Severe cough, rib pain, chest pain, anxiety... can't deal!

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Hi everyone,

Before I start I'll just state that I'm 19 years old, slim and generally healthy. I've been suffering with a cough for 3 weeks now, and it only seems to be getting worse. It is a constant violent cough, dry, but wet if that makes sense? I cough up clear mucus. It seems worse at night, I can't lie down without having a coughing fit and the pain in my throat and my ribs is unbearable sad I also have awful pains in my upper back, and weird shooting nerve pains in my arms. I've been to the doctors twice, first time he listened to my heart and lungs said they were clear and said I had Costochondritis which is causing my pain. Didn't say anything about my cough. So I went back to see a different doctor, by now I was also having pains in my left leg and googling this and as always it comes up with the worst case scenario... Blood clots which got me really worked up. She told me I didn't have blood clots, just by feeling my leg and saying it was soft, and said I have acid reflux which is causing my cough and all the other symptoms. I still can't stop worrying that my cough is something much worse and I have been misdiagnosed and there is something wrong with my lungs sad I also keep worrying about the pain in my leg, which is getting worse... I feel as if it was just brushed off but when I read online about others who ended up having blood clots their symptoms were just like mine and I'm so scared of this happening to me sad

I realise I have really bad health anxiety, but it makes it worse that I haven't even had proper tests or anything done to rule out the worst things!

I'm finding it so hard to deal with this, I feel like this anxiety is taking over my life sad Thanks to anyone who reads this essay of a post, I feel I just needed it off my chest.

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    Hi, after having pneumonia I was left with a cough. It was worrying me to bits, dry but wet as you put it, hacking etc. ..took ages but it is finally going. Turns out it was post nasal drip..mucus going down the back of the nasal passages and meeting with stomach acid from acid reflux which in turn makes you cough!! Try a neilmed nasal rinse and watch your diet. Also stop stressing, as that makes it worse . Hope you soon feel better :-)
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      Hi when I think about it I can feel sort of a liquid at the back of my throat which is constantly there...

      I have heard about them nasal rinses, I think I will definitely try one!

      Thank you for your response, hope your cough goes soon as well!

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    Half my village seems to have your symptoms. Most people think it is a nasty bug, but I am not sure what it really is.
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    Given your hx and profile, I would say trust your doctors. As someone else mentioned here, a lot of people have what you do. You aer going back and forth to appointments, typing, complaining. If you were really ill you would know it, speaking as someone who just recovered from pneumonia. Worst illness I've ever had and I let it go about 2 weeks before going to the doc. My bronchial wheezing was so bad when I went to sleep I thought our dog was snoring! lol

    Don't worry hon, you'll be fine. smile

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      I know I should trust her diagnosis, I just can't stop the horrible anxious thoughts sad especially when I read horror stories online of people my age being misdiagnosed and either ending up dying or being really really poorly! eek  I should probably look into some therapy or something for my anxiety...

      Thank you for your reply smile

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    Get some 'Bronchostop' from the chemist. I had very similar to you this time last year and it was a seasonal 'bug'. I also thought I was about to pop me clogs!! It's a horrible feeling, and I really do sympathise.

    Bronchostop is a cough SUPPRESSANT.. in fact any cough suppressant will help, I just happened to like the taste of Bronchostop.

    Most importantly, calm down. The anxiety you're feeling is making it worse because you're constantly tense.

    Try a cough suppressant, and if the cough hasn't cleared up in a few days, go back to your doctors.

    And Beverley is right .. nasal drip will make you cough. I use Nasobec .. not sure you can get it over the counter, but your chemist will advise you.

    Most importantly .. calm down. 

    You're going to be okay.



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      I'm going to get some cough medicine today, so I'll have a look for that one. Hopefully it will calm my cough at night so I can get some sleep.

      It really is awful sad I wish I could just stop the anxious thoughts! I know the thoughts in my head are probably causing all the strange pains I feel, but I still just end up panicking whenever I get them thinking I'm going to die!! sad

      It makes it worse that I have exams this week, which is making me even MORE anxious and stressed out... I just wish I would start feeling better soon sad thank you for your post x

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      You're young, and strong .. and have your whole life ahead of you. Don't let anxiety get a hold of you .. Just don't. It'll spoil your life.

      Have a look on Youtube for some breathing exercises to do .. Yoga, or Buteyko breathing. Whenever you feel anxious, close your eyes and breath. Calm down.

      And good luck with the exams!


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      Thank you for your words, it really does help a lot. I'll have a look into those. I think this forum has given me the kick start I needed to really sort my anxiety out. You're right, I'm too young for anxiety to be taking over my life!!

      And thanks! smile x

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