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Hi folks I have severe anxiety both socially and health I'm 30 years old and this is my first time joining these forums.

Just wondering has anyone ever overcome this at present I am currently doing CBT and I'm trying to stay away from medication as I have read about the awful side effects. I am considering paying privately for an MRI scan of my brain as I have extreme tiredness, brain fog, my concentration skills and memory is really bad! I have severe headaches where I am unable to focus.

As for the social anxiety where do I start I can not hold a conversation anymore I get really nervous and I know that it makes people feel ackward I have now notice that I feel as if I'm swaying when I walk into a room I try to avoid all social gatherings!

Please tell me that other people have dealt with similar situations.

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    You are not alone by far!! I experienced anxiety at some level as young as 5/6 then it got more serious early teens then peaked at 16 onwards. I was the same as you, I couldn't handle social situations, even at home or my girlfriends, started drinking and doing drugs to mask it etc .........

    i experienced most of what you said above then had to seek help. 

    I found CBT and hypnotherapy the most useful..if you can find a hypnothrspist who practices mindfulness then that would be great in my option . I took a massive interest in Buddhism and even attended a retreat for a week. 

    The he mindfulness with CBT and meditation stopped all the negative racing thoughts, even the ones that are sub conscious and there are simple techniques to build confidence, lower heart rate, and keep in the present moment. 

    I know now it may seem a bit mad to suggest if you have never considered meditation but most local Buddhist groups are free or require a small donation. 

    I hope this is of some help and I feel for you. 

    I still struggle now at times with general anxiety but have overcome the hurdles that were detrimental to everyday life

    good luck

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    I can assure you this is very normal symptoms for people with anxiety/depression. The thing is, about social situations, the other person gets awkward because they probably have an anxiety too but they're putting their neck on the line, speaking to someone else and when you react nervously, they think it's because of them, so that's why they then feel uncomfortable... nothing to do with you, nothing! By the time you've spoken with lots and lots of people, it becomes natural. You speak to someone with a purpose, there is always a purpose behind starting a conversation, maybe you need something, well follow that purpose through, make that the sole reason why you are speaking to the person, and you'll feel a lot more 'normal'. The other type of socialising is talking for the sake of it, because you like the other person, you enjoy their company etc. Thats definitely the harder type to master, because with anxiety, it's difficult to feel emotions properly for other people, at least most of the time.

    So anyway I hope this helps. What always gets to me, and I'm going to vent some off-topic anger here, is that I really want to meet someone who has depression. I want to know who has it! Because otherwise I just keep on thinking Im the only one who has it yet in reality Ive probably met a lot of people who I think are normal yet have massive issues with anxiety. Just a thought!

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      Completely agree with last statement, none of my friends suspected anything for years until recently when it got real bad as I had spent so many years masking it! We aren't encouraged in this country to talk about feelings and emotions and until recently mental illness has been a massive taboo. I just thank the likes of ruby wax and Stephen fry for their public honesty
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    I have been where you are so I wish you all the best.

    Exasperated at my inability to cope with my anxieties I developed a simple technique that has allowed me to gain a sense of normality in my life. I am a different person from who I was a couple of years ago.

    This technique uses a simple form of visualisation where we take myself out of the equation and work only with the anxiety. This is different to most available therapies in that it isn’t about changing our outlook. I don’t have years of research and a cabinet full of case studies to support my self-developed technique but I do have a level of inner peace that a couple of years ago I would have never thought possible. As this has had a massive impact on my life I am wondering whether it can do the same for others. I am curious as to whether this is something worth developing.

    I am not selling anything instead asking whether you will be willing to give this a try before letting me know the outcome. I hope it can help. Obviously I can’t guarantee this but there is the chance that it will.

    The technique is based on the premise that anxiety is an energy echo of a previous event, which will disperse when we allow it. The problem is that we deny the anxiety the opportunity to leave us alone because we think we have to be in control and have the answers.

    We don't! Only the anxiety knows what it needs to disperse so my technique is based around allowing this to happen.

    This is what I did:

    I looked at the anxiety as separate from me and when faced with an unpleasant level of anxiety I said to it: “I don’t know what you are saying or need so I am going to allow you to do and say whatever you want”.

    I then visualised stepping away from the anxiety. In my mind I separated from my physical body leaving the anxiety behind to express in whatever way it wanted. I did nothing to interfere. I gave it the freedom to do whatever it wanted. I didn’t speak with it, debate with it or try to control it. Instead I simply stood back and observed.

    At first the idea of letting the anxiety run riot was scary but instead of causing more problems the anxiety had its say then went. After an initial rush, it took seconds for the energy to disperse. After repeating this technique with every subsequent anxiety attack it didn’t take long before my life became calm enough to engage again.

    I am not sure whether everyone can visualise stepping away in the same way as I can, so I am not sure how this will work for others. This is why I am looking for feedback. I have discovered an alternative way of stepping back but I want to see how well the visualisation method works first. I am also here to offer advice.

    The key is stepping back and allowing the anxiety to express in whatever way it wants. DO NOT INTERFERE!

    I hope this works for others in the way it has worked for me and please let me know if you require more information.Take care and I wish you all the best.

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      This technique is already being used ,in fact I learned about it a couple of days ago and started using it to quinch anxiety and panic attacks. It can be found on the web by going to "how to stop panic attacks"
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    hi im new to this site I suffer from anxiety last year was a bad year for me with depression and anxiety , I have been back at work for 4 months I love my job but I hurt my back at christmas and got siatica in my leg and it has just started getting me down ive been very nervous for a few days as tomorrow im going for an injection im also a worrier and I keep thinking the worst is going to happen is this a normal thought
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    Hi everyone thanks for the kind responses it' really is an awful thing I'm vetoing exhausted with it I'm constantly swaying and really on edge I have started meditating it helps at the time but not the next day. I would be most grateful if anyone else could share a light on how they get over this
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      Get this book..Mindfulness, finding peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman....set you on the right track...explains how to breathe thro the anxiety and 8 guided sho45 meditations...worth a go...try taking vitamin B of luck...
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