Sepsis from a kidney stone!

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Hello. I had another kidney stone block my ureter on my left side just after Christmas. I went to the hospital A&E with pain and was sent home to come back for a scan in the morning. Had awful night abs was relieved to be going back to hospital in the morning but by that time I was also throwing up. This is my second time having a large stone and I also threw up the time before due to the pain I thought. However THIS time l was diagnosed with SEPSIS! I had no idea a stone could cause this. I was luckily diagnosed early and lots of antibiotics later I was better. Has anyone else had sepsis from a stone? I find it all quite alarming.


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    Sorry to hear your suffering

    With my first stone I had sepsis, was 10mm and lodged in the flesh of the kidney and became infected, this is how I found out I had a stone, had no symptoms prior apart from back ache but I suffer with that anyway so didnt overly worry.l and had a bug week before so I thought so put the other symptoms down to that

    Just found out I have more stones less then 4 months after the last one was blasted and got rid of.

    So soon as I feel but unwel now I'm at gps!

    Having them done hopefully in two weeks!

    Urologist says I have calcifications in my bladder to, great!!

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      Oh noooooo! Yes my kidneys both sides have a lot of stones too. Mine were about the size of yours also. Mine are nestled sweetly in the flesh of the kidney at the mo - doc says fine so long as they stay where they are !! Unfortunately the one at Xmas decided to fall down and block my tube, hence the infection and pain!

      I'm a lot better now thanks and no stent in now the post surgery two weeks are up!

      What a pallava it all is!! But so glad they can help us in the hospitals! 😊👍🏻

      Hope you stay well and let's hope the stones behave for both of us ! Will they do anything for the bladder ones ??! I don't have any experience of bladder ones.

      Angie 🌸

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      Had stent for 6 weeks with last one, then they blasted it and another stent for a week.

      Was in agony from the minute first stent went in til the last one was taken out.

      Really knocked me around because I hadnt really suffered with them til then so I thought!

      This time he stones are smaller and I'm having regular renal colic flair ups almost every other day.

      Just doesnt make sense?

      Having couple of rounds of eswl this time to hopefully bypass the stents and the length of recovery time I had last time.

      He says I need to double the fluid intake ( which I have already to the recommended amount we should for stone sufferes) to see if that will break them down and flush out if not he will see how they grow

      Not aware of pain from them, only know they r there because of the ct scan detected them

      Between them and the gall stones I reckon my body's trying to gravel my driveway 😳😂

      Hoping your feeling better soon x x

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      Lol!! I know exactly what you mean !! Then stents can be excruciating and the whole thing is a huge drain on you (pardon the pun!!) both emotionally and physically!! I was so not happy unless I was warm and sitting down on my sofa. I tried to do shopping in the city with the stone and stent in and wow did I pay for it that eve !!! I was so pleased that I managed to slowly go to a few shops tho !!

      I will enter that pin no ..... (staggers to til...) 😂

      Yes my other stones don't give me any pain much at all - just the occasional ache I spose.

      Mine were analysed and came out as calcium phosphate not oxalate and mine were likely formed by a hormone imbalance caused by my parathyroids. I've had those operated on; so now fingers crossed I shouldn't be making any new ones - it's just the old ones to worry about still in there !!

      Did you get yours analysed for composition??

      I really hope you keep well from now on too!

      All the best

      Angie 🌸🌸🌸

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    Hi Angela. Yes! I hav had sepsis from a stone two times in the last year. Last October I had a kidney stone attack and passed a large stone. That evening I started feeling like I had the flu. Next day a ct scan was done and showed another stone blocking. I needed up in the hospital two nights with iv antibiotics bc I had went septic. And again, just a few days ago, I got out of hospital after being there 5 days for being septic again. Another stone was blocking and had to hav a stent placedZ this time I had to b sent home for two weeks with continuous iv antibiotics. Just got my PICC line out yesterday! So I feel ur pain! I do not want to go through that again but I really don't know how to prevent it. I've had stones for 20 years and never has this happened before. I'm 43. 

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      Oh Stephanie! I really hope you don't have to go through that again! Me too actually! My last stone and sepsis was end of December / beginning of this year; so I'm really hoping this New Year I can celebrate, and enjoy the holidays; unlike last year! 

      Good luck to you! 

      Angie. 🙏🏻🍀🍀🍀🌸🌸🌸

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    Thank u! And yes, I hope we both are able to enjoy the holidays! By the way, have they ever told u why u make stones? Mine are made of calcium oxalate. I actually quit drinking sweet tea last year when I had all the trouble and didn't make any new ones this year.  One of the old stones decided to move.  I think some of mine are hereditary though. My dad has had them and so has my grandpa.

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      Hi Stephanie, how funny my consultant's secretary called today. They want me to do more tests as it seems I'm still making stones! Showed up on ultrasound unfortunately. My stones were thought to be hormonal due to a calcium imbalance caused by faulty parathyroid. I had the neck op but I'm now not sure it's worked to stop it. My stones are calcium phosphate. Oh well. Onwards with the investigations!! 

      Ah yes they could be hereditary too. 

      I'm also in my 40's by the way. Forgot to say to you last time. 

      All the best - I'll keep my Voltarol handy then! 😆

      Keep each other posted! 


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    I had a 7.7cm stone in July... I went 4 weeks with back pain... took advil and went on... July 1 I went sepsis... I was put in an induced coma for 11 days.  I had to learn to walk and roll over..lift my hands etc... couldn't do anything for myself.  I had no idea how I got to the hospital... nothing.

    Worse experience in my life... but I'm here... at 50.  Which I turned 2  days after coming out of my coma.  The doctors were great... I felt like a prodigy or something.  They said I was very young to have experienced it.

    I thank God I'm still here... they told my boyfriend I had about 12 hrs to live, and was glad he made me go to the hospital.

    Still have leg muscle issues... getting up and down... but I walk fine once I get going... One good thing... is I slept through the craving of stop smoking...  Was a new smoker anyway... wish I never started.. 

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      Oh my goodness. I don't know what to say. I just read all the posts here, and I feel so sorry for each one of you, for having to go through what you did. I'm in my mid 70's, and had my first kidney stone a few months ago. During 2nd surgery in December, doctor was able to blast it into a powder. I never knew a person could get sepsis from a kidney stone. That is really very scary.  

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