Sertraline for depression

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Hi, I have been suffering from depression for a while and Sertraline is my 3rd antidepressant. I was on Mirtazepine for 3 months and it made my condition worse, then Venlafaxine but it gave me a very bad constant tinnitus and had no energy at all.I am now on SERTRALINE 50. I started 3 weeks ago. It has already helped with my back pain and has given me more energy. I was wondering how long does it take to have better/good days on SERT? I really want it to work as I need to get better and live normal life...

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    I started to feel better at 4 1/2 weeks, its an amazing drug, it saved my life.

    Just keep at it, you will have patches through out the day where you feel fine, those patches will come more often and last longer.

    Other people will tend to notice you getting better before you do.

    I promise you will get your life back at it will be normal again.

    Most importantly look after your self, have a good routine that keeps you relaxed, especialy bed time and waking up times, try and walk in nature, see people, distract your self with tv, but nothing too intense, comedy is good and cartoons, also try adult colouring books.

    The one thing you must not do is give up, i always used to think of all the things i would do once im well again, all the little things in life will make you smile.

    God bless x

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      Thank you x I have been depressed for 6 months as 2 other drugs didn't really help a lot or made me worse in some ways. sertraline is my last chance and 3rd time lucky I hope. My sleep is not great yet as I am still on Venlafaxine and reducing it slowly.

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      Were you really depressed? no enjoyment, no interest in things? What dose are you on?

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      Yes i was suicidal, i could nit get the sad feeling out of me, it was so awful, ill never forget that time in my life, i thought i would never be happy again.

      I got through it with prayer and meds, i was only ever on 50mg .

      Im off it now.

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      I was on 50 mg , i dont take anything anymore.

      I dont know why my last reply to ala is being monitored ? But i was not just sad i was suicidal i never thought i would be normal like i saw other people around me.

      It took a good 6 months to be 99% my self and another 6 months to get used to being normal again. Take each day at a time, do kind things for others, i helped out in a homless shelter for a day, this i think helped a lot, but i couldnt of done it untill i was at least 70% ok and well.

      Im going to write a post soon about my experience, i want people to know they are nit alone, and everyone can get better, it just takes different amount of time for each individual, and a different dose or type of med. Once you recover from depression, you will see it as a type of blessing in the end, as you learn about whats really important in life.

      God bless you all and plz keep up the fight, and i know it can seem like your fighting for ur life, and you will win. X

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      That's really good! Sert is my 3rd med since May. I was on Mirtazepine, Venlafaxine (still on it but reducing). Sert is the only one giving me energy, does not stimulate my appetite or knocks me out so I sleep... I really believe it will help with my mood.... Can't wait to feel 70%! It's been my 3rd week on 50. All side effects have gone by now. My doc would like to up my dose to 100 once I have been on SERT for a month because I have been unwell for 6 months... so scary... thank you for your positive post!!! xx

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      HI did you get many side effects at all, I am on Citalopram it doesn't feel as thought it is working for my anxiety at all, still won't carm me down, did sertaline make you sweat at all, or shake or bad dreams thank you

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      Hi, I have also been on Venlafaxine since I strated SERT so I think it helped with experiencing some side effects. I had waves of anxiety for the first week but now I am ok. I also managed to fall asleep on my own for the past 2 nights without any antihistamine tablet. I hoping SERT will improve my mood too. I dream a lot but you will on antidepressants. I don't really think about them as long as I can sleep.

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      Listen to your body, you know it better than any dr.

      If at 6 weeks you feel a lot better and thungs are improving dont go up the dose.

      But if you feel that youre still struggking then go up but only by about 25mg, so you will be in 75mg, and so on, i wouldn't reccomend jujumping straight to 100mg.

      Always happy to help and give my opinion.

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    there's a zoloft support group on facebook that is of great help!! give it about 8 weeks, you will feel way better.

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      Hi, yes, I have joined that group and it's very helpful. Thank you x

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