Sertraline and anger #2

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This has been discussed before, but the conversation has been locked as it was long ago.

I need help. My psychiatrist had me on Sertraline for a massive amount of time, about 20 years, for major depression and anxiety. I kept telling her it wasn't working. Her response was to up the dose. At the worst I was on a massive 600mg/day !!! for about 2 years. 4 years ago I slowly titrated myself off and gave this "expert" the flick. I still suffer from rage outbursts. So uncharacteristic as I was always so mild mannered and tolerant. These outbursts are (understandably) having a huge negative effect on my marriage and relationships. Sometimes I think the world would be better off without me because of how I am now. Please help. But please do not tell me to see another psychiatrist. I despise them because of the way this woman has ruined my like.

Has this happened to you? What have you done? Who can I get help from to overcome this?

Thank you.

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    600 mg a day ????    What kind of nut doctor would have you on such a high dose ???? I question if you have a lithium deficiency?!  My niece has HORRIBLE, fits of rage and sure enough she had a lithium deficiency!   It is not uncommon . I would certainly look into this . It helped my niece so much !!!   My husband had a friend in school who’s mother had this too . She tried to stab her own son with a butter knife . She could not help it . They put her in the hosp .  After test after test , sure enough ..   google search it !!   We are here for you !!!    
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      Hello Debbie. Amongst then plethora of drugs this psychiatrist experimented with, lithium was one. It made me very, very unwell. So no, it's not for me. Plus, I had ZERO anger issues prior to coming off the sertraline. All is related to the sertraline. I had no anger issues before this and before being treated by this psychiatrist for major depression.

      BTW, I've replied to your other post. I too am tiny, weighing in at only 47kg (103.6 lbs. I live in Australia and we use kgs here). I'm not violent and never have been. It's only since ceasing the massive 600mg/day of sertraline that my tolerance has lowered markedly and my rage has increased at the drop of a hat. Not me and not normal. I'm relying on neuroplasticity to hopefully remould my brain back to the pleasant, docile wee person I used to be. I just hope my marriage lasts the distance. My husband understands, but it's still tough on him.

      I obtained some case notes from this doctor after many, many attempts. She was reluctant to do so. Finally they came...heavily culled. BUT I have included an excerpt (photo attached) where, in the process of upping my does to 600mg/day sertraline, she had me on 500mg/day sertraline PLUS 125mg/day amitriptyline AT THE SAME TIME!!!. The maximum adult dose for amitriptyline is 150mg/day with the average being 50-100mg/day. Remember I'm only 107lbs. 

      She has shredded all notes older than 7 years old (the statutory limitation here in Australia). My official complaint about this malpracticing doctor was that my case was dismissed. She was a member of the board and has friends on the board. She has had no reprisals whatsoever and she continues to practise.

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    Apologies for spelling/grammatical errors above:

    ...Amongst then plethora of drugs should be -  Amongst the plethora of drugs.

    ...Remember I'm only 107lbs. should be -  Remember I'm only 104lbs. 

    ?Should have checked more carefully. I do not know how to edit a post on this forum.

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    Sounds like you have been totally mismanaged. 600mg Sertraline is a massive dose! You are right to take the situation into your own hands. I would advise the following: when you feel rage you need to get this out of your system. Exercise is the only way even if it just a walk. You need to look after yourself- good food and low/no alcohol. Good sleep.

    Like you I trusted the medical profession but I have lost so much faith. Medication is handed out without any responsibility and no concern for side effects and withdrawal. I am currently suffering horrendous withdrawal from Sertraline. After 13 days off the med I feel ill. 

    I am determined not to go back on this med as I hated the side effects and don’t think it helped. I suffered from insomnia and some anxiety. I was not depressed. Keep in touch as this forum is very helpful for all of us treated like laboratory animals by the medical profession.👍

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      Oh Lynn, I am so sorry to read you are suffering. I hope the withdrawal side effects banish promptly. Take it easy (if you can). I agree with you about exercise. I was an elite athlete for most of my life, only recently diminishing what I did as I am now aging (I'm nearly 62 years old). So exercise has always been an important part of my life. I no longer cycle 100's of miles a day, but I do jog on occasion and walk frequently.

      One thing I am trying which might help you is St John's Wort. It's meant to have a mild anti-depressant/anti-anxiety effect. The only side effect I know of is an increase in photosensitivity - something I need to guard against in Australia, maybe not such an issue in the U.K (I'm a Brit ex-pat, so am au fait with the different climate extremes). I have been on St John's Wort for about one year and I would recommend it. But perhaps first check with your G.P to see if it would suit you?

      Yes, I have been dreadfully mismanaged. That I have absolutely no comeback from the inherent damage is criminal IMHO. So too the obscene way this woman (the psychiatrist) is protecting herself against any reproach. Case notes have been shredded, my only avenue of dispute has been dismissed (she is a board member and has friends/colleagues on same). She seems to care about herself and her reputation over the well-being of her patients. If she's done this to me, how many more have suffered the consequences of her mismanagement?

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      Hi again

      We are similar ages, I’m 58. I also exercise regularly but the AD withdrawal is awful. How does your head feel? Do you have head fog and other cognitive symptoms? I would feel ok other than the head fog and nausea.

      My sleep has improved but I am not feeling better in my head.

      I will think about St. John’s wort but I want to continue coming down from the AD withdrawal before trying something else. 

      Have you had any neurological tests?

      Ps I love Australia. 

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      Hello again Lynn,

      My head fog wasn't too bad. I got “zaps” more than fog. The jaw clenching was bad as was the increase in anxiety, bordering on panic attacks. But what trumped the lot was the extreme night sweats, like someone tipped a bucket of water on me each night. Consequently, the sheets needed changing daily. A lot of work whilst I was feeling dreadful.

      I know it's lame, but what about camomile tea? I don't tend to believe in herbal remedies, but I did find it soothing at night. Whether that was just the placebo effect I'll never be quite sure.

      I think you're wise to be 100% AD free before embarking on St John's Wort.

      I do feel for you. Only those who have gone through it can really understand.

      Yes, Australia is a great place. Each state/territory is markedly different, so there's lots of variety. We did live in South Australia for a long time, a really pretty state. Now we're in Canberra, ACT due to my husband's work. Let's say I'm still adjusting to the move wink. My husband hails from Sydney, a wonderfully dynamic state with energy and a pulse.

      ?All the best with it my dear.

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      Ooops...apologies. I failed to fully answer your queries Lynn.

      No, I have not had any neurological testing done. But I should say I was in the medical field for over 30 years (radiology) and my husband is still employed in this field, so I guess I've got 1st hand advice at home. Lucky me, I know. 

      As for cognitive issues, my memory was affected quite badly. At first I blamed the menopause. But now I've been AD free for 4 years, I realise a LOT was because of the effect of the sertraline. My memory has improved, but I'm still a middle-aged woman, so I have my moments smile . But my memory has definitely improved since stopping the sertraline.

      ?Hope this helps smile.

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    I am sorry for your bad experience. Generally, AD were meant to be taken for not longer than 2 years. Nowadays the doctors prescribe it for a long long time period .I talked to a couple of friends whose relatives suffered depression and anxiety for years. They said it's a 30% chance that the first drug you've been prescribed would help. they tried different ADs and if that did not work for them, the doctors prescribed a combination of 2 different drugs. It's a long journey. I wish you luck!

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      Hello Alexandra. Yes, I know some people who have been medicated for a couple of decades or more.

      In your previous post I read that you are new to AD's. I hope your experience is better than mine has been. Some people are okay after a few months and then they never need to be prescribed AD's again. Not all doctors treat their patients like experimental Guinea pigs.

      Take care.

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