severe burning in lower abdomen,legs

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I have been experiencing constipation for past 4 weeks now, changed bowel movements, thinner stools, feeling of bowel not emptying properly, bloating etc.... I have never ever been constipated in my life before. For past 2 weeks now I'm having v severe burning feeling in lower abdomen. Plus I feel as if something is poking me from inside from lower right side. Complete lack of sleep, rapid heart beat and also been having high bp for quite a while now.... I'm on bp med for past 6 months now. My symptoms seems quite scary (colon cancer ) as per google. I'm severely depressed due to it and my anxiety levels have hit the roof thinking there is something terribly wrong with me....Does any one else also has had these symptoms? Plz help I'm quite a mess right now

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    Sounds like IBS if you are having change of bowel habit, anxiety and burning stomach.  Do you have stomach pain  that moves about rather than staying in one place.  See your doctor for tests and avoid googling symptoms.  It will makke your symptoms far worse particularly your anxiety which could be causing high blood pressure and a fast heartbeat.

    Keep a food diary to check for food intolerance.

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      Anxiety definitely played a huge part in increasing the burning sensation, for past few years I do feel a hard lump on my right side of the tummy or lower abdomen, so I got an ultrasound done, nothing showed up, now that poking feeling from right side has increased and alot of pressure and burning pain travelling to lower back, so much so that I can't stand for even 10 min. I am just praying that the doc makes right diagnosis becoz these symptoms can be wild goose chase also if the doc isn't good at diagnosis

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      Diagnosing stomach pain can be difficult, however, you will find a doctor who will diagnose you correctly.  If your doctor doesn't recognise ypur symptoms, he will send you to a specialist who will do tests.  If all the tests are negative, IBS can be diagnosed.  If your family doctor can't help, you can also see someone else.

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    Yes me!

    My biggest worry is also Colon Cancer.

    I have had stomach ache on and off since before Christmas,bad wind and bloating. now I am constipated and when I do go its a struggle-plus I also feel the need to go yet cant and feel like i am not finished-I looked on Google also so I know those symptoms are mentioned for Cancer!

    It is scary and I am quite anxious about all this.

    I however know IBS also causes these symptoms!

    Anyway I have had a few tests to rule things out, CT scan next month and waiting on a stool test.

    I however feel like the only test that will totally rule out Colon Cancer is a Colonoscopy and this is what I want-though convincing Doc seems an issue.

    Go to the Docs and ask for tests-get the ball rolling and they can start to rule out things which could be casuing your problems.

    Its a scary and worrying time(having tests and awaiting results) but needs to be done.

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      I am just waiting for my periods to finish and then I'll have few blood tests done including CEA (confirms if one has colon cancer or not) can u plz share in detail what tests did u have had so far?

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      I also got back pain that lasted a week and a bit-towards the last half of the week it did come and go.

      I had full bloods taken-including Celaic screen and CA-125(used as a markerr for Ovarian Cancer)-these all came back normal.

      I was sent for a Endoscopy-they thought it was a upper GI problem-I was burping a lot(and still am) and pain was in stomach area mainly.

      During the endoscopy they also did a swab for H Pylori-all came back clear.

      Then I was sent for a ultrasound-all normal.

      Docs told me it was IBS-however I did a home FOBT-to check for hidden blood in stool(Docs wont do this for me as i am not in the right age range-I am 39)it came back Positive so I told them I was not happy with the IBS dx because i was told this 10yrs ago and I know what my symptoms are usually like.

      So,Doc did a calprotectin stool test instead-to check for inflammation in the bowel-this helps rule IBS in or out also and IMO should have been done at the start!(its been 3 weeks now and still no result come back from lab-doc is chasing this for me)

      So-I cannot really go further forward till I know the results-if positive i can have a colonoscopy.

      If not-I will still be asking for one.

      The Doc also refferred me to see a consultant but told me it would take months and months so I paid to go private.

      I saw him and he agreed cant do much until stool test comes back-but it was him who has requested I go for a CT Scan-which I have at the beginning of next month.

      I do not think i has the CEA-19-9 blood test,might ask for this also.

      I am aware I sound like I will not accept what the Docs say but I just want to know for sure and I do not believe they can safely say its just IBS untill they rule Colon Cancer out-especially as I did test positive for the blood in stool.

      I have read to much online for me not to worry and want to take testing further.

      Good luck i suggest you do the same.

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      If u don't mind can u plz tell me what is RBC count? R u iron deficient or not? do u feel fatigued ? Any sleeplessness or swollen legs or feet?

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      I didnt get to see my actual blood results just told everything was normal.

      I dont feel anymore tired than usual nor have swollen legs/feet.

      Do however get pins and needles quite a lot in my legs.

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