Sertraline 50 mg to 100mg in one week

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Hi all, just new here. I started Sertraline a week ago 19/06/18 on 50mg for anxiety and depression, i had no real side effects apart from tiredness and fuzzy head, after 4 days i upped my dose to 100mg, still no bad side effects, just generally lethargic and increased appetite which is actually OK, feel like Ive had a couple of glasses of wine lol. but i actually am sleeping better and have a slight uplift in mood, still don't really want to leave the house, but am more comfortable with that at the moment anyway. I decided what the hell, im just gonna stay home and relax and take time for me for a little while and not feel guilty about it, till i feel better, im hopping side effects will diminish, but i feel better than i did and the side affects are minimal, just don't know if Ive upped my dose to quickly. I take it in the morning, as it gives me bad dreams at night, still get vivid dreams but not as bad as the were when taking at night. but means im a bit zonked all day. but good results so far.

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    by the way the brand name im taking us Serlan, i don't know if that makes any difference and also im only sleeping 4/5 hours a night but thats better than before, and im not waking up in a panic like i used too, i hope it gets better, i still feel anxious during the day but if i can detract myself it passes, still don't want to see talk or meet anyone tho, so just hopping that will get better once it properly kicks in, is this normal? spend all my time alone, watching bad tv shows lol. but again, i feel like its doing me some good, and im a lot better than i was a few weeks ago before i started taking it, have tried other anti depressants in the past 20 yrs and they all made me really sick, this seams to be OK tho.

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    Ive been taking Zoloft about a month now. I just went from 50 to 75 a few days ago. I’m having the shakes and the head fuzzies myself. I still have to go to work and be a mom though so it’s been rough. I wish I could just relax and start to feel better. I’ve had some dark thoughts just thinking about religion and death and getting myself so worked up and panicky. I’m hoping to feel like myself again soon! 
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      Im so sorry i understand, i am lucky at the moment, im not long out of hospital from a heart op, so ive been singed of work for a while, so im luckily in the position i have the time to get through this without having to deal with the normal stresses of life. I hope it gets better for you, im sorry you are finding it tough, i do know what its like, theres no way i could do what you are doing while going through this, it does show how strong you really are tho. let me know you get on. My doctor gave me some diazipan which helped me when my intrusive thoughts were coming on, but only a short course of them 20, and wont give me anymore. they did help the panic tho. keep in touch
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    I would give the 100mg time to settle before upping your dose. Enjoy lying around and doing nowt! This is normally a very slow working drug but it sounds like you are doing well. Good luck and keep posting


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      Thanks for the advice, i spoke with my doctor and he said it should be ok but not to up it again for a while, like you said give it time to work. I do feel kinda panicky and anxious most of the day and head fuzzy, don't feel i can go outside and interact with the world at the moment, but i do feel the sert is helping and i do feel calmer within myself. one of the main things for me, is i am amazed that im having no bad side effects,that in itself gives me hope.

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      It seems to affect different people in different ways. It seems to exaggerate anxiety at first. In fact it seems to make your original symptoms worse before you get better. A lot of people give up cos they feel so cr*p but it's well worth keeping going my opinion.

      I started on 25mg just before Christmas for 10 days and have gone up at 25mg a time until I've reached 150mg. I can quite honestly say I've had every side effect it could throw at me except sickness and depression. But I kept going. I was off work for 8 months and have gone back this week.

      I couldn't leave the house. I was sinking onto the floor with exhaustion. I could even do simple housework or cook or anything.

      Sertraline has saved my life.

      I have gradually got better with every increase.

      I'm 99% back to my old self. Got tinnitus now though but I'd rather that than panic attacks!!.

      Good luck and keep reading and posting on this forum. There are some good people on here who all know about anxiety. No one can understand it unless they've experienced it.

      Watch some old comedy ..Absolutely Fabulous is brilliant and the Vicar of Dibley..laughing and crying are good for you. I found it hard to do either to be honest.

      Anyway take care


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      thanks for the reply, it really helps, im just new on this drug, and as i said the sedation effect is OK it kinda keeps me calm, but im extremely sad all the time and i live by myself with no close friends or family around, even going to do my shopping freaks me out, i sneak out early in the morning to go to shops so i don't have to see anyone, lol, sounds crazy i know! i used to be very sociable and out going but now i just want to hide,, anxiety has increased a bit since starting sert, but weirdly feel calmer at the same time as long as i dont have to go out or talk to anyone, im hoping this is just the side effect of the sert and these feelings will pass, bit shaky and nervous but not as low as i was, this is only week one tho, so will see how it goes, the doc gave me diazipan which helped with the panic attacks , but only gave me a short course 20 5mg which ive used up and hes not keen to give me more, which i understand, so the panic is coming back, a glass of wine instead tho seems to help, but i don't wont to go down that road. but i must admit as i said before, i do feel better than i did a bit more positive, so something is working, and no physical side effects as such. Thanks for the advice tho, i feel very alone with all this and its all new to me . take care and thanks again G.

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      P.s my libido seems to have gone down, since starting sert, will this just be a temporary side effect?? Have taken your advice tho, and started the red dwarf box set. Thanks again, it feels good to not feel so alone with this.
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      I think you are doing well to go out to the shops at all. I didn't leave the house for months. I thought I was going to get agoraphobia but I slowly ventured out more.

      If you don't want to go shopping order home delivery..sod it..You will soonfeel up to going out again. As far as diminishing libido ..I think this is fairly common on sertraline but I don't know how long it lasts

      Good luck and keep posting


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      Thanks. Yeah didn't want to go shopping but have to need food, lol, good idea about ordering online tho, but i suppose even if i don't like it its probably good for me to get out and face my fears. Not to worried about the libido thing, im single at the moment anyway, and probably just feeling messed up on the meds and with the anxiety and depression, im sure that is affecting that part of me, was just something i noticed since starting the sertraline, Thank you so very much for your reply it really means a great deal to me. All the best G

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