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After months of backwards and forwards to GP eventually saw a GI consultant today. Explain that I had had a few bad attacks, had stopped eating fat, now have a constant ache under right rib and right shoulder, very tired, feel constantly unwell, nauseous. Ultrasound shows gallstones. He reckoned gallstones don't explain my symptoms, said I wouldn't have a constant discomfort nor feel so unwell. He wants to do a stomach endoscopy for the nausea. I feel like crying. I'm not sure what I should be doing next. I've not been able to work full time since before Xmas.

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    I had my GB out 3 weeks ago with your symptoms , I couldn't eat much of anything for 3 weeks straight and dropped 20lb before they took me seriously! My back pain was constant and nausea was something that came and went but they did the scope / HIDA / CT and ultrasound along with several blood tests. My scans showed no stones and HIDA was 76% got my pathology report today and low and behold chronic inflammation and stones!Be persistent and they'll take you seriously or find a Dr who will. I went to a different er and spent the night in hospital and that surgeon scoped me the next morning , he knew something was not right. Good doctors are hard to find!

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    Hi Jane, they need to do other tests to make sure that it is gallstones and not anything else as alot of the symptoms you describe can be caused by other conditions that originate around the same area especially the constant discomfort. This is just normal practice as they need to make a firm diagnosis before they decide if you need to have surgery.  Unfortunately with the culture we live in today of suing people they have to check, I know and completely understand the frustration when you're feeling so poorly. 

    Usually in the UK it'll take 18 weeks from when your gp referred you, before you have surgery if that is what they decide, obviously if they decide you are a more urgent case then this will be ignored. But this is the usual timescale. They will be looking for ulcers, hernia and do biopsies on the gastroscopy. 

    You're doing the right things by going low fat, not rich or spicy foods.

    I'm afraid its just a waiting game now until you're next test, did he give you a timescale?

    Unless you're able to go privately it does take time, I'm sorry.

    If the pain gets worse then you must go to a&e or back to your gp and make sure that you're on some decent pain relief.

    Let me know how you get on.


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      Hi, I've been on paracetamol, codeine and buscopan. I think it's just that he was dismissive that it even could be the gallbladder and only suggested a stomach endoscopy to check for cause of nausea. He had no other suggestions. I've had blood tests, colonoscopy, urine tests. I suppose I just wait for the endoscopy now. He did say at the end I might need referring for a surgical opinion on the gallbladder.

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      Hi Jane, I had ultrasound, gastroscopy, CT, MRCP and finally HIDA scan but that was only because all my tests came back as normal and only the HIDA scan showed a problem. I'm surprised he needs a surgical opinion and doesn't know that gallstones can cause pain like yours and its usually the consultants that refer you for surgery and not the surgeon. I expect he's been reading the books that say that gallstones don't always cause problems but if they move or get trapped then yes they can cause alot of problems. It would be worthwhile having a CT as this can see if any stones have moved so I would suggest this if you get a chance.

      They gave me buscopan initially too until I had a clear gastroscopy but it really didn't help at all. I did find cocodamol does take the edge off of it but you may want to try an anti inflammatory like ibruprofen as long as you know you can take.

      Good luck with everything x

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    Hi Jane,

    Your consultant is looking for the classic symptoms of gallbladder issues.  You're having (more or less) similar symptoms to what mine were in the beginning of my gallbladder saga.

    Each person is different.  Why don't you  ask for a referral to a new consultant?  At the very least, you should receive blood tests to check your liver enzymes to see if your liver is stressed. Seems to me that this guy is taking the long way round.

    Still, an endoscopy might show him what you don't have which is stomach issues....

    Sorry to learn you're going through this!  Please let me know how you get on!

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    I do understand your frustration. Hope the further tests happen soon, and that you get a definite explanation for your symptoms. I think what happened to you would be on of my worries. I am waiting for an appointment to see a consultant. I found out last week that I have multiple gallstones and an enlarged gallbladder. I get varying degrees of pain, especially after eating, severe bloating, sometimes nausea and a yucky taste in my mouth. It's really getting me down. It was like a relief to find out I had gallstones, as that gave me an explanation as to why I was feeling ill. I think I would hate it if this was only the start of more tests. Hope you get answers soon.

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    I have discomfort under right rib ultra sound picked up stones but also simple cysts on liver ... This i believe from what I've been told is what causes the discomfort under right rib. But all is somehow linked I go consultant on Tuesday to find out more.

    Thanks vickie

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