Severe hand tremors taking Cymbalta/Duloxetine

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Has anyone had this happen?  I had gone up from the 20mg dose to the 40mg dose and was doing better.  Less depression and the goal was to ease my fibro pain (I currently take Gabapentin and Tramadol) and eventually stop taking Tramadol.  I suddenly started shaking.  I had muscle jumps (can't think of another way to describe it) in my  legs and I literally shook so bad I couldn't turn pages on my Kindle without trying a few times.  It was disturbing.

The doctor called me back said to go back to the 20mb dose.  I continued to shake...but it lessened.  I am now going off it by taking it every other day (20mb) and can't get the Dr. to return my call.

I have tried all the Fibro drugs.  Lyrica didn't work.  Savella caused bad rapid h/b.  Effexor caused muscle jumps in my legs too (but not hand shaking).

If I continued to take it would the hand tremors go away?  No one can answer that.  Pain is worse since I have eased off so it was actually working.  I want to continue if it will lesson, but I don't know if it will.

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    You shouldn't be taking Tramadol an Cymbalta at same time. They both increase serotonin in the brain an norepinephrine. You could have serotonin syndrome. Look it up. Completely stop Tram then in a couple days restart Cymbalta see how that goes.Im not sure how Gabapentin an Cymbalta get along. Ask your pharmacist!!
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      I did know they conflict.  I previously took Effexor with Tramadol also (same conflict).  Both Gps say that at the amounts it is too low for Serotonin syndrome.  When they perscribed this for me I did ask about it.  One of the side affects listed for Cymbalta is tremors according to my Dr., though only 1% of people reported this issue (figures in my case I hit the jackpot...but can't win the lottery wink)   The Dr. said this is't a symptom of Seratonin Syndrome and also pointed to the fact it happened/got worse a week after the upped dose rather than right away.  She said 40mg of Cymbalta is a very low dose.

      I do understand why you came to this conclusion though and I did know I had to be careful.  They gave me a  list of what to watch for when it was perscribed.

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      What is driving me nuts though is they did not call me back.  I have been tapering the Cymbalta back but was give no suggestion how.  I am at lowest dose, taking every other day now.  I guess I will just stop.  Not sure if I am to do it every third day.  I would very much like to restart, I know some side affects go away after a few weeks. wondering if this is one.
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      I still wouldn't mix. Iv had a seizure on Tramadol. These Dr's sometimes just don't care or do any research. If your starting Cymbalta for pain you don't need Tramadol or Gabapentin. My Dad is on Duloxetin (generic) for all over pain. Was on Hydrocodone #10 .after 1 month his pain was decreased by about 75-80% sometimes no pain. He's 80 yr old. But he does have a tremor in rt hand. He started Duloxetin in Feb of 2015. By May, tremor came bad. Now its bad. Tested for Parkinson's by a DAT scan, it shows levels of dopamine in the brain. Came back normal. No Parkinsons. So we see his neurologist next wk to see if its the Duloxetin. Iv just been prescribed Cymbalta (brand name) 30mg for a wk then go up to 60mg. Now Im nervous to take it!! An we dont have insurance to cover the price. Iv gone to Walgreens an Walmart an its gonna be like 400$ for a mnth!! We can't afford that! Husband is self employed an I stay at home an carefor our sons 12&17 & my 80 yr old parents (still in own home) an Iv got depression and anxiety an hurt. So now dont know what to do. Is generic not as good as the brand name??
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      I said Cymbalta on here...but it was the generic I was taking but they do a buch of testing before any generics are allowed out.  There shouldn't be any dangers of using the generic.  I waited until it hit generic myself, my ins will cover Cymbalta but my share of it would be enormous.  I would definitely consider it being this that caused the hand tremors in your father though.  For what it is worth, my left hand also shook WAY more than the right (I am right handed). I'm a stay at home mom too, my son has Autism and I homeschool him (other child is in PS), they are 12 and 14.  

      It didn't help my pain level at all yet, but I didn't realize how depressed I was until I took this.  I suddenly stopped thinking suicidal thoughts.  I would never follow through, but ever since I ended up homeschooing (which I detest) I've felt that way.  I HATE the idea of not taking Cymbalta anymore if for any reason other than that.  

      Savella however was amazing for me.  My pain level was almost 100% better and I got off the Tramadol and the Gabapentin.  Then I had massive issues with rapid heart beat and had to stop.  I was heart broken.  

      I guess I am just stuck with Gabapentin and Tramadol.  It does work for me...but I worry because Tramadol works less and less for me over time.

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    Hi, I have been on Cymbalta for over four years. At one time on 120mg a day but could not cope with this. Went back to 60mg. Worked well but I am not a pill popper and wanted to come off eventually. Pain back in legs etc but I still want off. Had some liver readings outside of normal and I decided now was the time. During use I had tremors too and terrible fatigue.  Wether Cymbalta was the cause I am not sure.

    Coming off has been horrendous to put it mildly. So if possible I would try something else.

    Hope this helps, good luck

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    I have had the same issues for pain use of the drug.

    I was in 60mg plus 2 X 75 of pregablin plus the occasional Tramadol.

    I've had to come off sue to the erratic twitches and clumsyness - I just drop things. They also had some serious sexual side effects for a man and this lasted months.

    Down side is I am getting some bad withdrawal symptoms still. Brain zaps, some tremors, and my tinutus is much worse than usual.

    The sweating was a killer too.

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      I dont understand why Dr's say its ok to take a antidepressant with Tramadol. Its majorly contraindicated in USA anyway. Very dangerous to take together. An Gabapentin to !! No way. I would only take the Cymbalta or the Gabapentin an Tram. Not all together.
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      Both Dr's in my case said because of low amounts not an issue.  I just assumed there are studies saying it's acceptable based on level.

      Ouchy, I saw brain zaps being an issue..  Same thing with Effexor, I was scared when I stopped with that but was lucky.  Hope the effects of going off are better for you soon.

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      I dont take any of them. Just got rx for Cymbalta but to expensive. 400$ a month. No insurance. Might have to go to generic. Its 150$ a month. My dad has bad tremor in rt hand on generic. Been on it since Feb. Gotten worse. He's 80. Only on 30mg. Put on it for pain. It decreased pain significantly but now has bad tremor. Not Parkinsons either.
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    It is very interesting to see both the positive and negative sides of this medication. 

    It is also one of the few that has its own syndrom when trying to come off.

    CYmbalta Discontinuation Syndrom, CDS. Per FDA

    key in "cymbalta coming off side effects" into Google, it's an interesting read.

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      I was warned by someone right after I started taking it that going off it is miserable.  It is sad what we do in hopes of less pain (whether physical or emotional) 
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    Hopefully I am not making a mistake. They had me stop--and the tremors stopped--and restart at 20mg.  So far so good.  Then up it to 40mg in 3 months.  The Dr.. Swears it wasn't seratonin syndrome because it was only one symptom.  I just want so bad for something to make the pain stop.

    If anyone has been in the same boat...I would love to hear from them.  I see on other boards (though not recently) people posted of the tremor side affect.  It apparently only happens in 1% of Duloxatine users though.

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      Its happening with my Dad. He's on 30mg Duloxetin an been on it since Feb of this yr. Im in Tx USA. Tremor didnt start till month or 2 after started. It just got worse an worse an all his Drs thought he had Parkinsons an one was going to put him on Levadopa for Parkinson's without even testing for it!!! Levadopa is a serius neurological drug! Finally a neurologist had him tested by a DAT scan to detect dopamine in brain. Came back normal .no Parkinsons. So we see neurologist next wk to see of its Duloxetin. His tremor is pretty bad. Drops cups an spills stuff to. Im on Duloxetin (4days) so hopefully it wont do it to me. I have two friends on it fir yrs an no tremors.
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      Hi. I was on duloxetine 30 me mornings 60mg at night. I developed an awful tremor in right hand so came off. At the time I didn't think it helped the pain but since being off I am in more pain and the tremor eased. Doctor has just prescribed again at 20mg to try for a while. Had previously had times whilst on duloxetine that the doctor gave me tramodole also.

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