • MarkWann MarkWann mamadeesix

    Hi M,

    The purpose of the ultrasound guidance is to target the intended treatment area. I have had this surgery twice before with mixed results-this has been an embarrassing problem that has increased as I haven played tennis over the years-I am currently using noninvasive transdermal CO2 is ongoing however the results are visible and pretty significant


  • willy278 willy278 mamadeesix


    It sounds like you haven't had any ultrasound visits yet. I have had 4 sclerotherapy procedures and each time the vein which was 'ineffecient' had been properly identified by ultrasound.

    They also use ultrasound after the procedure to ensure the correct vein was identified and as a check-up preclude to signing off.

    I'm probably about to have another one as I was told by the consultant that in my case, I need to check for any change in skin colour which indicates blood in the wrong places as well as Oedema. I've caught them (or rather my wife has noticed a change) as they start to go wrong - this is much easier and less painful that any other 'surgical' procedure, I've had two of those before and the consultant is reluctant to go in there again as theres too much scar tissue around the saphenus vein area. Sclerotherapy is great for me plus I can keep going back as long as I need to, rather than watching my leg ulcerate.

    Don't worry they'll get the correct ones.


  • paris34237 paris34237 mamadeesix

    Hi Mamadeesix,

    I just wantes to add my two cents bc I also had pelvic congestion syndrome in 2016 and had 3 metal coils put in my pelvis. Unfortunately, I thought that getting ultrasounds done in my legs was stupid when the pain was upward of there, but a year later and now my legs are going out on me. I had to go back and get the ultrasound done on my legs and the 4 main veins were huge in both my legs. I just got my 2nd evlt procedure done and I have 2 more to go *hopefully* bc initially it was 6 total. They found out that my problems start further up into my pelvis *yet again* but are going up further to help close those veins out. Granted this issue was supposed to be fixed in 2016, but at least they are trying to help fix the problems now. So, i would definitely get that ultrasound done so they can see what is going on! If i had not went I would be wondering why at 28 my mobility is limited and no apparent reasons causing this. I hope all goes well for you!

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