Selincro side effects or no side effects

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Felling a bit apprehensive as just about to take first Selincro..I keep.looking at the packet and thinking shall I shan't I...The side effect stories on here sound there anyone who hasn't suffered bad side effects ?

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    Hi Natalie.  I had Selincro some months ago.  I did not suffer bad side-effects.  I felt a bit strange for a few days... then nothing, except that I didn't want so much to drink, as before.

    Everyone is different.  I expected worse side-effects, as I react to everything!

    Good Luck,

    Alonangel 🎇

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    No ill effects from Selincro as yet and it's well over

    2 hours since taking the tablet so just having a glass of wine..

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      Good for you Natalie. They say you should drink "mindfully" after taking selincro ie be very consciously aware of your drinking, of each mouthful, not just glug like we all so often do. I hope it works for you. I had bad reaction to it - it triggered a dizziness problem I'd had a few years previously which I am still having treatment for after 18 months. We are all different. I really do wish you well. And please keep us posted, let us know how you get on x

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      Hello again. ..sorry the drug caused you so much problem ...I suppose you cant take it at all now ? Thankyou for your helpful advice . Seems I haven't really had any side effects from the Selincro other than feeling a bit whoozy ...and was a bit wakeful when i went to bed .

      Yes I followed all instructions and had 1 drink after 2 hours.. can't say it was enjoyable .I had a second glass of wine but didn't finish it ( unheard of lol) so it was an odd feeling as I would normally have no control over drinking that whole bottle inspite of my good intentions ! and then drink more . I will do the same process again tonight and hopefully same results .

      So ...I am expecting a hangover free weekend

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    You might not experience any side effects!  Not everyone does.  Or you might struggle slightly for the next few days.  But please try not to worry.  Prepare and know that it often doesn't feel as bad as a major hangover that we often inflict on ourselves.

    Other than that, the two things to stress to you are COMPLIANCE as the most important, and drinking mindfully as the second.

    I've put COMPLIANCE in captials because this simply will not work for you if you don't take the tablet every single time, and then wait the required time before drinking.  This isn't negotiable!!  You won't be the person who can 'beat the system' and still have this work.  You must adhere to the prescribing instructions.

    Other than that, you can make things much smoother for yourself by drinking mindfully (I think you have read the hints and tips article that I wrote, yes?).

    It won't speed things up - extinction of your cravings will happen in the time it takes to happen whether that is 3 months or 6 months or 9 months - but it will make things go smoother for you.

    If you need any support as you go along, feel free to contact me. 

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      Thanks for your support Joanna... I have taken your advice regarding eating a good meal before taking the Selincro drinking plenty of water and drinking the alcohol mindfully after the prescribed 2 hours...Today I feel ok just very slightly 'flattened out ' but that's about it really .. I am not a daily drinker but a 'weekender ' type 'too too much ' drinker so will taking a tablet again later and through weekend.. I have high hopes for this medication..

      Thankyou 😊

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      This is good news, and each time will get a little better from now on.

      As a weekend drinker, it might be worth you taking a tablet and having a drink mid-week - just for this week to help your body take another step in getting used to it.  Once you are used to it, then you can revert back to your normal drinking pattern.

      Remember, this doesn't mean you need to drink a lot.  In fact, this process is moved along a little further by just one drink.

      Of course, it is up to you and depends on what you have planned for mid week too... but it is an option if you have the opportunity to do so.  It often takes 6-8 tablets to adjust fully.

      There is a doctor I know of who tries to get their patients through this as quickly as possible by suggesting they take the tablet and have one drink for a full week.  I think his patients have told him that this short, sharp way of doing it has meant they have felt a bit rough for a week but that it helps them adjust much better.  Having taken Selincro myself, I opted to not take it at all on the second day because I felt so bad from the first tablet, but then I resumed on day 3 and struggled with one tablet and a drink for the next 6 days (if I remember correctly).

      Especially at this time of year with so many plans for shopping and things that have to be done, taking it every night might not be an option so maybe see if you can get a tablet in during the week somewhere perhaps.

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      Hi Joanna That's really interesting reading your message ..I took the second tablet last night which seemed fine ...the craving to drink wasn't really there but after 3 hrs I had a large glass of wine and drank slowly was more pleasurable than the first night but I forgot myself a couple of times lol ..I did wonder had there been any more in the house I might have carried but I don't think that real urge was there..As you know it's a very intense recognisable feeling when that happens .Often I flush facially quickly after starting drinking (my body reminding me of my intolerance ) ,this happened with about half hour usual but came within minutes last night ...Anyway from 8 ish til midnight I drank 2/3 of a bottle of wine....left from my 1 and half glasses the night before. .Slept fine with my usual sleeping tab but the sweats and thirst were horrendous all night if I had drank 2 bottles... feel a bit gutty and sort of hungovery this morning but I will pass .. hope so as driving 150 miles to Cardiff later..Weird .. is it wine or tablet. ..will .I was going to leave the tablet tonight but prob dangerous as visiting my son and he might have got the wine in especially being Christmas .Will take your advice and take a tab all week and maybe just have 1 beer on the nights I'm in ...Seems strange even saying that's never been just one ! But I know i'll be able to do that already with this tablet ....I need to read more about how it acts on the brain in the long term .....for want of a better word is it supposed to re set it in time..Do you still take Selincro ...? I am buying mine online at mo as didn't want to go thru it all with the gp just yet ..expensive but cheaper than booze...ideally I would just like to take eventually on the occasions I drink which is maybe 2-3 times a week.but do have a couple of weeks off now and again that's usually because I feel so annoyed with myself after the last binge ..course this time of year things are different and for once I want a hangover, belly aching free Christmas...impossible for me without either total abstinence or this medication.

      Thank you for your support ...I must take the time to get on the website and read more now..Take care Natalie

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      This is a really excellent start, Natalie.  Awesome!

      I started this method back in October 2013 using a slightly different medication called naltrexone.  At the time I did it, Selincro hadn't been approved in England, which wasn't until November 2014.

      However, I now counsel and support those on the method and something they were all telling me was that it seemed drastically different to naltrexone in terms of the side effects.  So, I thought how can I support people using a medication that I hadn't used myself?  How could I say I honestly understand how it feels?

      So, I got myself some Selincro privately and did a little experiment of taking the Selincro and drinking as a person knew to the method probably would.  It wasn't the nicest experiment to do but it was worth it as I can now completely understand how it feels.  And that shows how much belief I have in this method - I purposely put myself througn a large amount of drink again (after barely drinking for the previous many months, because I KNOW that taken correctly, opiate-blocking medication such as naltrexone and nalmefene do work for me.  I felt at no risk of sliding backwards into addiction again.

      There are a couple of explanations of how this method works on the brain on the C3 Europe website, under a section in the menu called Dr Sinclair's Segment.  I cannot put a link to the website on here, but if you google 'C3 Europe' it is the first result displayed.  Then go down the left hand side menu until you reach 'Dr Sinclair's Segment'.

      The first is the definitive explanation from Dr Sinclair, which is for most of us non-scientists to understand.

      The second is a 2-part explanation of How Opiod Antagonist Medications work.  It's very interesting and read slowly, even us non-scientists can understand it!

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