SEVERE bloating, diarrhea, nauseas/vomiting, bad taste in mouth

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Ive been sick for over ten years with digestive issues. Done every test possible, some things did come up in the past such as SIBO, i had an ulcer once, Hpylori twice, and now they are just saying IBS, It cant be though. Im now sick every other day with stomach pain, severe bloating, diarrhea, nausea, and recently getting the chills during these episodes-no fever. I cant live like this, I need answers. im literally sick all the time and have no quality of life. My bloating has been consistant for ten years , I go from flat to looking like I'm sick months pregnant. everyone kept thinking celiac but i tested negative even through a specific DNA test. Not lactose intolerant either. lately it has been alot worse like i said -especially with the nausea and diarrhea. No one would want to live feeling this way all the time. PLEASE help if anyone has something similar! it would be greatly appreciated!

(also forgot to add-i have this horrible taste in my mouth-mainly when i wake up in the morning, and the mornings are definitely worse as far as nausea and stomach pain. (and im not pregnant never had kids)

Thanks in advance to anyone who has feedback

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    What does your diet consist of? Have you had your gallbladder checked? Have you had a CT scan of your stomach and bile ducts? Have you checked for pancreatitis? You need a healthy diet of fruits, veggies and nuts. Also a foodmap will help to see what triggers your system to go haywire.

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      Hi! Thank you so much for your reply. I'm sorry for the delay, I am new to this. My diet is not wonderful to be honest, but not terrible.. I am trying to see what foods are setting me off so I'm eating regularly to determine that, may be a bad idea. I dont eat fried , trying to aviod red sauce and sugars-Im not a sweets person anyway so thats easy .I dont like most fruits and they bother my stomach, too much sugar, and most veggies bother me especially broccoli ect, and SALAD is the worst. Seems that anything not cooked is no good. I keep feeling the the healthier I eat the sicker I get. Im thinking I have some kind of bacterial infection due to the recent random chills...But ?? Gallbladder was another thing everyone thought but Ive had it checked several times. My mom and nana had there gallbladder out, but my test are all clear. Ive also had several MRI and CT of stomach with no answers.

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    like you i have suffered for years. my gallbladder was removed 3 years ago, but no relief. over the past 3 years I've had every test known to man been on every medication known to man with no relief whatsoever. had surgery 2 weeks ago to look for abdominal adhesions see if maybe it was scar tissue, nothing. I even been to the Mayo clinic, they couldn't find anything either. was seen here at MUSC in Charleston South Carolina. specialist there pushed on my stomach and talk to me and my husband for 10 minutes said nope I can't find anything and sent me on my way. I was sent there originally to be seen for sphincter of Odie dysfunction. it's rare but people with gallbladder issues often have complications with that disorder. He just looked at me and said nope that's not what you have. so for three years I went from this doctor to that doctor this test to that test one medication to another medication, NO RELIEF. i got to the point that i didn't care if i woke up or not. Today I had another colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. both normal. my GI is going to try the camera pill that you swallow just to check my entire small intestines but he's pretty sure it's sphincter of oddie dysfunction no matter what the specialist at MUSC said. when I looked up sphincter of Oddie dysfunction that pretty much hit all my symptoms right on the head. i hope this helps.

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      Hi! Thank you so much for your reply. I'm sorry for the delay, I am new to this. The camera test is one Im looking into! Someone else recommended doing it. It seems youve been through a-lot, im so sorry. No one understand unless they are experiencing it, The Oddie dysfunction seems very accurate according to my symptoms as well, expect for the fever part. And when i researched it said usually due to gallbladder issues, which has always tested fine for me. So i am not sure with that, Docotrs have suggested gettgin botox done in the pyloric pyloric sphincter or suggestive duondenitis. Maybe this will help you?.. thanks so mcuh for reaching out, I have two gastro appts online monday, I will reach out if i have anything new to share!

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    I'm so sorry. Nobody should have to live that way. My daughters 6 years old and has the same problems. It's awful. I pray A LOT!! OK..I have my daughter off of gluten, dairy, and sugar. I dont think shes gluten intolerant but she becomes very SENSITIVE to these foods when she has a bad flare up so I would still stay away from them to test it out for yourself to see if you start feeling better. May take a while to see. The gut takes a long time to heal. BOVINE COLLAGEN can help repair the gut. Fish oils are good. Mastic gum helps too. Chicken soup.. homemade not the canned stuff. To make my daughters chicken soup I throw a whole chicken in crock pot and cover half way with water on low all night. Its good! Stick with eating soluble fiber!! Rice, quick cooking oats, gluten free white bread etc...look it up for more ideas. She does well with potatoes too..sweet potaotes do ok sometimes. Psyllium husk can slow your intestines/colon down to stop the diarrhea. For this to be going on so long I'd bet money its certain foods thats triggering all your problems. Find out what your trigger foods are. Everybodies are different. My daughters trigger food is fruit and uncooked vegetables...too much fiber. I wouldn't eat salad and if I did have veggies then cook them well. NO BEANS...except greens beans. I really hope this helps. Prayers for you to feel good again.😊

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    Hi! Thank you so much for your reply. I'm sorry for the delay, I am new to this. oh no! So sorry to hear about your daughter, thats horrible to be so young and experiencing all that! Ill say a prayer for her, some of your suggestions i have not tried and will do so, so thank you! I know i don't do well with anything acidic, sweet, fried, or not cooked, such as salad, Salad is horrible for me, and i love it so its hard not to eat it but its not worth me getting sick. The healthier i east the wore i feel. Ive started a food diary AGAIN so see what triggers are. Its hard bc I dont think i process food the same as most so I think sometimes something fro two days ago could be bothering me today and how would i know what it is?..Soy bloats me, but im not allergic. At this point Im thinking its something bacterial, but not sure. I would never wish this upon anyone and i feel so sorry for your daughter. I have two gastro appts monday online and if i find out anything ill stay posted, In the meantime I will try some of your suggestions. I really appreciate it!

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    Your welcome! Yes, the healthier my daughter eats the worse she feels so that makes me think your fiber intake is bothering you. If you do eat vegetables(cooked of course) my daughter has to eat rice FIRST. She NEVER can handle veggies on an empty stomach..just something else to think about. Just think of rice and potatoes as a blanket for your gut before you put anything else on it. Gluten free pretzels and gluten free bread toasted is a good snack. Yes definitely keep me posted about what the gastro doc says!!

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