Sertraline increase despite hypo manic symptoms

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Hi I've had these symptoms since last Thursday

Amazing happiness

Can't keep still/had to pace

Finding things hilarious


Singing everything

Talking out loud when alone/answering my own questions

Wanting to jump about

Very confident

Thinking I was indestructible

Racing thoughts

Having to talk to people

Became loud and imagining I needed a microphone to get heard

Trouble sleeping

This was for two days then


Feeling sad

Feeling happy

Had to get agitation and pent up energy out by getting on hands and knees and scrubbing kitchen floor

Aching legs from more fidgeting

Tired but can't sleep as much


Everything looked brighter and clearer

Noises seemed louder and annoying

Seeing things out of corner of my eye

Jumpy and sounds

Sad feeling while watching a film with my son and innocent people got killed I thought what's the point in life

Feeling like I could jump off the roof or walk into traffic and not get hurt because I feel that great

Feeling sick

Slight paranoid thoughts

Gritting teeth

I went to my gp surgery and told him that I'm getting these symptoms since they upped my medication and his response was to up it to 150mg and refer me to social services because of my symptoms! I'm confused with it and agitated and sad about it all x

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    Hi Clancy GPs R not specialized U need to b under a mental health team the gp can refer U but these tablets R I think making U manic I don't no if U have a diagnosis but please get to the doctor ASAP and a different one im at the other end im severely depressed UR gp should no better and I think increasing them more will make U worse u need to n reduced off these and u need to c a mental health Doctor a psychiatrist who knows exactly wot they R doing, have U been assessed? Wot was the reason for going on these R they anti depressants? I hope U get this sorted it's so hit and miss with medication but wen u r clearly telling the GP they R making U worse and he seems to think increasing them or social services will help he has no clue IVE been under mental health for 20 years and im no doctor but IVE also worked and spent a lot of my life with ppl of all types of mental health issues, don't let the doctor push U away or into increasing the dose if they R making U feel the way U describe u could end up getting worse my friend had a similar problem and U deserve to be listened to and assessed by professionals who know exactly wot they R doing, I hope U get this sorted ASAP U can pm me anytime to talk and PLS let me no how U get on x
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      I saw I psychiatrist but I've not heard back from them but they have told the gp to increase my meds by 50mg each week but that's before I got these symptoms. Before that I was v v depressed. I rang the office of the psychiatrist and they said they'd need to speak to the doctor before they give me any advice. So I'm just waiting for my doctor to bother to ring them. I just can't understand if I've told the gp that they're making me have these symptoms he decides to go up them more and contact social services. Non of my children are suffering and I'm only off work until my symptoms get better. It's very stressful and thank you so much for the advice I just can't see the logic in my gp x
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      Clancy, I totally agree with everyone on here that you need to get expert psychiatric help asap. I can't see the logic in your GP either, but GPs are notoriously ignorant about psychiatric conditions and drugs. I'm just thinking...

      I'm not suggesting you stop the sertraline altogether, that would be a very bad idea. However, do you absolutely need to up the dose to 150mg, given that increasing it to 100mg appears to have sent you hypomanic? If I were in your place, I think I'd leave it at 100mg while pushing to get an earlier psychiatric appointment.

      And don't get too seduced by the feeling of hypomania. I too have been that way when I was young (quite spontaneously, not medication-induced) and I still remember how exciting it can feel. However, I agree with Lizzie that it's not a good state to be in.

      I really hope you can find the help you need quickly.

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    HI Clancy

    I agree with Sarah, you need speicalist psychiatric help and quickly as to me, and I'm not a medical professional but have years of experince being bipolar, you sound hypomanic bordering on manic.  SSRI anti-depressants can trigger the symptoms you describe, whilst they might seem like fun at the time, for me they proved disastrous as after every hypomanic attck I became severely depressed.  And also when hypomainic I did some real crazy things which endangered my life.

    Hoping you get things straightened out soon


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    Thanks, I don't think I've got bipolar but I have been depressed on and off for many years, I think I'm sensitive to the sertraline but I feel that I'm not being listened to by gp etc and upping the dose is only going to make me worse. He didn't seem to listen to anything I was saying at all. 😞 xx
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      Wen u go bk get someone to go with U as I have found in the past that having someone with U as a witness can make a big difference and don't b fobbed off U no urself and how U r feeling and if U were depressed and have now got these symptoms this is very dangerous obviously U want to feel happier but wot u r describing is a high and it needs to b regulated it is very dangerous and make sure that they reduce U slowly becoz u don't want to go to the opposite extreme, hopefully they can give U a more suitable alternative, mayb try talking to the practice manager or someone in charge, if not get urself to a and e U may have a long wait but they do have psychiatric doctors and nurses there, or UR local mental health unit becoz this is an emergency I really hope U get this sorted x
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      This just shows how important it is that gps have more knowledge wen dealing with mental health, I remember the first time my mum got to the gp wen I was seriously ill with anorexia and she was told I would grow out of it! Some surgeries R now having mental health nurses which I think is a great idea it is so unfortunate this gp doesn't seem to know enough but don't b out off mayb a change in gps I have had to do this several times in the past. And if they R unsure they should really consult the mental health team, it is just more evidence of doctors not having enough time with patients too God I feel for U greatly. Don't stop the medication as someone else advised becoz U will have withdrawals along with probably severe depression, keep the same dose and get seen ASAP x
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      Just for the record, Sarah, no one has suggested stopping the sertraline. I specifically said that would be a bad idea. All I did was to question whether it would be a good idea to blindly follow the GP's instructions to up the dose further, given that the first increase seems to have caused hypomania.

      I suggested keeping the dose at the current 100mg.

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      Hi no I wasn't implying that so I apologise if it sounded that way. It's so hard to know what to do in these situations. And just as the doctor advised increasing the dose, no one really knows whether it would make things worse but it seems by the reaction that an increase would increase the symptoms and make them worse. However im no doctor I was just saying don't stop it altogether as I myself did do this very early on with another medication and with all medication it is very dangerous to do so.
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      Quite agree, Sarah. Stopping any psychotropic medicines too quickly can be very dangerous. No one knows that better than me. A friend of mine suffering from dementia was mistakenly prescribed the maximum dose of the very powerful antipsychotic Risperdal nine months ago, because she was getting slightly aggressive. Her GP prescribed 8 times the normal starting dose for an elderly person and the nurses in her home gave it to her without question. (This class of drug isn't supposed to be used for dementia but it's prescribed for that all over the world.) Because the dose was far too high she immediately went into what looked like the terminal stages of Parkinson's disease. The nurses - having failed to question the enormous dose in the first place - panicked and stopped the drug abruptly after about a week without consulting her doctor. Result: she went into severe, irreversible psychosis and has been that way ever since. She's now locked up for the rest of her life in a high-security psychiatric unit at age 79. I'm still trying to decide whether it's worth suing anyone over this.

      No one should ever stop taking psychiatric medications without strict medical supervision.

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      Sorry - just to make quite clear, in case I caused a panic. Risperdal is an antipsychotic drug (sometimes called a neuroleptic) of the type most often used for schizophrenia and schizo-affective disorders. It's therefore a completely different class from Sertraline, which is an antidepressant. Antidepressants can normally be tailed off without serious psychiatric effects - but only if it's done properly and under medical supervision.
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    I think my brother is on risperadone because he has scitzophrenia it took years to diagnose, it took him attacking me with a big kitchen knife during a psychotic episode because I told him off for swearing on front of my then 3 year old for them to actually do something. I just feel agitated and very very down and angry now but that keeps happening then I feel uphoric. I just wish that someone would listen that it's a side effect and to either change it or give me something to calm down, not increase it and contact SS because of my dangerous symptoms as the doctor put it. I just want to go back to work. I work with dementia patients and It is so sad but very rewarding and I miss it. Done it for many years. Thank you so much Im just glad it's not only me who thinks the doctor has made the wrong decision xxx
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