Severe air hunger possibly Lyme and mycoplasma

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Hi I am a 26 year old male who has been suffering from debilitating air hunger for the last 8 months.

It's is constant I feel like I've got to take a deep breath every 20 seconds some days are more subtle but overall it's terrible and it's convinced me I'm dying I also experience fatigue dizziness I feel weak no energy I can work or exercise or anything because I can't breathe... I've spoken to many people with the same stuff the doctors dismiss it as anxiety but its not.. I've had X-rays CT scans I've seen pulmonologist and ENT specialist and had blood work done and nothing showed up... I recently spoke to a guy going thru the same thing after a year of it being overlooked he just recently got tested for Lyme and mycoplasma due to doctors suspicion and he tested very high for mycoplasma and he is on antibiotics feeling much better I just want my life back. Can anyone relate ohh btw i was bitten by multiple ticks

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    Hi Brently, I'm sorry that you're going through such an awful time. I can tell you first hand that you're not alone, as myself and hundreds of thousands of other people have gone through exactly what you're going through. Last November, I became extremely sick for months and months, with horrible fatigue, muscle weakness, anxiety, insomnia, air hunger, night sweats, migraines, light sensitivity, and more. After countless doctors told me nothing was wrong with me, and even after I had multiple Lyme tests, one of them testing my spinal fluid, I was left with no answers, and left to fend for myself. I began to do my own research and after weeks and weeks of reviewing my symptoms, as well as listening to other peoples' stories, I knew that I did have Lyme disease, and probably a host of coinfections. Although Lyme doctors are extremely expensive, and don't take insurance, I convinced my mom to make me an appointment as it was our only hope. My first appointment lasted 2 hours, and my doctor took my entire medical history, and at the end, clinically diagnosed me with chronic Lyme disease, and told me he was almost positive I also had chronic bartonella infection, which is a common coinfection of lyme. After taking 18 vials of my blood, and two weeks of waiting, my results came back and it was medically determined that I had Lyme, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Babesia, and Ehrlichia. It has been 6 months since then, and I have made a lot of progress, and have made it my mission to give comfort and hope to people like you. So, I will tell you this. I definitely think that you have Lyme, and most likely Babesia, which is the parasite that causes the air hunger you're describing. The fact that you also remember getting bitten by not just one, but multiple ticks, is a HUGE factor in all of this, and is a sure fire sign, combined with your symptoms, that makes me believe you are sick with lyme and co. I will also tell you this; your only hope is to find an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) and get an appointment. Modern medicine (regular physicians, pediatrics, hospitals, etc.) will do nothing to help you. At most, they may give you a 2 week course of Doxycycline, which is absolutely NOT enough time, nor enough power to kill off your infection. Not to mention that co-infections are NEVER tested for in hospitals or doctors offices, and coinfections also require specific medications to treat each of them. FIND AN LLMD!!! You will need to spend quite a bit of money, but it is your only choice. They will help you. They will believe you, and they will get you better. Do not be afraid. This is a scary time, I know, but you have to stay strong. Find an LLMD, make an appointment, and you will be halfway on the road to recovery. This disease is terrible, and can quickly become worse than you think. It is important to get treated as quickly as possible, or the harder and longer it will be to feel better.

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      what really sucks is i feel like ive had this for years the air hunger is new it only started 8 months ago after i could feel my health getting worse and worse ive felt sick for years now ive had tick bites before and during my sickness only recently the air hunger has left me unable to work and feeling like im dying

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      also have fatigue so bad amd air hunger so bad i dont wanma leave my bed amd i have diarrhea and stomach pain and chest pain amd chest tightness and back pain and weird pains weird bruising tons and tons of symptoms

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      You might have your dr. also test you for H pylori ( a stomach bacteria)

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      i had that around age 21 h pylori i was treated with triple antibiotic therapy

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    I'm on this listserve because my husband has Lyme Disease. However, the air hunger (and its desperation) is something I had for years. Against my best judgment, my doctor urged me to take an anti-anxiety medicine--I'm not really an anxious person which is why I protested. In any case, within a week the air hunger vanished.


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    dear brent--

    i was you . very sorry you're experiencing this & remember the frustration that comes along with it. i believe one of the ticks that bit you was carrying a parasite known as BABESIA. it is vital you request bloodwork specifically for BABESIA, as it is a blood bourne, curable co-infection similiar to malaria. once diagnosed, a doc can put you on the same medication that they use to treat malaria. a second way for the doctor to positively diagnose babesia is for her to take you blood pressure lying down, sitting and then standing up. in patients with BABESIA, blood pressure drops as the patient sits and then stands which is the opposite of how blood pressure if supposed to work! once on the medication (which is a yucky yellow liquid), don't freak out if your symptoms worsen. this is called herxing & is the parasites way of fighting back. they send out toxins as they die off, which can be serious for the patient, so it should be done slowly, but you WILL get better. if you are near the dc area, there are 2 Lyme specialists who saved my life. One is Dr. Humera MALIK in MCLEAN VA. The other is the JEMSEK CLINIC in DC.

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