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So I think I started a pity party discussion not to long ago. So this is my story in a nutshell.

1. Was done with menopause at 52. Don't know when I officially stopped because I was on the pill. Plus I had to have my gall bladder out at the same time.

2. Had balance issues, cognitive issues, digestive issues, dryness, severe anxiety, weight gain, etc.

3. Been on HRT but that didn't fix much. Thyroid tests good. Started to realize that progesterone make me feel lousy.

4. Tried to go off hormones 3 times in the last year but my life came to a stand still.

5. Found out that my uterine fibroid tumor doubled in size and my doctor keeps asking me do I want to take my uterus out so I can just take estrogen. My answer is no and I can ultrasound the tumor out but he's concerned with cancer.

6. Was over joyed that my uterine lining is thin and my mammogram was good but then the other shoe dropped.

7. I have osteopenia which can turn into osteoporosis. The nurse who called said it isn't that big of a deal but my bone density when from normal to this in 4 years. My mom and my grandma had osteopenia. I tried just 2mg of progesterone cream about 4 days ago and I got so edgy I could have hit someone.

8. Oh and I don't seem to be able to tolerate Vitamin D supplements. They make me feel lousy and dry.

I went to a nutritionist today and we went over several foods that might make my situation a little better and I am going to order the genetic testing from the site 123 along with the ancestry part because right now I am spitting in the wind. Oh and every time I do down on my HRT my body temperature get cold. I haven't slept 8 hours in 10 years and it is wearing on me at 57. I feel like a fruit fly. 

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    I meant so say my mom and grandma had osteoporosis
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    Why do you not want your uterus out? I still have my ovaries but I had fibroids also and couldn’t take the discomfort. I felt my uterus was pressing on something incorrectly and it wasmy bladder. Two organs attached with scar tissue from c-sections.  It was a godsend. Ablation was attempted but it only last two years and now we know there was another reason for the pain. I take sublingual D3 w K2 as I was malabsorption from gluten. Hormones test normal but I have hypothyroidism since 30 and I’m 51.  Fatigue is a daily challenge and I’m working on that but it comes with hypothyroidism.  Sinusitis is my main issue at the moment. Allergies seem to control my life.  Prayers you find solutions. 🦋

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      Hi sideways,

      I am pretty much in same boat you are.  Had uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix removed 2 1/2 years ago due to multiple fibroids, endometriosis and one Fallopian tube and part of uterus was attached to my bowel with scar tissue from emergency C-section in 1986.  I had extremely painful periods for years and bad IBS pain and symptoms which I now know were due to the endometriosis on my bowel being affected with changing hormones.  I also felt like there was a pulling, heaviness in my pelvic area and pressure on my bladder causing me to leak every time I coughed or sneezed.  Since my hysterectomy all of those symptoms are gone and it was amazing to immediately feel lighter in my pelvic area.  The bladder issue is 80% better so I know that uterus was pressing on it.  My hormone levels declined as my ovaries fought their final fight as they slowly died without nourishment from my uterus.  But at least it was a gradual decline....and that was bad enough!  I could never have survived a sudden menopause!  I can’t takr HRT due to hypertension since age of 22.  RIght now erosive gastritis is my major issue, which I think is due to thinning of stomach lining because of drop in estrogen.  Fatigue and some night hot flashes are also present.  I’m 57 and had regular periods until the age of 53 and then every few months until my hysterectomy.  I also have hypothyroidism since about age 48, which is under control.  I am gluten sensitive and try to eat very clean due to stomach issues.  Because of the gastritis vitamin supplements and most medications irritate my stomach.  My vitamin D level was 20 about 6months ago and am working to get it up.  Tried Vitamin D3 drops sublingual from January to April but only raised level to 23.  Vitamin D3 pills make my stomach hurt and burn so can’t take them.  I have been taking sublingual D3 tablets, 5,000iu for 2 months now with a vitamin K2 (mk-4) sublingual tab as well.  Can you tell me  the brand of the Vit D/K that you take?  I’d love to find one as a combo of both.  Thank you.🙂

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      For me I just feel like it will set me back. May not sound rational but since I lost my appendix and gall bladder my life has changed for the worse. The thought of removing another organ that doesn't have to be removed at this point just isn't in. I wish I could take supplement D but I react poorly to it. Yesterday I sat in the sun and took a walk. I honestly think I have a thyroid problem like my mom but the numbers just don't add up.

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      The heaviness in my pelvic region was my first hint to my gall bladder problem. I think going on birth control pills at 27 saved me from a lot of further damage and I was able to have a baby at 38. My daughter has the same bad periods. I don't think birth control is the perfect fix but it was the only thing available at the time and really still.  The big misery has been the constipation which I never had before ever in my life. I went from having bowel movements 3 to 4 times a day to none. Even if I empty in the morning I just bloat up as the day goes. It disturbs my sleep too. Vitamin D supplements seem to dry me out including my stomach.

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    thanks for everyone's responses. While I don't wish anyone to go what I am going through I feel that I am not going this alone. I met a woman in my meetup group who is going through thyroid issues. I would have never known it because she just looks happy. She told me what was going on. We talked a bit about our health issues then moved on to how does one date at 50 and where are all the men. The median age in our area is 28 to 30 depending where one lives. I would date younger but not that much younger. Any way I hope everyone figures out what works best for them and that we find the professionals and non professionals who can give us some help. 

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