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Hi I was wondering if anyone has felt the same as me i started taking this med in feb of this year i was a mess and at the end of my tether and my doc suggested i try this i was dead against any meds i was to scared of the side effects and a previous bad experience with seroxat at 16 yrs old, but i decided to try these after reasurance from my then therapist and doc I am so pleased i did because they worked after just 2 weeks i felt fab i had energy i was back to the old me I lost weight and stopped my binge eating disorder i was happy and wanted to go out and tell the world i was back briming with confidence i even wanted to start exercising which is unheard of lol .... after years of suffering i realised just how bad things had got.

anyway after a month or so i stopped my meds coz i thought i was ok i took them on and off for about 3 weeks then i felt the black cloud return slowly i thought i better get back on my meds so i went back and got my 2nd then my 3 rd etc packet but every week i just got worse its like i am imune to the tablets and now i am at a stage where i can bearly get out of bed in the morning i have gone full circle i went to the docs and she wouldn't up my dose ( i am on the lowest dose think its 20mg) she just said we all have our ups and downs but i know this is more than that i feel awful feally out of it i dont even want to see my close friends and i have put loads of weight on due to mu eating disoder returning i just cry alot aswell.

i am so cross the doc didn't take me seriously i feel desperate and alone i have a 2 yr old to cope with an i just feel i cant make it through the day i wish i felt like i did earlier this year its like they gave me a taste of my old life then snatched it away life doesnt feel worth it like this. any help or advice would be great i dont know anyone who suffers like this .

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    :cracker: Hi, just to let you know I'm experenicing the same effects as yourself, like you i have previously been on the medication was feeling brilliant came off and symptoms returned went back on and feel wourse. No longer have the energy, motivation could sleep and stay in bed for day, at present managing to go to work but loss of concentration come home and can't wait to go to bed. Today have decided enough is enough and reduced my medication luckily i have some fuluoxetine liquid from previously when came off the medication and have taken this today. I will let you know what i am like in a few days. I believe anything is better than feeling the way we do, life not worth living. Ps I have a lovely home, loving family and should not be feeling this way but life is life Hope this helps? :roll:
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    I know how you feel, I was diagnosed with postnatal depression after my 3rd child and have been taking fluoxetine for the last 4 years between my 3rd and 4th children being born. Like you I have tried to stop taking them when had long period of feeling good, but the black cloud returned with avengence worse than before. My doctors have been very supportive and have just increased me to the max 60mg am still waiting for increase to come into play but not too good at the moment. I just want to feel normal again but not sure if that will ever happen.
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    I've been on fluoxetine on and off for nearly 3 years and it seems to work better at some times than others. Each time I've started it I've had a period of feeling how I like to feel - motivated, capable, optimistic etc, and each time that doesn't last, just like when I'm not on medication really!

    At first it worked ok for 6 months then I got very low and my dose was doubled to 40mg. That was ok for about 18 months with some ups and downs. I recently came off it altogether because I thought I couldn't feel any worse off it than on it, I was extrememly depressed. After a while I tried a couple of other anti depressants which had no effect apart from to make me sleep a lot, then went back on to fluoxetine more or less straight to 40mg dose.

    Again I had a few weeks of feeling pretty good (although nauseous and having disturbed sleep). And now I feel tearful and scared, but at least not suicidal which is all I can really expect from it I think.

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    Hi Chick,

    Doctors can have quite an uncaring attitude at times dont u think. It really annoys me as people low in mood are looking to them for SUPPORT AND HELP, not just to be told - oh we all have ups and downs!! There`s a great big difference from an up/down day, to not having the desire, motivation, and the constant black cloud overhanging u.

    I had one experience of low mood, thankfully it never evolved into full depression. 12 years ago I lost my mum and dad within 2 weeks of each other. By the end of the same year, I noticed changes in my mood, lack of motivation, didnt want to talk to anyone, c anyone etc. I went to the doctor, and was told, and I quote, \"We dont perfom miracles\". So, maintaining my dignity, and holding myself back from knocking every tooth out her mouth, I said no, Im looking for you to help me. My professional background is mental health, so I was fully aware that something was going on (ie: hurling towards depression), and I wanted help before it got too far.

    But, what about people who aren`t strong enough to stand up and demand something be done. Do they get ignored? Poo poo`d? Yeah, I think that does happen. And its soo wrong.

    She did presecribe me antidepressants, which I didnt take. I was very fortunate to have my friend Kirsty (who is like a sister to me). The support and strength I got from her was absolutely priceless, and will never be forgotten. She was there for me also when my relationship broke down(2 yrs after my mum and dad died). So all in all, I had a period of about 5 years(maybe more) where I felt my life was upside down. The only thing that saved my sanity was my son, my work(believe it or not) and Kirsty. I am so thankful for that, coz I know many people don`t have support.

    20mgs is a starting dose. It can maintain emotional health for some, doesnt for others. You go back to the doc, and insist she does something, ie: increase to 40 mgs and see what effect that has. If u have to, change doctors. Are there more in the practice that u attend? Dont just settle for what she says. You know ur own body/mind, and when something isnt right.

    That increase could make all the difference to your life.

    I wish u all the very best.

    Take Care



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