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For many-many years I have struggled with what most of us in here I guess know of, the ectopic heartbeats.

But lately, I have noticed tht te heart feels more sensitive? By that  I mean, lets say I drive a car. If I drive a stiff car, a car that is not too comfortable, and ride over some bumps in the road. Belive it or not, the bumps are felt in the "hert" or arounbd the heart. Same if I bend over to pick something up from the floor, which will often give me a ectopic beat, if I turn a certain way, etc.

It just feels supersensitive to outer stuff, like the car driving thing. Even playing guitar rapidly, or jogging, it feels like every heavy step that hits the ground, sends a shock through the body (as it does in all people) which in some screwed up way feels uncomfortable in the heart itself.

Does anyone know this, or had it, or heard of it? Makes me not wanna do fun stuff anymore, and actually a bit hestitant to drive because of the discomfort. 

I am 41. Male, and 187 cm tall and very skinny. Lost some weight lately, thinking if maybe the low bodyfat might play a role?

Thanks guys.

(Yes, been checked by crdiologist numerous times for other heartrelated stuff such as arrythmias, ectopics, even did a calciumscore, CT, MRI, etc). January I am beeing hooked up with a R test to see about the ectopics again. But this, its hard to explain to a doc.

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    I understand exactly what you're saying (Take a look at some of my prev. contributions). This confounded organ  seems to have a mind and nervous system  all of its own and behaves badly at random for no apparent cause - simply, one might say, when it 'feels' like it. I've done battle with this temperamental organ for 53 years so believe me I know full well what I'm talking about. To me the biggest challenge remains coping with the anxiety generated by its unpredictable, almost moody, periodically over-excitable behaviour, and to try to change the way in which to react when the unpleasant symptoms arise. Mild sedation may help to take the edge off the anxiety, and I'm in the throes of trying this approach through the use of two or so 2mg diazepam tabs. per day - one in the morning and the other when I go to bed. Not 100 per cent convinced but early days. I have used beta blockers (Atenolol) since 2001 plus, very recently, Flecainide at 100 mg twice daily;again, not fully convinced despite the claims made by the drug. It will often drop a beat when I dare to bend, stretch, even laugh over-zealously at something amusing on tv; so 'on edge' is an excellent description for this enigmatic piece of our anatomy. Just keep plugging away at this. Have a look also at Sanjay Gupta's multiple presentations on YouTube which are 100 per cent guaranteed to give you reassurance. Best regards, Donald



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      Hi Donald. Thanx for replying.

      I read some of the stuff you wrote here, and I can totally relate to the "walking on eggshells" thing. Thats how I feel in periods. Like dont want to step to hard , dont want to muve to fast, or jump around, because I dont wanna provoce the damn thing.

      In Norway, so its night time here. Will reply more tomorrow.


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    Dear Kaj

    Yes i experience this when bending over to pick something up. For me its wind in the thoracic region near the heart. The vagus nerve is also involved my cardiologist told me. I try to reduce any wind to reduce the ectopics. It works to a great degree.

    All the best.

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    I understand too, i ride a motorbike, but it goes crazy then, ive had to cur back on my swimming but i still go regularly.

    Its so annoying, there is no rhyme or reason to it, i get in a certain position they start, clean the car,  the start, paly my guitsr they start, its kinda sucks all the fun out of your life.

    i have gone on flecainide, just a low dose, after having the prob for over 20 years i finally cracked and went on some meds, they do help quite a bit but i stiil get random breakthroughs.

    Also they have stopped me going away on holiday. i wish they would just stop but cant see an end to them.

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    Great to hear that I am not alone in this crap.

    However. Am I the only one that feels that I can alter the heartrythm/rate by touching the area around the heart? I meanits almost like the electrical wiring/nerves have grownt to the outside of the ribs, and are prone to influence the hearts rythm by touch. I see one talking about wind. I also feel like theres is "air in a hose" sometimes, but in the heart area, to the very left of the chest. I cant pinpoint if its from the heart or muscles or air "bubbles" passing a narrow passage. Hard to explain. But picture digestion, when fluid and food pass through some wide and some narrow passages, you feel it. Somewhat like that, just high up at the left side of the ribs...

    I also had almost a panic attack when I found that my heart "stopped" for a second and startet again by "pulling" ribcage out and letting go, like you would do with a ruler on a table to make it vibrate. Luckily, we tried it on my girlfriend, and the same result there. Sooo...that says more of me than the weird thing. I focus so much on this heart crap that its crazy. But it is impossible not to, when you are symptomatic.

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    I feel like my chest is a hollow cavity, with just a heavy heart that is hanging in free space attached by a few veins, swinging around and pulling on those veins.
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