Severe Agony around Liver/Kidney.

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For the most part, I am never ill. Short of catching a cold during the winter because I walk everywhere in a t-shirt. I'll give you the background of what's been going on.

I went to see my GP a couple of weeks ago with stabbing pain around my stomach area, and spreading too the right a bit. I also had a pressurized bloating feeling around my liver area. I haven't drank alcohol in the last 3 months, and when I do drink it's only a couple of pints. I also stopped smoking in January '13. The pressurized feeling occaisionally came with pain on the right side, around my lower ribs and to the side.

For this my GP referred me to the Hospital to get some tests done, blood came back normal, urina came back normal (no pain on passing urine either). I was discharged the same day as the Dr's thought it could be Gastritis. For which they gave me Omeprazole 20mg once a day in the morning.

I figure, hey ho, S happens it'll soon clear up and go about my day. Throughout the next week I get really bad stabbing and cramping pain around my appendix area, which gets bad enough for me to go and see the DR at the walk in clinic on Friday 9th May. Who after an examination tells me that there is swelling and tenderness around the area and refers me to North Tees (hospital). They take bloods, which come back normal, urina; again normal. They then transferred me from EAU to one of the Surgery Wards. The team came by in the morning, swelling and pain was still there. They said to either wait 24h and see what happens or they could put me in for surgery. I asked to wait and see what happens, the thought of surgery not being a pleasant one.

Sunday morning rolls around and the Dr comes to check on me, he says the swelling has gone down, the area is not as tender and I don't feel as much pain. So surgery is put off and an ultrasound scan scheduled for Monday.

On the Sunday, I start getting pains around my stomach and lower middle abdomen which occurred after eating. The pain then spread to the right side, same as above. I told the nurse about it and she gave me Tramadol. through the cannula in my arm, this was very painful so she stopped and said it would need to be replaced. The Dr then came and after an unsuccessful attempt in my left wrist, he placed one on the back of my right hand (same arm as where the first cannula was), the insertion wasn't too bad but when he went to flush it with what looked like quite a large flush in comparison with earlier ones, my arm erupted with pain, it felt as if someone where trying to force a too large cylinder along a narrow tube. Very shortly after this, I had an explosive feeling of pain around where I presume my right kidney to be. Both of these pains had me screaming in agony. I was given more Tramadol orally a few hours later after being told that the doc had authorized morphine which I declined as the pain had settled down.

Then yesterday (Monday), I was discharged at 1500h feeling fine, bit of pain around stomach, but I put it down to having eaten lunch and decide to take some paracetamol when I get home. I walk to the Job Centre to hand in some forms and it's goes alright for a while but then I start getting the kidney pain and pain on left chest, around the diaphragm area which comes on suddenly and got very intense, the pain from my kidney radiating all the way down my side and back. I didn't know how to hold myself and was writing in agony. They called a medic out. Got into the ambulance, he said that judging by the symptoms there was nothing he knew of that causes such pain in those locations. I'd calmed down, and the pain had mostly dissipated. His advice was to get to my GP asap. I took 2 buscopan and 2 paracetamol and went to make an appointment. Which I got sorted for 0840h this morning.

After that I went home. Made myself some tea and continued painting my new flat to take my mind off things.

Then bang, without warning, the same thing happens, the pain was bad enough to have me on the floor in agony. This time the pain also felt stiffer in the side. Again I also had the same pain in my lower left chest/upper left abdo. I called 111, not wanting to have another ambulance called out unnecessarily. Told them what was going on, mentioned the earlier ambulance and the outcome etc. They then sent out another. One of them examined my meds (paracetamol, omeprazole and buscopan) telling me I hadn't been taking the buscopan and when I explained to her that the Dr's wouldn't let me take it during my stay in hospital, and it had only been prescribed to me recently she scoffed at me. They then said they'd take me in to A&E to look at me. Which turned out to be a waste of time.

The Dr I saw, said there wasn't anything that they could do for me, and prescribed me Tramadol, to be picked up from my local hospital today.

I hadn't slept through the 3 nights in hospital and crashed as soon as I got home last night, missing my appointment with the GP by 20 minutes this morning. I've re-arranged it for tomorrow at 0855h. I plan on asking him to book me in for an MRI and to do a full blood test. I don't know what else to do.

I never get ill. T-shirt in winter aside. However, this last month has been harrowing to say the least. I feel like a fraud each time I go to see the Dr, even though I'm in bad pain. Normally, I'd pop a couple of paracetamol and distract myself with something physical. This hasn't worked at all and the pain is moderate and constant. With occassional sharp excrutiating spikes.

Whenever this happens it is highly embarrasing and I'm starting to doubt my sanity at this point.

Is there anything I should be looking out for? Have I missed something? Is there anything I can do to relieve the pain?

Some additinal info: I'm a 22yr old male, in good general health, losing weight (currently 96Kg, down from 106) through good nutrition and moderate daily exercise. I don't eat any junk food, don't drink and don't smoke.

I hope this can be explained and solved. Sooner rather than later as I feel I'm beginning to lose the plot!

There have also been some other pains, but I'm unsure if they're related to what's been happening.

I have a tenderness in my groin, at the back of my right testicle and the pain from that seems to radiate around the groin/pelvic area. (If you've ever been kicked in the nuts and felt that horrid feeling in your stomach, this is like that, but no where near as painful and lasts longer.)

Well, that's everything for now. Will keep you folks updated. And in the meantime, any help would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Fred,

    How horrible for you! You certainly have been through the mill and back. Some of the symptoms you have described such as your chronic digestive pain and abdominal cramps, gas and bloating could be cause by food intolerences/allergies. Have you heard of celiac disease? It is when you are have an intolerance to gluten. Perhaps see your GP again and get tested for it.


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      Thank you for taking the time to reply Jcat.

      I wouldn't think it'd be a food allergy/intolerance. With regard to food, I'm pretty much a human garbage canl; I'll eat anything.

      An update to the situation: I've been in Hospital since Wednesday night and had a diagnostic laprascopy the next day which resulted in removal of the appendix (appendectomy). The appendix appeared to be fine, and they didn't find anything else whilst they were rummaging around.

      Now I have the post op pain, and will wait 2-3 weeks for it to die down and my body to fully recover.

      During the operation, they insert a tube down the throat to enable/aid the patient to breathe. This must have caught against my tonsils because they're swollen with ulcers around the roof of the mouth and surrounding area with pus. In short, I now also have Tonsilitis resulting, I think, from the operation. The Dr's have prescribed Ethromycin, an antibiotic to deal with it so hopefully that will get rid of it by the end of the week.

      I will post an update here again in a further 2/3 weeks once the post-op pain has receded.

      Thank you again for taking the time to comment. I will ask my GP when I see him in a couple of weeks about the possibility of an intolerance/allergy. 

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    Sorry you had such a rough time with your surgery. It definitely sounds like you were not very well prepared ahead of time by your doctor. Keep taking your antibiotics as directed. It is important to finish the full course you were prescribed in order for the antibiotics to work.

    As far as being up and about everyone is different. Take it slow and when your up for it you could start some very light exercise to get your body going again.

    Lets hope this was the source of your initial pain once you have recovered from the surgery.

    All the best for your recovery and do post an update if you get a chance.

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      Aye, I know about the antibiotics, and from what I can feel at the moment they're doing their job well.

      I'm alright on my feet now as well, there is some pain, but only when standing up, lying down and sitting up again. Walking isn't a problem. Although I do still have niggling pain just under the skin on my right hand side, which has been there since before the surgery, but more on that once I'm healed.

      Aye, I hope so too. It'll be nice to finally have some peace, of mind too.

      Thank you and I will!

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    Good to see you are recovering nicely! Take care 
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    Hello, when you were having these pains did you ever feel like you were going to throw up?  I'm having the same pains in my side so I would appreciate it if u could get back to me ASAP 
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      Some of what is described in the thread are symptoms associated with kidney stones. The kidney area (flank of the back and side) are painful. As the stone travels down from the kidney, the side may still be painful, then the abdomen on the same side as well. For men, the testicle of the same side can also be achey. When the stone enters the bladder, there is no pain anymore. Eventually the stone will pass through the urethra which can be uncomfortable but it is nothing like the previous pain. The go-to test would be a CT scan of the kidney, ureter, bladder, also known as a KUB, here in the US. A urinalysis may show blood, but not always. Drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol.

      Some of the above thread, when it involves pain near the liver area, right side under the ribs, could mean gall bladder stones. Gall stones are too large to pass. Try a very low fat diet to see if the pain subsides as fat triggers the gall bladder to secrete enzymes to break down the days we ingest, which in turn irritates the gallbladder that has stones. Almost everyone has some gall stones. Not everyone experiences trouble, and not every sufferer needs surgery to remove the gall bladder if a low fat diet is successful.

      None of the above descriptions are intended as diagnoses, nor cures. Neither of the above are necessarily what the original patient/poster had.

      As a nurse and a kidney stone sufferer, I do have some expertise.

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    Hi mate. Im a 23 year old male who is experiencing pretty much exactly the same pains as what you did but maybe not as bad. I have got the same pain in my testicles and it seems to be linked to the pain in my side. Its been there for a while now but seems to be getting worse. Been to the doctors but they pretty much just give me some buscopan and sent me on my way. Im wondering if you managed to remedy the situation or what has come of it. If you could write back it would be an awesome help because the doctors dont really wanna do their job.
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      See my reply to natasha35355 regarding kidney stones. And I also add, the size of the kidney stone is directly proportional to the amount of pain and the length of the journey from kidney to bladder.

      My longest journey was two weeks. 

      Hopefully by now you have had the proper care for a diagnosis and your trouble is over.

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    It's been many months, hope you are better. Was it a kidney stone?
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    hey Fred I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I have had similar issues. the only difference is I have ulcerative colitis and have had frequent kidney stones. I have been dealing with these problems for something like six to seven years now. Recently I had a severe pain in my back left flank all the way through my body to the fro y left flank down to my left testicle. After two days I had a ton of blood in my urinw but no pain. No doctor or specialist has been able to figure out what's wrong and I used to be an extremely healthy man. This all started when I was eighteen and I am now twenty five. If you happen to determine what is wrong please let me k ow it may be extremely helpful in figuring put whats wrong with me

    Sincerely Joe

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      Hi my husband has been dealing with this the past couple years. First time I seen all the blood I freaked out rushed him to the hospital. well he had kidney stones, gets them often although he drinks nothing but water not even a soft drink. He is actually passing one now and going through the usual stomach, side, lower back and even feels as though someone hit him in the balls. So far every time it's been kidney stones. Why he keeps getting them we don't know. It's horrible to have to watch and feel helpless. Hope this helps some.
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    Hi Fred9292,

    I hope you are doing better now. I am experiencing the exact same symptons as you and everytime I eat I am in complete agony plus my stomach swells out and I look like I am heavily pregnant.The pain begins in my lower back and I get a sharp pain in my groin. I attended the hospital with the bloating a few days ago as my bloodpressure went below 90mmHg and doctor had difficulity finding my pulse. They gave me Flaygl and booked me in for for a pelvic ultrasound this Friday to investigate further. Blood tests have recently shown that my liver is slightly elavated but my GP has put this down to a condition I have since the removal of gallbladder.

    I have taken the full course of Flaygl and do not feel any better for it.

    I too am going through all the emotional stress of trying to explain my issues and feel like I am getting nowhere. 

    I sincerely hope you are on the mend and you have the time to reply to me or give me some guidance as to how I can get better.

    Kind Regards  

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