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After having a pulmonary embolism a week later I was woken up with a severe stabbing pain in my side and lower back it has not stopped and only happens while I am sleeping went back to the hospital they seem to think it's lung tissue damage but the new x Ray looks good the pain is ridiculous that even oxycodone and zanex won't even help I haven't slept more than two hours a night in a week has anyone else have these symptoms

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    Hi John, I had a PE 18 months ago.Have had similar pains to you for many months now. Just been to hospital where they are going to organise a scan,exercise test and lung function test. They think it may be either scarring , heart damage or old clots not moving. Cheers, Nick.
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      Thanks Nick these pains are only when I'm sleeping was coughing up blood after the first time was good for a week and out of nowhere this pain is ridiculous the Dr has no clue why x Ray looks good gave me some pain killers and zanex didn't help at all NO sleep in the past week hopefully they can figure it out by next week

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    I have always been extremely healthy until one day I had unexplained pain in my chest area. What finally made me go to the doctor, however,  was what you described.  When I went to lie down, I had breath-taking pain.  Still, I waited until the next day to go to the doctor,  at which time  I was diagnosed with a PE.  I was in the hospital for a week where I was given daily heparin shots and warfarin.  I have not had that same sharp pain since. 
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      I am healthy as well but these pains are after I had the blood clots go through my lungs which was on June 10th only it's happening while I try and sleep went back to the hospital they took another x Ray have tissue damage but the pain is in my lower back and rib cage the Dr has no idea what is causing it he gave me some pain killers and zanex didn't help at all there's something wrong other than the pulmonary embolism everyone is confused

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      I'm not a doctor but could it be in your kidneys?  Pain killers and Xanax aren't the solution for sure.  I definitely feel for you because I've experienced the pain you describe.  Is there a place you can go for a second opinion? 

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      hi all,

      The Doctors, Consultants, Hamtologists, Cardiologists, Heart & Lung surgeons involved with NICE technology appraisal guidance 287, stakeholders & committee members may not have passed a 3day First Aid at Work Certificate.

      This worked for me and got me out of trouble....

      Breathing is made easier in bed with a relaxed W position, elbows & feet raised slightly, knees bent, maybe a slight tilt toward the left hand side,  Make sure arms are not raised above the shoulders, as that may kink arteries in your arm, resticting flow. Wiggle your toes periodically untill you fall asleep. This allows the heart to work less hard, and rib cage to expand & contract freely supporting the function of the lungs & intercostal muscles, and gravity flow of blood from feet & legs to the aorta artery Also, make sure your last meal is a fair few hours before sleeping, as cardio-respiratory energy & blood will go towards stomach & digestive tract as well as other systems with the body. 

      We're not statues whilst sleeping, but this position enables rest, slightly easier breathing and relative comfort. (the pain may not go away, and one may have to shallow breathe to prevent stretching lung tissue adding to the pain. I discovered this after a few discharges from my hospital. I like to think all competant ward managers, matrons & general consultants throughout NHS England know about this; but sadly for some - it's not the case.

      hope this helps.

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      Had a CT scan of all my organs only found the blood clots in my lungs pneumonia felt great till a week later it's the same pain I felt when the first pulmonary embolism I'm on blood thinner the pain killers aren't really working wakes me up so painful it's ridiculous

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    Your symptoms sound exactly like my first two PEs.  The first one was very low down too.

    You don't mention what treatment you have had and/or what medication you are on.  I am hoping you are on some sort of anticoagulant.  If so, it's a start, but you still need to be mindful that it doesn't rule out a further PE, just reduces the chances to a very low level. 

    X-ray not the best diagnosis tool for a PE. You need a CT scan. 

    best regards Peter

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      Thanks Peter I did have a CT scan that's where the Dr found the blood clots damaged the tissue I'm taking a blood thinner went back to the emergency room they did take an x Ray they said it looks good was released the next day I had to go back to my Dr and got some pain killers and zanex these pains are ridiculous I can't sleep feels like someone beat me with a baseball bat this can't be good for my lungs or my health

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      "I'm taking a blood thinner"  Phew!  Glad to hear that. Whilst you are taking painkillers, don't forget that NSAIDs are not a good mix with thinners..

      The pain is a difficult one to predict.  I had huge pain at the site of one of my PEs, less elsewhere. The pain from the original moved from sharp to dull over a period of time.  Depending on the severity of the clots/damage, I am afraid it can take quite a while to recover. In my case, about 10 months and I am back where I was before. I did have both lungs full of them though.

      Good luck!


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      Besides time did you do anything different from what the Dr recommend I'm going to buy a reclining chair so I can get some sleep hopefully it works I can't lay down no matter which position I am in any pointers would sure help out thanks Peter

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      Hi John,

      All the time I was in hospital, I could not lie flat. They arranged a quantity of pillows so that I could sleep reclined. When I returned home, I did the same. Much like your chair, I would imagine. I could stand and sit ok (although sitting was more comfortable with my legs up).  I forget how long it took, but after a few more days, I was able to lie flat for a little, but only in one specific position. Gradually got less specific and more comfortable.  Sorry if that sounds a bit long term, it wasn't too bad after I found a position to lie in.

      All the best Peter

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    Hi John

    I also have PE, 2 clots in my left lung and all the pain is on my left. The pains while lieing down sounds all too familiar to me as I've had the same, stabbing pains in the back, chest and shoulder, which is exaggerated if ive been lieing down. My Doctor told me the pain is caused due to damage to my lung, the clots have starved part of the muscle tissue of oxygen and therefore the tissue has died. Because the myscle tissue in that area is now dead it wont expand when i breath in but my lungs are still trying to expand it out but it wont because its dead. That apparently is what the pain is, this inability to expand my lungs and it is much worse when lieing on my back. There's no easy solution around that unfortunately, ive had to invest in V shaped pillows and sleep sitting up but I am slowly able to lie more flat so think the rivoroxaban are finally getting rid of my clots.

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      You may want to have another word with your doctor, as some of that information isn't correct. Anticoagulants (coloquially known as blood thinners) do not dissolve the clots. It is the body itself that does this over a period of weeks or months, depending on the individual case.

      I have also never heard of the "dying muscle" phenomenon and thought that clots and/or scars caused discomfort. Perhaps someone else can confirm(?).



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      lung tissue starved of oxygenated blood may scar over at point of blockage, but the surrounding tissue will try draw blood from adjoining vessels & capilliaries possibly increasing OD/ID load & structure....with each breath (in or out) - the concious intention to expand & contract diaphram/lung/s- consumes more oxygenated blood, uses inner energy reserves and excruciating pain in some cases - resulting in your endocrine system over compensating...and affecting your sleep/awake cycles and other cycles

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