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Iv bee on sertraline 25mg for 31days now and for the past 4 days iv not

felt to good. Nauseous. Dizzy. Feeling I'm burning up. Jittery.

I'm not really feeling anxious or deppressed just really out of sorts.

Has anyone else felt like this on nearly week 6.

Thought the side effects would have gone by now.

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    Hi Julie, yes, these are normal side effects. I restarted on this med on Nov 19 and even as of last night, I was experiencing ringing in my ears for a brief period. And so, the side effects come and go. But hang in there, with side effects do subside in intensity. And even when it comes back, it doesn’t stay long. Also, you are getting better. It seems like you are a bit numb and this is the stage before you feel better.
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      Thank you for the reply.

      Also forgot to mention that my arms and legs feel like they

      don't belong to me, ( sounds strange ano. ) tingling/ numbness

      Feeling very weepy today too. My partners is away again with

      work, and when I'm a loan I think iv got every illness going

      So feeling sorry for myself

      What other symptoms do you get.

      Sounds like your nearly though to the other side.

      Pleased for you, it's no mean feat starting on these.

      I was on prozac years ago and I carnt remember feeling like


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      Julie, I am on the other side, or back to the Land of the Living. I have had untreated childhood OCD that blossomed to full-blown OCD, anxiety, GAD, depression and panic attacks in adulthood, so having survived this illness for so long I guess I’ve perhaps gained a bit more insight into it. I have had all sorts of side effects that would take me forever to go into and I am at work. I don’t know if it was you or someone who mentioned they get rashes on this med but I did get rashes from this med, too. I even had strange teeny tiny pimples (almost like hives) on my right hand in Dec but they didn’t itch and went away. I guess I was ready for God to take me home then so I didn’t care about the rashes. I still have some small white blotches on my skin (legs) and I never had this before. You only see them when you look closely and they don’t bother me. I used to be like you in that I thought I had a new illness or disorder with each new side effect. On New Year’s 2005 my left leg wouldn’t stop shaking and I went to ER with my husband, and he was right, it turned out to be nothing and they shot me up with Ativan and gave me 1mg Ativan to take home. Then I slept and work up fine. One of my previous OCD fears was contacting an illness and dying from it, but I recognize these thoughts as intrusive thoughts when I get them, so I don’t argue with them – it’s much easier to dismiss their intrusions now that I’m on this med. So hang in there. It WILL get better, I promise you. Getting side effects mean you are responsive to the med. Stay strong but be gentle with yourself. Xx
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      Yes it was me with the Rash, I'm dealing with that with cream.

      Sounds like you've had a rough time over the years.

      But we must have strenghth in us to ask for help.

      I spent 6 month looking up my symptoms and I had everything

      going. I was on medication for acid reflux and anxiety made that worse, my bp was all over the place I was crying all the time.

      I was seeing my GP every other week because I couldn't get to

      bottom of all my symptoms. And i was feeling so poorlyHe basically gave up in the end.

      I took myself off the lansoprosole and beta blockers which he

      Gave me to slow my rapid heart beat down,which then was making me faint because my bp went to low.

      With a clean slate off medication after a few weeks went back

      saw a very understanding lady doctor, did a load of test, some

      came back borderline, I broke down and said I needed help

      She asked me questions and suggested going on medication

      for anxiety and depression. I think the build up of stress over the years have caught up with me, my partner dieing of cancer at 54.

      Mum dieing suddenly at 60, dad having a heart attack at 60 then a stroke at 65, both my boys at a year apart was in hospital with

      Collapsed lungs. I have a very loving understanding partner in my

      life and I feel lucky I have him. I just want to enjoy our future

      together without feeling yuk. This forum and yourself have been

      a great help. Thank you xx

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      You’re most welcome, Julie. I too had acid reflux – I am also convinced this is caused by sertraline and/or anxiety because I never had it before. It’s under control right now, but when I get more stressed, I burped more. A doc told me it’s because when you are anxious you breathe more and swallow more air. I guess it makes sense. Also, you may not need the cream – the rash eventually ran away. There’s only advice I can give you – stay calm and carry on. Whenever I think I can’t go on, I remember Beckett’s saying: “I can’t go on; I go on.” You can do this. It will get better. You’re most welcome.
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      Will keep you posted on how I'm doing.

      Hope you do the same. Take care and catch up soon x

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