Senior Moments or normal memory loss?

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I don't like coming back here, but I thought post anyway just to clarify some issues I've been having. 

For the past 2 weeks I think I have been having what I think might be senior moments (mild cognitive decline), where I would seemingly forget something and then recall it. This has been most prominent when it comes to my new glasses. What would happen is that I would leave my room without them before suddenly realising that I forgot about them and go back to get them. 

Another incident involved me having my sister's toy boat in my pocket, but not knowing the reason for it being there (I know that we were playing with it and that I put it in there when she went outside to play with her friends, but there is a lapse in terms of "why" the boat was there). 

Finally, today I went shopping to get some drinks for home. I got the usual drinks along with juice. Usually I get summer fruits flavour and I told myself to get it, but for some reason I ended up getting Blackcurrent. 

I'm planning on going back to the doctor for another checkup because I don't like uncertainty and CJD has been on my mind for a while, especially since I have been having some muscle twitches, but I'm not sure if they are myoclonus or not. Sometimes I would get a myoclonic jerk where my leg would move slightly on its own and relax, but that's about it, though I have also had muscle spasms in the wrist of my left hand and the elbow of my right hand. The arm wouldn't move outright, but the muscle would contract and when looking at it, it seemed almost like something was poking out of the skin and going back into it very rapidly. The left arm twitch was enough to move my thumb slightly. 

Example of arm twitch on left arm:

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    How old are you, sorry to ask.

    Many people suffer jerks, pins and needles etc, most do not lead to any problems although if you are unsure you need to discuss this with your GP.

    Short term memory disorders can be part of getting older, or suffering Depression and Anxiety, the former can be more problematic in later life. I do have this problem and after five weeks of tests and scans was suggested I had a Short Term Memory disorder, I am a Pensioner. This is why I ask you age and also if you have talked to your GP


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      Hello Bob, i am 23 years old and have talked to my go about my thumb moving several weeks ago (July 16th). He attributed my thumb movement to anxiety though I think it was either myoclonus or a seizure because although it was moving slowly, it still felt weird.
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      Hello Liam

      You are very young to suffer any of the Dementia;s, however a congenital  brain defect can be present therefore you will need tests associated with this would need to be undertaken. However you need to understand the testing can take upwards of five, six weeks and are very labour intensive. Your GP will need to discuss these interventions, tests and decide if that is what is needed

      Many early brain/memory problems can be caused before birth and are generally picked up in early life,  Ashbergers is one of these.

      Talk to your GP, personally I do not feel you have anything to worry about. Take memory tests like crosswords and you can purchase books that contain variations of these tests

      Always here 


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    You didn't mention your age, Liam.

    CJD is very unlikely. Some dementias have a kind of epileptic twitch as part of the symptomatology.

    What you describe about the things you have either forgotten or become confused about may be signs of dementia, or of quite a lot of things. You do need to go to your GP and ask for a referral.

    Have you got a relative with dementia? You sound (very rightly) extremely anxious about this.

    Let us know what the outcome is.

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    Liam, I began experiencing similar symptoms as you as I was in my mid 20s while living in London. Back then I was terrified of developing vCJD , mainly because I remembered all the Mad Cow disease stories from a few years earlier and I used to go to Wendy`s back then on a regular bases. Anyway, I woke up one morning feling totally different to the day before, like in fog, bright lights would  stress me out, had muscle twitching in my hand, strange feeling in my leg and headaches. I moved back to Germany as it had to wait very long to see a specialist. Back in Germany I was reassured by the doctor that nothing was wrong with my brain, brain waves where all normal, scans too and my symptoms vanished as well. But I had more episodes like this and since 2014 I`m in a constant state of fog, alert, high tension, anxiety , can`t concentrate vision problems, can`t find the right words at times, half sided headaches etc. And it`s getting worse with time. I never had any treatment for anxiety and would advise you not to go down the same route as me. Get treatment as soon as possible. You are still young and have a ggod chance of getting your health anxiety under control. I`m 47 and not sure if what I`m experiencing is only anxiety related or maybe dementia with Lewy Bodies. I find 3 years being in a fog and having lots of other cognitive problems a long time for a spell of anxiety. But then maybe that`s what your body and mind does to you if you worry everyday about your symptoms and google them too.

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