Severe GERD- coughing up stomach acid with dark red/brownish streaks

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I've been taking 20mg Oneprezole since 2009. Recently i stopped after finding out the long term damage it causes. I've been weening off of it for the past few months reducing it to 10mg then to nothing at all. I replaced it with natural supplements.

At the moment i take:


Ginger root


Baking soda

Digestive enzymes


I mix a drink of pepermint spirits, chamomile, aloe vera juice, and water and take that, that can help temporaily.

As for my problem, from time to time (usually after sleeping) i will get a strong burning sensation in my chest, a lot stronger than normal heartburn. When when i hack up whats in my stomach, i'll get a strong bitter taste in my mouth and what i cough up is red/brown streaks of blood in what i assume is a combination of stomach acid and blood/nerves. This has been ongoing for the past 4 or so months, but recently got more severe.

I originally went amd had an endoscopy done when it first started happening, but they couldn't find anything.

Is this something thats severe?

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    Hi Sam,

    Can you check my other post about how I cured myself of oesophagitis grade 2. I used to take proton pump inhibitors such as omeprazole, pantoprazole, esomoprazole, lanzoprazole, but I stopped as they are temporary daily solution and not a cure.

    Please do not mix so many ingredients and drink. Please check the ph levels of your solution. I have a feeling that it has more acidic.

    What you should drink.

    1) Amla juice(1 part) Aloe Vera(1 part), water 2 parts. Mix these and drink early in the morning after brushing. Ensure you drink in one gulp without any air entering mouth and not in sips.

    Note: Order 2-5 different varieties of natural unadulterated aloe vera juice from market. As soon as you drink little bit you should feel cooling sensation in your GI tract above oesophagus. If you dont feel the coolness, then discard that aloe vera juice as it is not for you. This is from my experience.

    2) Greek yogurt 0% fat (1 part), water (10 parts). Coriander (5 leaves). Blend these and drink after food.

    3) Watermelon juice

    Avoid all processed, baked goods, meats, oily foods for few days. Take salads and fruits for couple of weeks. Dont mix any spice into this.

    Eat on time, sleep on time, drink plenty of water during the day. Dont get angry, tensed, depressed for few days. Dont forget to deep breathe.

    Just do pramayama. Take a deep breath till lungs are full of air, hold the air in for 2 sec. Slowly breathe out. Practice this for 5 mins whenever you have heart burn.

    Let me know how you feel.

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    Sounds like acid reflux is the tast and the reddish brown probably blood from your throat coursed from coughing it sounds to me like you really need to be on some kind of medication I'm still taking PPI medication and trying to cut down why don't you take Zantac over the counter dose and gaviscon

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    Peppermint and mint is one of the worst things you can take for acid reflux (do an internet search it and you'll see what i mean) so try cutting that out of your drink. 

    Try propping up the head of your bed with a couple of bricks too so that it is harder for the acid to come up when sleeping.

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      The best thing I have found is apple cider vinegar (organic with the mother) and organic honey drink that first thing in the morning and before you go to bed, google that and you can get a lot of good from apple cider vinegar. Good luck!!
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      I have used apple cider vinegar and organic honey, but

      it is still not the best solution for extreme heartburn, gerd.

      How do you find out if a given solution is working for you.

      - you get a cooling sensation across the gi tract above the oesophagus and upper regions of the stomach

      It takes more stomach acid to break down honey. Compared to sugar, honey is better but it still needs to be taken very less.

      I swear by amla+aloe combination. I dont think there is any

      equal to this combination for a patially burnt gi tract, peptic ulcer, oesophagitis, gerd, heartburn, stomach cancer as well.

      Remember that most aloe vera juice available in the market is sweetened, or mixed with other preservatives.

      Another solution is to buy small quantities of all the brands in HEB/wholefoods/kroger

      and take a sip. If you get immediate cooling sensation like ice over birnt skin in the gi tract, that is the ideal aloe.

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    Hi samchappy

    ?Were you experiencing any side-effects on the PPI? I've been taking Omeprazole for 20 years now with the only side effect being itchy skin for which I take an antihistamine. It is concerning, all the negative stuff about omeprazole, but my quality of life without it is terrible so I guess it is an easy decision for me to stick with it.  If all else fails with you, I would suggest you give the PPI another go. At least the endoscopy isn't showing anything so that's a very good start. All the best.

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    Try these, it helped me cure my oesophagitis stage2, with extreme gerd, heartburn, belching.

    1)In a half glass of water

    - add 1/4 glass Aloe vera juice (Lilly of the desert brand in amazon or any other locally available unadulterated and unsweetened)

    - add 1/4 glass Amla powder/juice (Amazon sourced)

    Take this after brushing continuosly for 1 month along with following the below.

    It will cure gerd to a great extent. It has for me greatly so I have used these myself.

    2) In 1 glass of water, add 3-4 teaspoon greek yogurt 0% fat, pinch of salt, coriander leaves (3).

    Mix or blend well and drink

    3) watermelon juice

    4) Veg salads, fruit salads. Dont add any oils and dry fruits to this, or custard or icecream

    5) Practice deep breathing through mouth and exhale for 5mins daily

    6) Drink lots of water. Dont get angry, depressed, tensed.

    The 1, 2, 3 above will immediately provide heartburn relief.

    Avoid completely spicy, oily, baked foods, meats for few days.

    Take otc meds like ppis only in emergency only.

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    This is what happened to me recently followed by black stools 24  hours later. It’s scary. Having an endescoping in a few days so hope it shows what the cause is.

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