Severe pain in my lower abdomen, spreading to my hip and the doctor is unable to diagnose it

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Hello, since November of last year, I have been having severe pain in my lower abdomen. It first started out only when I did any cardio heavy physical activities (the first time I noticed it was doing a 40 min elliptical run, and it started somewhere around min. 20). The pain would usually go away shortly after stopping the exercise. I do have to point out that prior to that, I lost a lot of weight, but I don´t think this is the reason. In the last 2-3 months, the pain has been getting more often and often. It now also occurs when I am not doing physical activities, but it gets way worse when I try to run/do any kind of hops etc. As mentioned, the pain usually starts in the lower left abdomen, just left and under my belly button, spreads to the hip and upwards, ending around where the rib cage ends (I have included a picture outlining the area). What is strange, the pain sometimes (although rarely) occurs on the right side too, in the same areas I have mentioned above. The doctor sent me to do an abdomen ultrasound that showed nothing and an X-ray of my left hip that also came out clean. He prescribed some anti-inflammatories (ibuprofen at first for 10 days, currently I am on diclofenac) as he predicts the pain is due to an inflammation of my abdominal aponeuroses. He also pointed out that there is no way to diagnose the inflammation and the only thing I can do is see if the drugs work, otherwise I´ll just have to "wait it out". We have ruled out any potential bowel infections, as I don´t have any problems with my digestion. The thing is, neither the first nor the second drug seems to be working. After taking the drug, the pain becomes milder or goes away for a few hours (probably due to the pain killing effect these pills have), but it usually comes back even stronger. I don´t think "waiting it out" is not an option in my case, as the pain is getting worse day by day, and even simple things like walking or driving a car are becoming really painful. Other than that, it´s more than half a year and it has only gotten worse, why would "waiting it out" not make it better? Any suggestions, opinions, experiences or possible diagnosis are welcome.

Thank you!


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    Sounds like a severe muscle strain.  Keep taking your painkillers; the fact that the pain goes away for a few hours suggests that the drugs are working!  When the pain comes back, take another dose.  Your doctor has done tests which have come back negative and has diagnosed abdominal inflammation.  With pulled or torn muscles, all you can do is to wait it out with painkillers and plenty of rest. This will allow the the injury to heal.

    Try a heated pad on the area for the pain.  The fact that it started after strenuous exercise and heavy lifting activities, suggests you have strained something.  Trust and accept what your doctor has told you.  If you are still unconvinced, ask for a CT or MRI.  However, if these tests show nothing, you will have to accept the result and wait it out.

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      Thank you for the reply! I am unfortunately only allowed to take one pill a day as the side effects are quite severe (nausea, stomach aches, stomach aches). The fact that it has been more than half a year since the pain started is what worries me (though truth be told, I haven´t really rested in the time between so I might have even strained it more). I am also applying an anti-inflammatory and painkilling gel (based on diclofenac just like the pill) to the area, and it feels like it helps a bit...

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      Tell your doctor that one pill a day is not enough to control your pain and say that you need a medication that is gentler on your stomach but strong enough to deal with the pain.
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    Check out nutcracker syndrome of the left renal vein in the internet please!
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    Hi Icyfox, 

    We know our bodies better than any doctors. I would suggest you go and get a second, third option, whatever it takes to diagnose and treat your problem succcessfully. It’s not normal what you’re gong through and no Dr should be suggesting you wait it out. They only say something stupid like that when they can’t work out what’s wrong and it’s too hard for them. Good luck. 

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      only via doc hopping did we discover MALS, nutcracker, SMAS....!

      Beforehand dismissed, played down, paying insane doc consulting fees (what for?? and no one responsible for prolonged suffering and wrong downplay).

      You know yourself best!

      You can observe yourself best!

      If you see, this cannot just be some anxiety or general unwellbeing or some food causing trouble and to be found and a change of lifestyle having big success and relief,

      you need to go on looking.

      One bland scan, one basic test does not exclude anything of the rare constellations that are out there, also overlooking and wrong imaging is possible too. Rare means not non-existent!

      Good luck!


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