Sensation of internal heat spots in leg

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I have severe health anxiety and have been having every anxiery symtpom possible for the last 4 months. Recently I have developed a new one and it is a spot of warm sensation on the leg that lasts for a few seconds and then goes and comes back. Does anyone else experience this ?

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    Hi Tracy,

    Sorry to hear about this. I have mass health anxiety about having MS... litrally takes over my life the thought but anyway.

    A few months back I went to emergency doctor because I had these bright red spots appearing on my legs. Like blotches, particulalrly around knees they where boiling hot. I thought I have MS and off I went to the doctors in tears.

    My legs where really sore too. He perscribed upping my exercise, i had been doing a lot of mopeing around and I found that walking really helped me.

    I still have about 10000 other things that I worry about but I just wanted to share my experience with you and let you know that it went away with a bit of walking and blasting music in my ears!

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      That is exactly my fear!!! And has been for the past 4 months. I can't get it out of my head. I have been to the dr so many times and they all tell me it's not that but everytime I google a symptom I have it comes up. I have severe health anxiety and it is mostly about ms. Everytime I get a new symptom I google it and sure enough it comes uo somewhere in the search. I have myself convinced to the point I can't eat or do anything. Ever since I started with this severe anxiety episode 4 months ago I have had every symptom possible. I started getting muscle twitches all over my body, tingling, burning arms and sometimes legs when I wake up, and I started having panic attacks. I have had anxiety since I was about 18 and I'm 33 now but ni have never had panic attacks like this until 4 months ago. I didn't know what they were I told my mom to call an ambulance bc something was seriously wrong with me. It would only last 15 minutes or so and then I would a little better. I felt lightheaded weak and faint sweating and like i couldn't beathe. I had to keep taking deeps breaths. I haven't had one in a few weeks but i have constant anxiety I literally lay in bed all day every day and google trying to make myself feel better but it makes me feel worsesad This warm senations just started last week and of course I have been in a panic ever since. It comes in the same spot of my leg everytime it's not hot or red to touch, it just feels like I sat a cup of hot coffee on the outer side of my knee for a few seconds and then it goes. It comes and goes throughout the day lasting only a second. Also 4 months ago I started getting pain in my shoulder which goes across my collar bone down my arm into my hand and little and ring finger my arm feels weak heavy and tired. I went to so many different drs scared to death it was ms and they all tell me it's not that it's bc I am so tense have poor posture and I was holding my shoulder tensed up and sometimes tensed down and it compressed and irritated the nerves or it could be thoracic outlet syndrome. I still worry though bc it's still not better. I'm seeing a chiropractor and he said it takes long for things like this to heal. With all of these other symptoms on top of that I am in severe panic and im so convinced in my mind. I can't take it anymore I don't want to live like thissad do you get any if this symptoms?
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      Oh Tracey you poor love. I seriously think you need to get our of bed. You said that you have just been lying around and that really dosent help things. How about the next time it happens you you get up and go for a brisk 10 minute. Even jog on the spot or something just to get yourself active again. Please don't suffer on your own. Today I decided I am not going to google symptoms. I had never even heard of MS 8 months ago, I can just about say 'scorisis'! I have done this to myself and I am humiliated to admit that. I am seeing a CBT counceler and cant even tell her that this is how it all started when i googled my symptoms because I think she is just going to face palm. She did tell me though that people who have health anxiety only think about getting sick, they dont think about out human ability to cope.

      How have your legs been today?

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      I have got the burning sensation a few times today. It only lasts a couple seconds then goes away but it scares me alot. I google every symptom and ms always comes up somewhere in the search and I am in constant panic. My arm has been in pain and weak for 4 months from my shoulder down to my hand. I was really stressed and I was laying in bed on my phone alot and I have bad posture on top of it and I noticed inwas tensing my als holder up I don't know what to think but nits not getting better. The heat sensation set me over the edge. I can't even cope I've lost 15 lbs since September I have no appetite sad do you get any of the symptoms I mentioned
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    Hi Tracey I'm so glad I read this as I have googled this symptom a million times and convinced myself it's ms for some reason my main symptom when my anxiety flares up is I get this sensation in my outer left thigh then a sort of numb tingle feeling it really winds me up but I have realised recently that it is my anxiety and I know when I calm down it goes away staying in bed will really make your anxiety worse tho
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    I get every symptom imaganible, though my weight has stayed quite consistant. Have you spoken to a doctor about your anxiety?

    Please try and eat something maybe this also could cause you to get these heat spots? Bodies dont react well quick changes in weight. I remeber I thought i was pregnant and I worried myself down to under 5 stone and then my periods stopped. Its not good for you.

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    I'm experiencing the same warm feeling. Are you still struggling with this symptom and have you gotten any answers?

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      Hi get this also for about 5 months now the burning sensation stays while from legs, arms, feet. It's horrible. Never had this until I got off antidepressant zoloft after 12 years. Doc keeps saying it anxiety. Just want to be back to old self.

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    Most doctors and people think anxiety is in the brain but actually most of it comes from out of balanced intestines and stressed adrenal glands! Seek out a holistic OR Functional DO to get proper help. FIRST, do stool testing. ANTIBIOTICS destroy our intestines which hurts our neurotransmitter production for the brain! SECOND, stop eating all processed foods especially sugar, fructoses, or any oses or sweetener! ONLY stevia is safe. THIRD, eat real foods (raw fresh fruit, veggies, meats. TAKE DIGESTIVE enzymes before every meal. DRINK 2 liters of water per day. NO coffee or pop. TOO MANY chemicals. IN OTHER WORDS, reduce all stress on your body. AND BREATHE DEEP several times per day. TAKE MAGNESIUM to calm.

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    **Please read this. You're not alone. You're getting there ! Hang tight!

    This was me 2 months ago

    I have this for almost 3 years now. Constant! 24/7. Multiple tests

    In order to clarify all the confusion that engulfs everyone who is currently suffering from GAD or health anxiety I can safely validate this that as I'm in the process of documenting this post I am experiencing a slight panic attack and breathing difficulty and some sort of discomfort.

    I'm 29 years old. Living in Athens, Greece and 2 years ago I had everything on the tip of my finger.

    I am working for a multinational advertising agency, had pretty much everything I needed in life although I was stressful since birth. A life full of joy, fun and adventure. Friends, lots of women ( please don't mock me there's a reason I'm writing all of this itty bitty info. [cheesygrin] [wink]

    2 years ago I bumped my head in a cabinet, had something of a soft concussion. Nothing extraordinary. 3 days later I woke up with severe clutter headache. A sense of pressure, weight in my forehead, eyes, nose even mouth some days.

    Mind you this was 24/7. No breaks, no early check-outs. 24/7 all day, everyday. For 2 and a half gruesome years. Still standing.

    Mind you again that Greece has highly qualified doctors and medical facilities ranking them amongst the greatests and most efficient in the world.

    My complete medical exams as of now, 2 years and 3 days after, are a mixture of: a CT 3 days after, MRI 15 days after. Both clean. Had a second MRI about two months ago. None.

    4 Blood tests, 2 urine tests, 2 triplex heart tests, 1 lungs CT (obvious reason) 2 exams of gastroscopy, 1 neck x ray, 1 testicles x ray, 4 visits/tests in 3 different neurologists and ONLY 1 VISIT TO A PSYCHOLOGIST/THERAPIST (SHAME SHAME SHAME)

    Along with the feeling of having something terminal (tumour, cancer, plague, divers' disease) I had other symptoms as well. Joint pains, muscle tensions & pain, blurred vision, eye pain, short breath, spastic movement, fear, fatigue, more fear, inability to think, focus, foggy mind, insomnia, derealisation, tremor, armpits pain when touched, numerous digestive issues. And along with all those beautiful feelings I also had oulitis, or inflammation of the gum, common you may think. On the contrary I had been spiting blood and a series of liquids close to the orange colour. These were mainly from the digestion problems I was experiencing. A process called Palindromisis. However I was convinced that I was spitting blood because I had terminal cancer along with the brain tumour related to my cluster/tension headaches. A poor diagnosis in my gum related problem led me to believe that. Just 1 week ago it was confirmed that it was oulitis. Thanks a bunch for the first failed test on me doc.

    Nowadays and 2 years after all this rather uncomfortable situation I had overcome most of my issues and psychosomatic tribulations but a new challenger arrived to claim this poor soul.

    Heart palpitations. I always had them. Big deal I thought. But no. This time of year this was not the case.

    I had experienced a new form of heart palpitations. A more mature one. A newly developed.

    I thought my heart was dying, shutting down as I was feeling a burning sensation in the left part of my chest and neck. Inbalance, fear, this is how it ends right?

    Skipping beats, slow beats, fast paced beats. All this in a crazy run. BY GOD JIM I had the fear of God in me.

    I'm feeling uneasy and I'm currently experiencing palpitations as I write this. I begin this as a sort of self-cleansing but I also though it could help a poor-struggling soul.





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