Serious heart anxiety!

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I've been suffering debilitating anxiety for 7 months now and despite having CBT, it's getting worse!

I've had ECG's and blood work done in A&E and by a paramedic who came out to me and all was normal but I can't shake this absolute terror that there's something terribly wrong with my heart and that I'm about to die!

I'm 30 years old. I don't smoke, don't drink, don't have diabetes, I'm not overweight and there's no family history of heart disease but I keep reading all this crazy stuff on google about young people randomly having heart attacks and aneurysms and I'm terrified that it'll happen to me. So much so, I can't even leave the house!

I just don't know how to break the cycle! A year ago I had no health concerns at all and was living a normal life! Now I spend 90% of my time laying on my bed in tears!

Sometimes I manage to convince myself it's "just" anxiety but most days I'm convinced the indigestion, bloating, heart flutters etc are a sign of something really sinister!

Does anyone else feel like this? Or has anyone ever felt like this before and can tell me how to break the cycle!

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    Hi annie

    im pretty much in the same situation and i never thought for one moment that anxiety could be this bad. The physical symptoms are so scary that somedays its easier just to stay in bed. I am on no meds as they effect my blood pressure so im struggling through with CBT. Although my therapist is fantastic, i am quite a head strong person so i dont always do what i am advised. However she gave me some great techniques. Because when your anxious your body floods with adreneline, the best advise is to use it up. I go for a walk with my headphones on or do heavy house work when im starting to feel any symptoms coming on. i try to work through it and know that im not going to die when my heart pounds and just keep moving and focusing on things i need to do. I also make a list everyday, as i know what i need to get done and this spurs me to get up and do things as it is easier to sit, dwell and do nothing. I still have my bad days, but the more good days you can sneak in the better you will feel. Dont fight the anxiety as it will make it feel worse. i hope this helps a little and good luck to you smile

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    Preoccupation with suffering a disease or having an illness is awful.  It's the worst kind of panic and anxiety one can have becuase we're always with ourselves and we can always be aware of every little bodily sensation. Then we interpret it as something indicating a deadly disease.  I found that after a time this just stopped.  When I realized that the worst thing that can happen is that I die.  Once I accepted dying as the result of a deadly disease I worked on overcoming fear of death.  Once I was no longer afraid to die I no longer became afraid of disease.  I moved on from it.  It was the only way for me.
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    Hi, I'm new to this site but been looking for similar answers, I keep thinking that every little ache or pain is going to kill me. I currently have a headache that I've spoken to doctor about and told that it's normal yet I still can't help feeling i won't wake up!

    I'm 29 and have only felt like this since I've had children but it's getting worse and putting pressure on my marriage. I tell my husband of every niggle so if I do drop dead he has an idea on what to tell Drs etc! I feel pathetic sometimes but can't seem to get past it. I am being referred to anxiety specialists however that doesn't seem to help! 

    Im really interested in how you are coping with everyday as I dread going to bed as I feel I might not wake up! Thus making current headache worse!


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    I'm experiencing exactly what you are. I'm 19 years old, female, overweight but no family history of any heart problems. The problems we do have are diabetes (which I don't have), stroke and high blood pressure (I don't have also). My anxiety started in April and I can't find the trigger to it. I believe it was indigestion that made my heart racy, which lead to a panic attacks. It comes and goes, but when it comes it STRONG. I just saw my doctor and told her everything (I wrote everything down and gave her my notes). She told me that I was too young and not at risk for a heart attack based on my previous health documentations and family health. Sadly I don't believe her and I freak out about every little ache and pain that I get. It happens in my chest, neck, arm, back, shouldered I fresk out. I went to the ER recently for shoulder blade pain and they did a xray but said everything was fine. My doc is doing the blood work and when I see her next week I wants her to do some other test like ECG/EKG, MRI, CT scan. I want to be close to positive that everything is ok. It will put my mind at ease for a little bit. She wants me to see a psychologist and I don't mind. Its 1am right now and all day at work I was freaking out about my heart checking my pulse every second etc. I can't sleep because of this. Its driving everyone in my family crazy because I'm crying and worrying like every night and day.

    I have panic attacks too so I don't wanna confuse with a heart attack yet I don't want to dismiss it if it isn't a panic attack so it's hard. I read every thing about heart attacks (articles, research, experiences etc) so much that It makes me more worried.

    I just hope that all of us suffering find some relief and cure in the near future because I know it messes with daily function and life.

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