Severe Breathlessness.Possible PE?

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.Its been 2 months since my symptoms started.

Severe shortness of breath

Sharp chest pain when i breathe deeply.

Been coughing/spitting up blood

Ive done almost every single test to rule out a heart problem.Ive also done a CT but it was without contrast.I demanded my parents to do one with contrast but they wont.Its because my D Dimer was normal and the dr said it was no way a PE.

Anxiety meds not helping.

Also I can breathe air in and out normally but i always feel like im drowning.Cant get enough air.

Also my left leg has been sore for like 2 months.Jusy wanted to throw that out.

Please help me ;(

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    I can see that you are really struggling, but I am not sure what we can do for you.

    This forum is really a support group - we can share experiences, maybe give non medical advice or guidance, but that's about it. 

    Looking at your symptoms, I would have normally said go see your GP or specialist, but you have done that. Maybe have another word with your parents and doctor to persuade them that a contrast CT would at least put your mind at rest?

    It may also be a good idea to stick to one thread, as multiple new threads makes it hard to follow your progress.

    I am sorry I can't do anything more direct, but like I said - this is a support group.

    I wish you all the best and hope you get someone to review your case.

    best regards Peter


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    Hi there, two years ago I had PE, and went from going to the gym 6 days aweek to not being able to walk up the staires without being out of breath... the D-dimer you have had will say if it is a blood clot or not, so if that as come back ok, then I’m sure it’s fine, and you said you’ve had a ct scan? I have had them, and that will show up a clot if there... 

    it tuk them 6months for them to find out I had PE, that was because of the docs not listening to what I was saying...

    Normaly the pain in your leg will be hot, and swollen as well if it’s in your leg ( mine wasn’t ) 

    It’s very hard to say what to do, but I do understand your worry, I never dreamed that mine was a blood clot, so why do you think this way?? All we can say on here is if your so worried go back to a doc, but it dose seem they have checked it all for you, the breathing mite be because you panic at what may be wrong, as that can effect your breathing, try and calm down and see if helps, take deep breaths.. hope it all works out for you, we are here to listen and share our experience, but there’s only you that knows how you feel 🤗x 

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      I did a CT Without Contrast.

      Im afraid that that it would not detect if its a clot.

      They wont do another with contrast as they dont think i have a blood clot because my d dimer was normal.

      But my symptoms are getting worse day by day.Cant even breathe deeply without having sharp pain in the chest.

      Did your ct include contrast?

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      Hi there...

      If you are having severe pain and your current doctor is challenged in finding out why...go to another doctor. Pain is the body's way of telling you something is wrong.

      Keep searching until you find an answer.

      Good luck to you and don't give up. Hugs.

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      Hi Dawn I don’t know if your still on here .But if you are. ???

      I wish you or someone in our position could give me some advice..

      My PE Was diagnosed on 22 nd Dec 2017.Not only did it spoil Christmas but 

      it’s ruining my life. As others have said it is like a ticking time bomb....

      My prob is I don’t seem to get clear advice.

      I no it’s only been 5 weeks and I’m wearing my compression stockings and taking Riveroxaban..But I am getting sharp pains in the right side of my chest .Not when I breath in deep ( I was told that was bad apparently...)

      it can be when I’m eating or watching television. 

      Does anyone else have the same problem.

      Thanks for reading....Any help would be helpful...


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      Hiya mazz..  yeah I’m always around, and if your ever want to talk you can always private message me...

      Yep I know just how you are feeling, mine was confirmed on 30 th dec 2015 so again at Xmas, it tuk doc 6 mth  to send me to hospital and confirm it was a PE .. I never even throught of clots to be honest, and yes it’s very scary in deed, I was on Riveroxban at the start, but just didn’t agree with me so now on apixaban for life... who as told you it’s bad to be having pains on your right side of your chest?? And that it’s a ticking time bomb ??

      It’s very early days for you, so very fresh in your mind, and scary I do understand your feelings... the med your on will stop any more clots from forming, but you would have to be very unlucky to get another clot forming... the clot that’s in your lungs will slow break up and go, but some times it can form a scar there, and that can make your breathing more heavy... I was told it can take around 3 months for my lungs to get better, the clot on your lungs won’t go any further then there now, ( I was told ) as they travel through a vain and if your unlucky like us, they travel through the heart and in to your lungs... so called PE ...

      Iv been in hospital twice since my PE as a precaution as I to had pain in my chest, that would not go, the last time I was admitted in to hospital with pain on my right side, they found out I had gall stones, and the pain I got resembles like a heart attack or what I throught as another clot, but bloods confirm there was no clot, and was very unlikely to get another now I’m on apixaban ..

      So had to have gall bladder removed .... 

      BUT if at any time your worried at all, as I was told, get a blood test done or go to hospital.. and me I hate hospital so tend to sit and leave it... 

      are you on your meds for life now of just for a few months? 

      It’s hard not to be scared, as the thourt of what could of happend to you, and I just think I was one of the lucky ones ( if you can say that ) to still be here...

      In time you will tend to put it to the back of your mind, untill like you are having this pain, then we all worrie ‘ what if’ but please do just check yourself at docs or hospital always be on the safe side, some times we do still get the odd pain at the start... please let me know how you get on, and do contact me any time you wish 🤗x

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      Hi Dawn. Thanks for replying .So sorry about your call bladder.No the Dr said if i get pains when I'm deep breathing that can be a prob. But as i said mine hurts when I'm not breathing deep. .

      I have got a lot of medical probs. So this doesn't help.yes I think i will have to get myself checked out i have already had 3 Tia's...

      Yes it would be great to keep in touch.

      I cant believe you had yours at Christmas aswel.

      Speak soon. Marian .X

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      Hi Dawn,

      You say Riveroxban didn't agree with you. Can you please share what you experienced and how long did it take for the side effects to appear? TIA

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      Hiya Grace .. hope your ok? Yeah when I first went on riveroxban I New I was on it for life, I went on this med in jan 2015 and first 2/3 were ok, then I stared getting bad headaches and feeling sick, so I just carried on in the hope it would just settle down, I was due to see my convulsants end of March 2015 so I waited till i saw him, and I told him that I was not feeling to good on this as it was every day by then.. so he put me on apixaban and been on that ever since and had no side effects with that one,  so if you can say it, all ok now, just my breathing is no better after 2 yrs I’m due to see my consultant on wensday to find out results of test that Iv had .. 🤗xx

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    Not sure, all they did was a CT scan and it showed that there was multi blood clots on my left lung, also they check what oxygen is going in to your body, and heart rate, as your heart races faster as it’s trying to copy with what’s happening, the D- dimmer is the best one for blood clots I’m afried that the first point to say there is a clot some where... sounds like your having a mild panic attack which feels the same way 🤗x

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    Hello here. I'm 20 years old and I'm currently experiencing the same thing. I've been to my Drs he listened to my lungs and he said they sound clear.. I told him my concern and he said that my lungs r okay.. yet I'm still having these sharp pains I'm terrified!!

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      Hi there sorry your feeling this way.. but if your really worried about PE ask your doc to do a simple blood test, that will confirm if you have or not, and if you have you will have problems with your breathing as well, getting out of breath just walking up the staires, it don’t mean a clot just on sharp pain, there is other things involved as well... 

      B4 my PE I was having bad chest pain, that went trough to my back as well, so they put camera down my throat to have a look, and I had acid reflux , so now I have to take a tablet every day for life, as Wen Iv tried to stop it all comes back... go and ask your doc for the simple blood test just to put your mind at ease 🤗x

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      Hey there Dawn.. thanks for your response.. and the thing is that I've thought I've had PEs in the past and had 2 chest cts when I was pregnant.. all negative. Now I'm pregnant again barley 11 weeks but the chest pain has came back!!! And shortness of breath.. so there for I'm terrified it's a blood clot cause I do know pregnancy puts you at risk..

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      Yeah being pregnant does up your risk more... was it DVT you had last time ?  ... what makes you think it’s a PE ?? 

      I had CT scan and that picked my PE up straight away, and the blood test will if there’s any clots around your body.. and if it’s only like this Wen your pregnant it’s prob some thing or nothing... you would have problems all the time if you had a PE every day I mean and you get worse... go back to your doc or who ever you see and just request a D-Dimer blood test, that will tell you straight away... or if your really scared on this please go to the hospital and they will do a blood test and others straight away, and at least you can put your mind at rest then... I know I would if I had a chance again, I’d be down at the hospital straight away if for one min I throught I’d got PE good luk chic please let us know how you get on 🤗x

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      Nope I didn't have anything.. not even dvts .. this time with this pregnancy I've been having severe cramping in my legs but mostly my left leg.. Dr felt around my leg and said it was a knot? Should I trust my Dr or keep seeking medical attention?

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      Right chic... you need to put your mind at rest, I saw 4 different doc ( not at hospital ) and they all said either it was in my mind, or couldn’t be botherd with me, I never throught for one moment it was a clot, 6mth later I saw the fourth doc, who was the only one to do the D-Dimer blood test and that came back extremely very high, to say I had a clot but didn’t know where, so the hospital did all the rest of the test and that was Wen they told me I had multi PE.... I was fuming with my docs and put  in a complaint as they should of done a blood test but couldn’t be arsed , at the first time I went to see them... so for ME I don’t trust them now, I knew some thing was not right, and you beleave in what a doc says to you is like I said either go and see a diffrent doc or go in to A&E and just say your worried, they will do a blood test straight away and get the results.... I wish I had, but you never think that way, well I don’t... you sound worried so unless you can put it to the back of your mind, do blood test at least then you can enjoy your pregnancy 🤗x

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