sedation for endoscopy what is it like

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I am having an endoscopy under sedation soon but am anxious as dont know what to expect.  I expect lots of people have undergone this but would really like to hear from someone.  So many scare stories out there, 

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    I had mine done 3 weeks ago as well as a colonoscopy at the same time. honestly it was a breeze and I would not hesitate to have it again if needed. the throat numbing spray is a bit gross and tastes of rotten banana but it worked right away. the nurse told me I would gag when the endoscope passed down my throat but I dont even remember it!

    it's a very weird experience as I felt that I was aware of all that was going on (watching the images on the screen etc) but when I try to remember specific parts I cannot and my memory has gaps! despite the effectiveness of the sedation I recovered very quickly and didn't feel strange at all afterwards!

    hope all goes OK for you!

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      Thank you for your response - I just dont want to know anything about the procedure at all as I will freak out.  Have many anxieties over this sort of thing.  I need this done though as have been suffering for over a year and have been to anxious to go and get it done and now so many symptoms.  Stupid really but your response has helped.  Hope you are well and your symptoms are resolved.  
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    I've had several over the years. Never had a problem. Had three in 2016 . Looking for reason for neausea. Found it and treated. Had another to make sure the bacteria was gone. Later in the year I had stomach pain. Soo , another endoscopy and found 2 ulcers. So what I'm trying to say is , after each one I couldn't tell I had anything done ! They took a biopsy each time and I never felt anything , during or after the biopsy. The longer it takes to do the endoscopy the more sedation you have which means it takes a little longer for them to let you go home. Depends on what they're looking for , I guess. At any rate , none of them were bad and they were over before I knew what happened. So don't worry about it. Hope my story help a little.

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      Thank you for your response - the more sedation the better for me as am so anxious - dread the day !
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      I meanto to ask did you have the throat spray with y0ur sedatiion please. 
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    HI Loùise

    You will be fine .

    I had done last year before my surgery.

    I was really scared so went for the sedation. They were all very nice and helped me through as I also have needle phobia. I had needle put in had so could put line in the spray they sprayed up nose and back throat is a bit of a biter after tasters. Madeven me feel bit sick just remember them telling me to lie on my side after and helping me as just started to say felt bit sick. nexthink remember was all over and done was in recovery bit and given me information to give my Dr to change the tablet I was on. Did not remember anything ..and felt find after just bit sleepy .

    Hope all goes ok for you and you get answers you want.

    Good luck don't worry you will be fine .



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      Thank you Zena for your response and that's exactly what I want not to remember a thing.  I suppose it all depends on how much sedation they give you - hopefully they will give me a good dose! 

      Hope you are well and getting better. 

      Kind regards 

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    It depends on the sedation, that is given.

    Here in Vic/Australia my daughter and husband both got the newer sedetion 'propofol' (don't worry, it is short, one off and under full supervision) and sleep before anything is done, no memory loss or bitter taste as they sleep before anything; propofol is the general anasthesia induction drug, it is a profound sedation 

    in contrary to the 'forget' sedations like amnestic sedation Benzodiazepin (Midazolam), which usually works well.

    My mum had many with Midazolam and one went wrong (being fully awake, ignoring her signs since they thought she would forget), since then they make sure the needle is well placed and dose well given.

    I personally would prefer Propofol.

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      Yes. That is great. I had propofol for my Last endoscopy. They've come a long way with sedation.

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    Louise I had an endoscopy 3 days ago and I promise you it's nothing painful , I took it without sedation, I took the throat spray as this was my third one, please believe me, it's just a bit uncomfortable and obviously a medical procedure. I promise after it you will post back to us, it was more anxiety than anything else. Good luck, but I promise you'll be fine xxx

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    I must also say one time I did get sedated but preferred the throat spray, it numbs the back of your throat, and you can go straight homer after good luck
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      Thank you for your response. I really wish I could go through this without sedation but even that scares the living daylights out of me.  I used to work with a woman who had an endoscopy without sedation and remember her saying how dreadful it all was and this has always stayed with me. However, the replies I have received here are all very positive and hopefully I will not be so anxious on the day.  Many thanks. 
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    I had bad side effects from the sedation which took three or four weeks to clear up.  However, everyone is different
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    Hi Louise, I am having one done in 4 days.

    I had planned on just having the throat spray as I want to be able to come home as soon as possible and not feel "out of it" 

    However I know I will probably panic once I am there-I have been having symptoms for a few weeks and have got myself quite worked up about what it could be(thinking the worst) so I think sadation may be the better plan for me.

    Not scared of the endoscopy, more the results after!!!


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      go for the sedation! I had it and I was feeling fine afterwards, you have to have someone drive you home etc but I was out of there within an hour of the procedure.

      I took it easy the rest of the day as instructed but didn't go to bed or sleep, just relaxed and watched TV etc! I was also terrified of the results but everything looked OK, had biopsies taken but not heard back so must be OK!

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      Many thanks for your reassurance - I am definately going for sedation did you remember the tube going down your throat at all?  I wish you all the best with your recovery. Good luck. 
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      I have no memory of the tube going down at all but I do remember seeing the images on the screen!
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      i know how you feel but like me, you will hopefully know what is making you feel so ill.  I have had really bad burning in the throat all day every day for over a year and sickness most mornings, I was put on Omeprazole for 8 months but that leeched my B12 so ended up having B12 injections.  Then went on Ranitidine (which I still take) two high doses a day and can just about get through.  I have constant burping whether I eat or not.  Wished I had gone at the start of the symptoms as its undoubtedly got worse but my anxiety/phobia over the endoscopy is really bad but I feel more reassured now by the comments received on this site.  Good luck with yours I really hope you have good results - let me know how you get on.  
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      I think from what I can gather that different people remember different things with the sedation.  
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      Thank you Louise-Likewise let me know how you get on.

      I have had bad constant burning in my stomach,constant burping, a constant pain in my side under ribs and back ache that lasted a few days.

      I got very anxious after googling and convincing myself it was someting terrible(not even going to put what as I am trying to not think about it

      anymore)I got so bad I couldnt eat and was crying everyday-I feel miles better now in terms of thinking rationally and most of my symptoms have actually gone-still burping and slight ache in ribs but think I am just focusing on it to be honest.

      I just want an end now to feeling ill and scared.

      Hopefully by the end of the week I will be that one step closer.(I am also booked in the following week for a ultrasound)

      Good luck you will be fine.

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      9 out of 10 the results are treatable, so try not to panic, I promise you I've had both, the sedative and the throat spray and I don't know if it was just me but the sedative did nothing for me, hence why I take the spray, trust me if I can do it anyone can.

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      forgot to ask, did you have the throat spray with your sedation - got mine tomorrow and am terrified.

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