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  1. Has anyone with a rotator cuff tear had good ROM despite the tear?

  2. Has anyone had surgery where the MRI did NOT show tears but the surgeon found you did once he went in to do surgery?

  3. Has anyone had surgery and the doctor found more damage than the MRI showed?

  4. Did they put you out before they gave you the block? I saw a nice video where they put a long needle in your neck for the block. This is looking more and more fun. 😦

I saw my other PT today and she said because of my hooked acromion and bone spur she would not be surprised if I have a tear. I thought because the MRI did not say so and I have good strength and ROM I probably do not. MY PT said since I have been in PT for over a year and a half straight that the PT could be helping with that and I could still have a small(ish) tear not a full?

She also said she felt I would probably recover better because of all the PT I have done...

I have a previously scheduled vacation with my daughter and family one month after surgery. My original PT said I may be sore a bit but should be pretty good by then. All this just makes me more and more anxious. Oh and my sister-in-law had rotator cuff surgery and says she hated the Oxycodone and not to take it.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

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    Hi, Nancy:

    The time before surgery is oftentime the most mentally taxing because of all the anxiety you are experiencing exemplified in your questions. Your PT should not have said those things and just placed faith in the surgeon's ability to handle whatever he/she may find.

    YES to all your questions. I had full ROM in my right shoulder with a large tear of the supraspinatus, labrum damage and major tear in the bicep requiring tenedosis.

    Yes, I had surgery on both shoulders and they found things some good, some not so good that the MRI did not reveal. For example on my left shoulder they found that the muscle had not retracted as much as they expected. On my right shoulder they found the bicep tear.

    Regarding the block, They said as I was wheeled into the operating room: "Here's your party hat ( the thing they put on your head) and the mask and I was out like a light after a few seconds.

    Don't worry, from everything you have said, I'm sure it will be a successful operation, with your issues repaired. Just follow the directions, I'm sure you will be able to go on vacation, just be sure to keep doing your exercises. You got the pulley? Maybe some homemade wands made out of pvc capped and filled with sand? Ice machine? Tens machine? Lots of things to positively concentrate on. Don't let the anxiety detract you from doing what must be done to make your healing process go more smoothly.

    That's what I did at least. I concentrated on preparing for post surgery, ordering resistance bands, pulleys, exercise mat, etc.

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      Thanks Mike! I have the exercise bands and two pound weights. I am doing specific exercises now to strengthen my muscles to prepare for surgery and the aftermath.

      I have a tens machine.

      I am planning to ask the doctor about the ice machine at my pre surgical appointment next Friday.

      I have had other surgeries so kind of know what to expect other than the block. Yep, put me out cold please.

      I get nausea with percocet and percodan so hoping he can find a pain med that will not make me sick. I am hoping to not have to take many.

      I guess I am trying to prepare for all the possibilities.

      Appreciate your help!

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      I don't know how it is for others on here...but you use an ice machine you don't need pain meds. I took the pain meds the day of the surgery and next day and only half dose at that not because I needed it but just to cover the bases.

      That ice machine numbs your shoulder you won't feel anything.

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      I can't say enough about the ice machine. I didn't need pain meds it literally numbs your shoulder. I took maybe 1/2 pill the day of surgery and the next. That was it.

      Also, if your recovery is fast and painless don't go doing ANYTHING risky during vacation. Jerky sudden movements are bad, movement that is too much too soon or lifting something heavy is not good. If in doubt don't do it.

      There was a temptation to drive with 1 arm-hand after awhile for me but you don't realize how much you need 2 arms/hands to drive until you are compromised as in a shoulder surgery. If you risk riding a bicycle, driving too soon, a sudden jerky knee jerk response to use your affected arm/shoulder would be bad.

      Wait till you are cleared by your surgeon to do any lifting, above shoulder movement/activity other than the exercises. The surgery is expensive, trying and your first surgery is your best chance at recovering to near as normal as you can. Think of restraining your self as a wise investment in your future health literally.

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      Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. I am not doing anything that could jeopardize my recovery. Hoping to feel well enough to sit by the pool and relax on vacation.

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