severe ostial pinching of my second diagional by a stent

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would anyone be able to tell me what is meant by Severe ostial pinching what does this mean ?

I had 6 narrowing’s in 4 arteries

Three narrowing’s in the LAD and one in the D2 all narrowing’s greater that 50%

One long stent was put in to LAD with severe ostial pinching of the D2

what does severe ostial pinching mean and want are the risk factors for having it

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    It means that the Stent is pinching the opening (Ostium) to the D2 branch almost closed, this may reduce blood flow to the part of the Heart fed by D2, you may still suffer from Angina from time to time smile
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    I have been diagnosed with the same, after having an LAD stent put in. My cardiologist says this is a small vessel and 'nothing to worry about' and is treating me medically, with nitrate drugs. But how does she know how much of the heart this vessel is supplying and the extent of the pinching/block? And when should I worry?  I have sypmtoms, such as mild but fairly persistent pain in my left jaw, molar and arm, and a lot of the time I really don't feel great. Am I at risk and what else can be done? My next appointment with my cardiologist is a month away, which feels like an age right now.
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      Hi Somersetwest

      I still get pain mostly when not doing excerise discomfort in the chest and arm i had my stent put in 4 years ago

      my pain goes away when i do excerise or a treatmill

      but if i am stressed i get severe chest pain i use the spray and this will relieve it after 10 or 20 mins

      just wondering if you treating consultant in in ireland or uk  

      my consultant is in Ireland but when i ask question about my pain and why i still have it the consultant will not answer my questions side steps the issuse and say dont worry about it

      it is easy for the consultant to say this as he does not have the pain

      regards and best wishes i was 44 when i got a long stent put in to correct 3 narrowings and pinch of the other artery branch artery with the narrowing at its origin

      hope this helps   

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      Hi florie50

      Thanks for your response.

      I'm actually in Brighton.

      Strange and no doubt disconcerting that you are still getting chest and arm pain after four years.

      Do you actually have any symptoms from the ostial pinching? How have you been told to deal with this? Any drugs?

      It seems hard to beleive that a vessel that is pinched, and thus with restricted blood flow, can be harmless, specially when there are the arm, face and jaw pains accompanying it.

      I'm on a nitrate drug, but not sure it is doing anything.

      BTW - my only cardio incident before the stent was a weird ECG during a stress scho test, that saw me in theatre immediately.

      All so much to take in and cope with.

      I just want to feel great - as people say I should after the stent - but it is not happening and instead i'm getting increasingly concerned.

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      Well if you are concerned go back into hospital 

      I got a few stress test done and had another angiograph done and they keep telling me im am fine i have a heart i could climb everest with

      so i dont know my heart does not cause pain when i am doing excerise it is only in stress ful sitatutions at work or home when i am inactive

      wish you well


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      Hi Benny

      Thank you for that i have just started reading makes sense

      Can you tell me where i would get confirmation that the (D2) Diagional  Branch from the (LAD) left arterary decending is an artery

      my assurance company are saying the D2 is not an artery  

      is there any where on the net that it proves the d2 is an artery in my heart

      i would realy appericate any help

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      The 'severe ostial pinching' is acting as a stenosis, if they did the FFR test (next time you had an Angiogram) then this could show that the blood supply is being affected smile

      (Depending on the diagram) it's Aorta > Left Coronary Artery > Left Anterior Descending Artery > D1 > D2 > D3 > etc smile

      Of course D2 of your LAD is an artery, it's a branch but it's still an artery, any diagram you can find should show this, it seems daft (on their part) to say it's otherwise or for them to scratch their heads over the matter cheesygrin

      See the above and it's 'Additional images' section wink

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      Thank you for your help the assurance company will not pay my serious illness policy and we are in debate if the d2 is an artery in its own right

      so i will have to prove this

      i thank you for your help

      typical assurance company i sold it for 23 years but when it comes to claiming on my policy they refuse me

      have a nice day benny and thank you once again 


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      LAD > D2 delivers oxygenated blood (or in your case it's supposed to) therefore it is an artery smile I dunno how they can possibly be querying the fact, they're stupid / trying to weasel out of their obligations rolleyes
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    Just wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with a severe pinching of the second diagonal after a stent, the risk factors (my cardilologist said 'non-existent', but is this true?), and any drugs that could alleviate the associated symptoms such as mild face and arm pain?
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      Hello, florie 50 here

      we seem to be unique no one else has had severe ostial pinching ,

      i am still looking for question to be answered by my consultant just sent off another list to day but not much success in getting answers

      hope all well with you

      I still get mild chest pain and sometimes in the arm but the consultants keep saying my heart is fine. 

      but if my heart is fine why do i have pain no one able to answer my question.



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    Hi florie50

    Lucky us, eh?

    I had a run of a few 'good weeks' after they put me on Imdur (nitrate) and amlopidine (calcium blocker), but my symptoms - arm, teeth and face pain - have returned this week.

    I had a second angiogram in May, to check that all was well with the double stent procedure I had in February. All is good - aside from this ostial 90% blockage in the second diagonal.

    My cardiologist told me that this was inoperable and had to be treated medically, but was 'insignificant'.

    I hope you find some answers to your latest batch of questions, and would be interested in the replies.

    I am starting to think this is my lot and there are no answers.

    Good luck.

    That just leaves me, then, to manage the symptoms - which is why I trawl forums like this to pick up any pointers.

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