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I have been getting Seb Derm on and off for the last 2 years. All the creams the doctor gave me Hydrocortisone, Clotrimazole etc never worked they only eased the symptoms for a few days for them to return. Usually i only get small red patches at the side of my nose, on my chin and behind my ears. However every few months i do get a really bad outbreak which comes out all over my face in large red, itchy, flaky patches. I have done a bit of research on Seb Derm and i have concluded that its condition i will have to live with for the rest of my life and i accept that. Something triggers Seb Derm to outbreak and its extremely hard to pin point the source. Various people i know have different stories for example one person got an allergy test done and found out they are allergic to wheat so they cut it out and have no Seb Derm as a result, another person found out they were allergic to 80% of cows milk which triggered the Seb Derm. I have tried cutting out wheat and diary but my Seb Derm remains and so i continue to search for the trigger. Digging a little deeper i came across 2 people who found their triggers. The first person made a connection with a candida infection in his gut that killed the membrane lining which triggered his Seb Derm. He was given Nystatin by his doctor and he has since had no outbreaks of Seb Derm. The second person made a connection with sunlight which gives our body Vitamin D3, they realised anytime they were abroad they were cured of Seb Derm and it only returned when they arrived back to gloomy weather in the UK. Along with Magnesium tablets (magnesium helps the body absorb Vitamin D3, some Seb Derm patients have found that a magnesium deficiency in their body triggers it as the viatamin d3 takes longer to absorb) and Vitamin D3 5000ui strength they had no longer any issues with Seb Derm.

I have got some Mycostatin Oral Suspension that i have just started taking 4 times daily for 7 days. This contains Nystatin.

I have also got some Magnesium and Vitamin D3 5000ui tablets that i am taking daily aswell. I have just started this treatment today so i will keep yous updated on my results. Im hoping for positive results so maybe other Seb Derm sufferers can try these aswell.

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    Hi mark

    A few things

    Firstly, if you've been using steroid creams, it's worth looking into TSW (topical steroid withdrawal syndrome/red skin syndrome)

    Also, coconut oil works better than nystatin, and won't damage your gut or things like your liver

    Next, you mention magnesium. What type are you taking, orally or transdermally? I ask because magnesium doesn't absorb properly orally. Magnesium sprays etc for the skin get absorbed much better

    Lastly, have you had any patch testing?

    Hope these help. Sorry for your suffering

    God bless

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    Re magnesium, please see this


    Oral magnesium supplements are poorly absorbed even by those with no digestive problems (10 - 50%), so absorption can be a real problem in a disease like M.E. where there are significant gut issues and problems. Because absorption is so low, oral doses of magnesium need to be high but this can lead to gastrointestinal problems. The laxative effect is a limiting factor with oral magnesium, that is not present or is very much reduced with transdermal, IV or injected magnesium. Thus magnesium may not be able to be raised to optimum levels with oral magnesium alone.

    Magnesium injections or IVs are probably the best and fastest way to take in magnesium (as Cheney explained in his 2007 lecture). But this option is not always practical or accessible for all patients, particularly as magnesium may need to be injected several times per day, long-term.

    Transdermal magnesium is better absorbed than magnesium taken orally, and can be almost as effective as magnesium injections. Its use is far less involved and perhaps safer than injections or IVs, when transdermal magnesium is used at high doses. Transdermal magnesium experts have observed that this method of taking on magnesium seems to have the advantage of letting the body absorb magnesium where it is needed and only as much as is needed. In contrast, the amount taken orally and via injection involves a lot more guesswork and potential for side effects from too high a dose. However, these experts have also made it clear that their observation and opinion that only as much transdermal magnesium as is needed is absorbed has not yet been proven in studies, and that more research is needed in this area.

    There are also other benefits to using magnesium oil over other forms of magnesium. Transdermal magnesium, magnesium taken in through the skin, can indirectly raise DHEA levels, making this form of magnesium a useful treatment for menopausal symptoms and PMS symptoms. Enhanced natural production of DHEA can also help promote adequate sleep (in accordance with circadian rhythms). DHEA is the master hormone from which many other hormones are made (eg. estrogen). Raising DHEA levels naturally avoids the problems caused by supplementing these other hormones directly. (Estrogen hormone replacement raises risk of blood clots, for example and while synthetic DHEA is a commonly-used nutritional supplement, evidence points to the greater safety and effectivenes of naturally-produced/endogenous DHEA, including lower risks from adverse effects, according to magnesium expert Mark Sircus Ac OMD.)

    Re patch testing, depends what country you're in. But it's a dermatologist who usually performs these.

    Yes I've been using nystatin powder for two decades when I have no choice. Firstly the one you use has to be refrigerated. Secondly, a 7 day course would only work either 1, topically via a cream or 2, for oral thrush etc. For anything more widespread, or systemic it needs to be more. You're clinically meant to use it longer than it takes for symptoms to disappear, to prevent it returning. A two week course would be more conservative and sounds better for your particular requirements, however for things like candida an initial 6 week course of strong powder is necessary.

    Hope any of this helps.

    You're most welcome.

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