Sertraline success story!

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I wanted to tell my success story because when I was in the first 8 weeks on Sertraline it’s all I wanted to read to give me hope. I was taking Citalopram for 15 years for anxiety and while it always worked well for me it basically stopped working this past summer. I was really struggling and finally went to my GP who decided I should switch to Citalopram. She put me immediately on 100mg of Sertraline. Looking back I should have been given a slowly increasing dose while withdrawing from Citalopram. Those first 8 weeks were pure hell. I felt no relief, I was depressed and super anxious, had terrible insomnia and nausea. My anxiety actually worsened. I kept going because everywhere I looked people said it took at least 8 weeks at the same dose to feel the positive effect. I can attest it’s true! Toward the end of week 8/ beginning of week 9 I turned a corner. I woke up not dreading the day ahead. I gained my confidence back. I started driving again! I started smiling again. My husband noticed the change in me that week too. He was beyond relieved to have his wife back. It does get better. When you get there you will look back and see how strong you were to go through the hell that is starting Sertraline. Kudos to anyone struggling but powering through, you are stronger than you know. 

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    That should read “GP decided I should switch to Sertraline.” 
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    Hi Heather,

    Thank you so much for this post and I'm so glad your doing well 😊!

    It will be 5 weeks tomorrow that I started sertraline ( 1 wk on 25mg and 4 wks on 50mg)

    Although I'm still not great with side effects I have started to see a glimpse of getting better the past few days. Still wake up really anxious in the morning but it subsides as the day goes and feel better in the evening.

    I still don't have much of an appetite but been forcing myself to eat little and often.


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    So good to hear a success story and fabulous that you are doing so well ? im on week 3 and still suffering somewhat with the side effects but im battling on feels like the longest 3weeks of my life but i know iv got a way to go yet and even in such a short space of time something has shifted for the better ? well done to you for trudging on through 💜

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    My doc upped my dose 2 weeks ago form 50 mg to 75 mg  is it to early to feel myself?
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    Thanks for posting Heather and I endorse what you said.

    I was on 50mg for seven and a half weeks, now 75mg for three weeks, total ten a half weeks of Sertraline.

    The initial side effects were brutal (I posted here asking for help), they lasted about three weeks in varying forms. I couldn't get out of bed for the first 7-10 days. I kept going by telling myself that the physical symptoms and increased depression and anxiety were a chemical reaction to the drug and not me. It helped.

    I increased slowly and gently as my doctor said it reduces the risk of more side effects (I found this to be so) and makes it easier to find the right dose.

    Nowadays I don't feel depressed, I still feel a bit anxious sometimes. All the physical side effects are gone apart from occasional insomnia and very occasional reflux. This drug is the best thing that ever happened to me but it does require patience and faith if it makes you feel worse when you first start taking it.

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    Hi heather. I'm currently on week 3 of 50mg sertraline. No improvement yet. Did you use anything else, like diazepam until you felt better? 

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      Hi Gabrielle, I used Diazepam, sparingly for anxiety but I found it made me sleepy. I try not to use it now but it was a help at the time.
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      Thank you Joss. It's The morning anxiety at the moment that I'm having difficulty coping with so taking 2mg diazepam. Can't say they're helping much though and couldn't take anymore as I'd just want to sleep. Hoping to feel better soon x

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      Hi Gabrielle, 

      I am on week 3 also @ 50gm. My anxiety actually intensified so my Dr. prescribed Clonazopam to help until the Sertraline will kick in. I do feel tired also and I am taking .2mg in morning and .2mg at night. 

      This is not a fun process sad

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      I too took Klonopin in the morning for quite a few weeks in the beginning. The lowest dose, but it helped me to get up and get about my day. One day you will wake up and realize you don’t need the Klonopin and it will be amazing.
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      Thank you, can’t wait for that day! The mind is a powerful thing. 

      Take care. 


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    A million thank you's for your brilliant post. I am on week 6 and now upped to 75mg. Alot of my anxiety has gone but i am so so tired. I also have a nasty smelly flu like cold which isn't helping. I still can't go out and these have been the longest 6 weeks of my life.

    Good luck and I'm so glad you are feeling



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      You will get to a point where suddenly you are strong enough and determined enough to get up and out of the house and prove to yourself you can do it. As scary as it will be, you will be proud of yourself for facing your demons head on.
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    Thank you for posting this. I am currently on week 7 and I do notice some changing I still have some anxiety especially in the morning / day . I am at 50 mg and have not upped my dose yet. I will definitely stick to it and give it a few more weeks! So glad you finally are feeling like yourself again! 
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    Hi Heather, 

    Thank you for your success story. I've been on Sertraline for 3 weeks now. 1 week on 25mg and 2 weeks on 50mg. Feel like there's no light at the end of the tunnel! (I fear about the passing of a family member and I am a worrier. I worry about everything. My mind can never just settle which has caused my severe anxiety at this point. I couldn't even tell you what I'm anxious about at this point - I just am) 

    I too was on Citalopram for years (started after my second child 10 years ago for PPD) and it literally just stopped working over the Christmas Holiday 2017. In fact, I felt like it was making my anxiety worse! That is why I am now on Sertraline. It's really been hell with side effects - insomnia, no want to engage in anything, don't want to talk about anything, don't want to be around people, don't want to do anything. I hate that I have no energy, no excitement, no, me left in me. My Dr. Started my on Clonazopam for my increased anxiety (so I could return to work) until the Sertraline starts to work. 

    It's funny (not) that you said you started driving again. I haven't driven in 3 1/2 weeks due to my anxiety being so severe and I thought maybe I was crazy because of it. It's nice to know, no one is alone. 

    I'm glad you have a supportive husband as that is such a strong thing you need when going through this. My husband, although doesn't understand it and wants to help but doesn't know how, is very supportive as well. 

    Good for you for being so strong and sticking it out for 8 weeks. 


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