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After quite a few years of drinking two bottles of wine a night (sometimes three), I've decided to start taking Selincro with the help of my GP.  I'm very happy to only have a couple of glasses of wine without the need to overdo it.  However, I know there will be occassions when I will want more, eg parties, xmas etc.  On those days, it is safe to just not take a tablet and drink what I want?

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    Hi, what I would give anything to have something that enabled me to stop at a couple of glasses. Sounds like a miracle to me. I would stick with this and not jepodise further improvement or even worse the medication working is jepodised. Just my thinking! Do you live in the UK? Just wondering because could I ask my GP re Selincro.
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      Hi Sharon, I love in Jersey, Channel Islands and it was my GP who recommended Silencro.  I'm sure you're GP will help if you ask.  Good luck

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      Hi, I live in the UK.  My doc has never heard of any of the meds to help with this.  She referred me to Smart Recovery and said they would liaise with her directly on my progress.  From what I am reading about Smart Recovery, they prefer counselling to meds.  I have not been.   I too, have cut down to a glass per evening from 2 bottles a night.  So far I am ok, but who knows.
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      Hi Sharon,

      Each local NHS area has slightly different guidelines on who they feel the best person to prescribe this is.

      If you PM me the town and county that you live in (and the NHS Trust for your area if you know it), I will look up what guidelines your local NHS has put in place for your area and PM you back.

      However, it isn't a miracle or a magic pill and does take some work on the part, such as compliance to taking it every time before a drinking session and drinking mindfully - basically looking for opportunities to make a decision to stop sooner.

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      it sounds like utopia but my experience from side effects was awful.... would never want to repeat.  hope it works for you. i had to but them privately as gp would not prescribe.
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      The chemical is Nalmefene, so rather than use the brand name, ask about that.  My GP hadn't heard of it so I went to a specialised doctor in an alcohol abuse agency in order to get help. Of course this is not in the UK but you will appreciate that it is a very specialised substance so that not every GP might have come across it.

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    The simple answer is absolutely not!

    Selincro blocks the opioid receptors in the brain so that when you drink, the endorphins that are released from the drinking cannot attach to the receptors.  Effectively, the circuit in the brain that demands more alcohol and more reward is cut.  This is why it is effective at helping people to reduce their drinking.  It is much easier to make a decision to stop without that 'more, more, more' scream in your brain.

    However, if you drink without taking the medication first you are putting yourself at risk of falling back into old learned behaviours and the way you used to drink.  It starts off with one or two occasions when you don't take the tablet and then your brain will start to convince not to take it on other occasions too.

    It won't be long before you ar back drinking the same amount as before, and there is no guarantee that Selincro would work a second time for you.

    Quite simply, the Selincro is helping you overcome a drink problem of excessive drinking.  Just don't risk it.

    On these occasions you mention, you may well find that due to the atmosphere of the occasion and the fun you are having, even on the Selincro you will probably drink more than a couple of glasses anyway.  As long as you take the Selincro, the difference is that you won't wake the next day with the compulsion to do it all again.

    Be safe.  Selincro is like the 'condom' drinking.  If you use it 9 times you will be fine.  It is the not using it on occassions that will eventually get you into trouble!

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      it sounds like utopia but my experience from side effects was awful.... would never want to repeat.   i had to buy them privately as gp would not prescribe.
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      It is unfortunate that you had such a reaction to the tablet, possibly more severe than most.

      Not everyone has side effects, though for those that do they generally aren't nice.  It took me nearly 2 weeks to adjust to it when I tried it, and I am pretty good taking medications.

      When the side effects can be gotten through, then the short term discomfort is usually well worth the long-term gain that these tablets give.

      In most areas, the local NHS has advised doctors to refer someone to specialist alcohol recovery services to be assessed for this medication.  There are very few areas that have authorised their doctors to prescribe in primary care, despite NICE guidelines advising this is suitable for primary care.  As with everything it all comes down to money.  The additional support that is required with this medication is not budgeted for in primary care, but by the Mental Health budget - hence doctors did not see why they should provide the tablets AND the care when they are not receiving any additional budget for providing the care.

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    I am not very experienced in abstaining: I think that I would take the pill even more if I were attending a party because temptations there run high.  Whenever I tried not taking the pill, I drank myself utterly stupid.  True, I haven't been on the medication for that long but somehow, if I know temptations can run high, I would rather lean on whatever assisstance I can get rather than tempt fate... 

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