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I've tried asking everywhere and around different websites and I just need some help, any would be so appreciated. For the past 8 years I've been passed around different doctors and hospitals and no one has ever been able to help me, we still have no idea what's wrong. I'm just 17 so we started investigating when I was 9 and things are getting so bad I'm desperate for any kind of help.

The main problem has always been severe nausea, I rarely vomit but I'm always sat over the toilet just in case as it gets so bad sometimes. Everything I eat makes me feel sick which means my diet has become quite restricted, something I'm sure isn't helping. But recently I've had the worst kind of nausea I've ever had. It's the type I used to feel when I got extremely hungry, but food doesn't really help I'll just feel the same extreme nausea/hunger thing about half an hour later. My stomach feels like it's turning inside out and I've spent the past few weeks bent double in my house over a toilet. I don't understand, I'm eating little but often and more than I usually do which would make me feel full on a normal day. But this nausea is just terrible. I haven't been able to sleep for weeks cause it keeps me up, often coupled with stomach aches. There's no chance that I'm not eating enough and I always drink a lot of water.

As well as constantly feeling sick I get very faint and sometimes shaky, and I have to sit down quite a lot cause I'll go light headed and dizzy. I'm always feeling tired or just exhausted, and I feel extremely weak all the time. I also get mucus with bowel movements which is kind of worrying, but I never really thought much of it until recently.

I have severe headaches a lot but doctors think that's down to migraines so that doesn't worry me much, it's everything else that hasn't been diagnosed that drives me crazy.

Sometimes I can't even get out of bed, and if I go out I'll have to sit down after half an hour and I'll have gone light headed. I'm also finding at the moment this nausea that feels like extreme hunger hits like 10 times a day or sometimes never goes away especially in the evening and night, and it's got so bad that I have to stop everything I'm doing and sit down or try and eat some food. The nausea hasn't always felt like this but it's always been very bad. I'm so desperate for a diagnosis, I feel like I've seen every doctor in London but nothing is happening.

I think the main thing is my stomach maybe hasn't been tested enough. I've had blood tests for a lot of stuff but everything has come back fine, I'm not anaemic, and a good few years ago I have a stool sample that was normal but that was a long time ago mind you. My blood pressure is normal. I've also had an MRI scan of the head for my headaches which was fine. Other than these, I've had absolutely no other tests. I've tried pretty much every anti-nausea drug there is, absolutely nothing works for me. I'm so desperate and I have no idea what to do, I'm still with various doctors but I need some indication of what might be wrong cause it's driving me mad, I can't do anything anymore.

Any help would be amazing thank you

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    I might be going completely down the wrong path but it's worth a mention - have you been tested for Type 1 diabetes? I've had Type 2 for 18 years and I remember feeling VERY hungry I mean sick feeling hungry not just "oh, I feel like a biscuit" sort of hungry. Feeling light headed and very tired go with diabetes as well. As I said, I might be completely wrong but it would be worth you looking up the symptoms and, if you haven' been tested for it, perhaps you could go to a Lloyds Pharmacy or one of the others who do fingerprick diabetes tests. It sounds as if you haven't been having a very good time lately so I hope you get it sorted out soon.
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    Please state what you've been tested for over the last 9 years. Please be aware of a type of migraines that are accompanied with severe nausea. I forget the name. Migraine-related vertigo rings a bell, have a Google or ask your GP. Have you been referred to a ENT clinic? To be honest after such a long time I think you've got an inner ear problem or the other problems such as stomach etc would be clear by now. Hence you feel sick and dizzy but aren't, go back to your GP with a parent, take no crap at all and ask for a referral and get a specialist to look at your ears. In essence your feeling sea sick 24/7 is that correct????
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    I have dysautonomia. It took them 3 years to discover and that's only because I asked them to test me. Your issue sounds a lot like mine. I would check with a cardiologist and ask him about it. Light headed and dizzy were a blood pressure thing for me. I was given a drug to stop vomitting/hiccups and nausea as well.
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    If you've not already discovered the source of this issue, first of all, I feel so terribly for you and I hope it's at least tamed down.

    I'd like to suggest, getting tested for hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, diabetes (type one and 2), and I'd also suggest looking into your parents' and their families' medical history as far back as possible, so as to potentially identify a genetic or recurring health issue.

    As unusual as it sounds, even if your great great great aunt had a severe health issue, it is likely you could have the same problem, may it be because of something you do or did that others in your family (aside from her) may not or may not have, or that it's waited to process for those several generations until you.

    My last suggestion is PLEASE get a pelvic exam or ultrasound as soon as possible (even if the issue has subsided) to determine whether you may have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), as it is known (and I know from experience) to have the same affect. Read up on it, please. There are explanations for every symptom in the effects of PCOS. The hunger is the abundance of testosterone, the sickness is the estrogen trying to overpower it and also because of the pain, the pain is the cysts bursting, developing, growing, or ovulation (in which case the egg is trying to move through the tube, but either cannot due to a cyst blocking its exit therefore causing it to push against it, or the egg pushes straight through the cyst not only putting pressure on it but forcing it to burst, OR the cyst is near or slightly overlapping the exit to the tube and the egg is putting pressure on it sometimes also causing it to burst), or it could be all 4 at the same time.

    I am hypoglycemic, which means I have a severe protein deficiency, and a few years back I was having shakiness and lightheadedness and dizziness, and also panic attacks (because of anxiety but also because of the shaking). The way to fix it is that I also have to eat several times a day, unfortunately heavier than k prefer, and it ALWAYS has to have 4+ milligrams of protein.

    I also have PCOS, and at the time I learned of it, I had been going through the exact same thing you are talking about here. The only way we thought to find out about it is because my mum has it as well.

    I am far from a medical professional, just a regular old cosmetologist, and I am in no way trying to tell you WHAT you have, but I do hope I may have helped, because if it happens you have the same problem, I hope to be the reason you get better (if you're not already! But as mentioned before, please, regardless of your health level, if you haven't already, GET CHECKED FOR PCOS PLEASE)


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    You have the same symptoms as me! Not one doctor ( and I have seen many!) in 55 yrs (I'm 57)of suffering could diagnose me! I did it myself by using the internet and finding out facts from my co- workers who knew people with the disease called celiac disease. People with celiac disease can Not digest GLUTEN and gluten is in almost EVERYTHING in the stores AND most doctors are telling people what foods are safe and ARE WRONG. Gluten is poison!!!

    Most items labeled gluten free ARE NOT because ... 1)FDA says its okay as long as it only has 20 parts per million...WRONG BECAUSE ANY Is DESTROYING your colon and liver!!!AND WILL make you sick!

    2)these foods DO HAVE gluten....rice, corn, sorghum, quinoa the ONLY rice you can have is Wild Rice

    Symptoms : mucus in bowel movement, way too frequent urinating, sick to my stomach ALL the time That hunger you spoke of, nausia, 3 types of

    of migraines Everday severe ones causing vomiting for 12 hrs (because I Was being POISONED...Literally! Skin breaking out since 10 yrs old !! Now all these symptoms increased over time. Anemia from the time I was born.. I barely could walk at times in so much pain!!Every one is also causes ones thyroid not to be functioning right

    2 weeks without ANY Gluten and the sores on my arm were gone and migraines gone for most part Though I still HaVe some problems due to it takes up to 7 yrs for your body to rid of it.

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    Cherrylondon I'm very curious to know if doctors have tested for bacterial infection in your stomach? I have had the same exact symptoms you've described and my doctor finally tested me for a bacterial infection and that was what I had! Some years later my mom was having the same and I had her write down what I wanted her to ask her doctor to test for. She lived about 2 hours away so I couldn't go and talk to her doctor at that time, but after her test that's what it was. Her doctor ask her to tell me good call, and I was glad to help. If you have it the meds you need is called a prevpac. It's Prevacid and two different antibiotics / 2 of one kind and 1 of the other. It's taken twice a day for two weeks. You take them on an empty stomach, but as usual you should always read directions before taking. Good luck I hope this helps, it did for me and my mom. If so you should start feeling better within 3to4 days but always finish the rest of the medication!

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    Have no advice, sorry, but wish you to stay strong! 

    Best of luck!

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    There are so many things that can cause nausea that it seems to be an large number of potential diagnoses.  It looks like you have had some symptomatic relief but have you ever had acupuncture to try to relieve the nausea?  It's worth the try -- it's a whole different tack and it approaches it from a symptomatic point of view and a different system.

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