severe pain worse since gallbladder removed

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I am 67 female. I lived with pain for over a year with gallstones, which I am sure caused pain in my pancreas. Then in April 2015 I had a colonoscopy expelling with Picolax nothing but 12 hours of yellow dirrhea. All OK. I was diagnosed with severe colonic transit time (since loadds of flaming meds but worse with gallstones) and on laxatives. Then April 2015 had gallbladder out and it all got bad since.  If I passed a motion the burning would spread all up mt back lasting hours. Anyway my abdomen was so disstended a FODMAP diet made little different and I would drink loads ofwater but hardly pee standing up, but pee all night or after layin down a while.  The bowel consultant noted this, even the fact with a catheter in standing my bag would hardly fill, but gallons laying down and the pain,. I was discharged he said maybe your bowels press on bladder. I did not have a prolapsed womb.  I have lived with this. Then I got pancreatitis. An MRi showed all looked OK discharged, with no advice as to diet. I continued to eat the worst things cakes doughnuts nuts etc. Anyway, I tried low fat after research. No difference.  I can eat any cereal and feel OK for about one and half hours. Then burning in my guts especially back and throat. It will die down but my abdomen swells then.  Ecven with 6 grapes, a banana, a yoghurt, anything it will burn in my guts bwtween my shoulders. By 2.oo pm the burning id=s continuous and my bowels burn too. If I do pass a fatty small stool (afyer tonnes of laxatives which hardly work) the pain is all up my whole insides like fire. I am usually disabled by p.m. and go to bed crying.  I also get pain if I dont eat. PPIs do notjing. Even laxatives and medicstion burns my guts. A banana at 6.00 p.m. awful. And such sweats.  I cannot eat bread as it binds me up so do eggs.  I am waiting for a 24 hr manometry and a Ct scan again and hopefully an ERCP. as on seeing a third gastroenterologist he said your blloods are reassuring still and for him an OK MRI of tje di=ucts etc meant nothing until we "get down inside". One man refused to do this procedure.  I just do not understand what is going on any more, I lost a llot of weight before pancreatitis.  A blood IGG4 was OK.  Then I got low plates and put on steroids which put some weight on but now I still look like a wrinkled prune of 97 not 67.   seem to crave carbs and fas. Another problem is Icannot take non steroid anti inflamatories pain killder ss I doubl up with gut pain and then cannot pass urine and end up on catheters.  then I eat fine but end up with haematuria and such pressure now especially last meal in my rightback like Im going to explode. Nothing helps the pain. Even oral morphine I was crippled with and vomitted and couldnt pass urine.  All Im told is I am a medical mystery and in my mind and women get these things and as I havee a depression history it is that but my kids and family have never seen me in such pain, worse third meal small or medium. Usually very tiny. The burning inn my abdomen is awful too. My mouth is coatted furry and I am so thirsty. Even Lactulose burns in my back. All sugars all fats. And I used to get sweats and palpitations but they arenot as frequent as my bowels are not evacuating even my veg!!  I get a sensation of ringing in my ears.  I am off steroids. The only thing that ever eased pain was antibiotics.  I am trying to avoid any carbs sugars fats noe even milk but am stuck as to know what to have for breakfast. as porridge all cereals burns, and fruit and eggs bind me. A salad at breakfast is so depressiong.  I have lived with this over a year and considered ending my life as I do not have what I had before, do not get out because of pain, and cannot even have a cucup of tea or coffee. I know I do not help myself as some days I have got so down I have felt if I am dying then blow I am going to eat three doughnuts or 4 custard tarts, or a bag of popcorn. I do and feel OK...until an hour half later, and then it goes on all day from my backside right up to my back my chest my throat. The pain usually goes in the night although I rarely sleep.I am never tired!! So GP tried Pregabalin as I seem to cry soon after digesting as moods affected. Felt awful on it. Amytriptine as bad such lower back pain horrendous sweats and felt I had been punched in the face.  Now I am stuck in bed with bursitis in my hip and if pets could talk they would be telling the GPs consultants a thing or two. They know I am poorly as they wont leave me alone.!! I pray the manometry etc shows something. My GP tried Creon. Even they burnt my guts. I do have also gastitis a hiatus hernia motility of oesophagus and what they think is stomach emptying too quick. But if so why pain all up my back chest on passing a fatty stool and why pain worse by 3rd meal at night.  I hope to God someone will find out. 

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    I am truly sorry you are going through the "abdominal mysteries" after gb removal. You are not alone. Many people do.

    Many times pancreatitis will develop, many times stomach issues.. Etc.

    prior to going into other details, was endoscopy recently done? And have you tried Controloc?

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      hello never heard of Controlac. Is it UK drug and what for? I have the fatty stools but severe slow transit.  I did read that bile continuously drips into intestine. That could be cause. I was going to loo OK until gallstones and once removed even worse.  Thankyou. I feel so down and alone not knowing. 24 hr manometry on 30th September after 4 month wait and battling to get it done. Now waiting too for CT scan and hopefully the endoscopy procedure which my hospital refused to do cos MRI looked OK but 3rd NHS gastro has said he will at different hospital. After a year plus of horrendous pain I even took an overdose as bloods said all OK. But have read pancreas bloods can be OK cos it is leaking enzymes into body causing pain and eating itself slowly.  My sugars rarely go higher than 8. They used to go to 13 or even 23 once if I ate a spag bol and bread and piece of cake. Now never go high yet Id eaten a lot of sugar carbs. Maybe I have too much insulin. Anyway thankyou. It is driving me nuts not knowing what is causing what.  And to be told I am a medical mystery has not helped. xx
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    Hi Basten ! Have you ever heard of pancreatic islet auto transplantation ? I just read about it. If push comes to shove I'll see if I can have that done at some point. That is , if I'm diagnosed with cronic pancreatitis. I haven't even completed all the test yet. But from what I've read it relieves all the pain of 80% of the people who've had it done. But some of those people become diabetic. I can't remember everything I read about it but you should do a little research on the net about it. I didn't know it existed. Apparently there are select hospitals who do it. The Methodist hospital in Houston Texas is one of them ( I live about 90 miles from Houston ). Another that was mentioned was John's Hopkins. I suppose it's in other countries also though. I just don't understand why that option isn't more widely spoken about. Anyway , you came to mind as I read it. Don't know if they have age limits or what the criteria are . Just hope I'm not over the hill if it came down to that .😊. All my best to you.

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      Hello Portacrean I am in the UK.  No I will research what you said re pancreas.  I am eating bad fats and sugars and it has made it worse but I see everyone else eating etc so I do it.NOONE even told me here in the UK hospital dietician or GP when I had pancreatitis Xmas that I should have low fats. If it wasnt for the net I wouldnt have a clue what it was etc. I said to the GI even take my pancreas out etc.  I have gastritis, oesohagitis, hiatus hernia bowels slow so have eaten badly but get soo down not knowing what is happening inside and have made things worse. As I said here, I am due on 30th September for a 24 hour manometry and waiting up to 4 weeks here for a CT scan and then after that to discuss with GI man which wil be another two  weeks etc so no answers until pprobably November ( if I get that far).  It has got worse since ancreatitis Xmas.  I do know that having gallstones all 14/15 and too much coffee biscuits and cake has been my downfall too. I have been an utter fool and ashamed of myself.  II just want a chance of someone soon finding out and even an pertin as you say to help if this is not cancer lurking in my pancreas.  If it is it is the most horrendous thing ever.  If I could get over to the US I often feel Iwould have been seen to months ago but I would never have such money.  The NHS here is struggling soo much. It is going downhill in all areas as we have had so any people immigrants here I have seen its decline, yet we still have tiptop surgeons etc but money talks even here!!  I know hardly anything and the net has been a God send.  I hope you will be better soon. How old are you anyway. mind me asking???  Do you eat fat or what is your diet. Even grapes and feuit and water burns my insides!  My best wishes to you too and I will try to keep updated on here.sadbiggrin

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