severe pain in the but

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ive been told that I've got a anal fissure , the pain is unbearable when walking and laying down , sudden movements 

drinking plenty of water and taking pain killers but just taking edge of pain , can anyone advise the best way to deal with it , now I'm constipated 

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    Hi Allan

    Everyone's fissure situation is different and we can all sympathise with the hell that is an anal fissure.

    For some it will take a long time to resolve for other not so long - but there is no quick fix until the current fissures begins to heal.

    The worst thing is the spasming muscle inside you - when the tear appears its the sphincter muscles natural response to close/tighten up which in turn makes the healing process more lengthy and the pain worse.

    You need to be referred to a colorectal surgeon asap.

    They will advise on what options you have - they are normally

    1. Creams to alleviate the tightened muscle (Dilatezam / GTN - GTN gives most people headaches tho)

    2. Botox injections into the area - around 3 months effect for most people and helps the muscle inside relax (works very well for some and not so for others)

    3. LIS (cutting the muscle) - many say this immediately helps and is the quickest way to getting pain free

    You will probably be given cream first and quickly followed by Botox.  Not sure where you are (but if UK) get to your GP and insist you are referred to hospital to see specialist.

    Get your doctor to prescribe you the following:

    1.  Macrogol/Laxido (same thing) - 3 a day mix in glass water (will keep poo softer)

    2.  Naproxen - slower release pain killer (similar to nurofen but better)

    3.  Gabagpentin (it used for nueromuscular pain but works well)

    4.  Diazepam (its meant for other uses such as calming people and nerves etc) - this will take the edge of your anxiety and relax your whole body/muscles so you are not so tense. Trust me after a while you will feel tense and stressed with this.

    5. Lactulose - a sugar syrup solution that makes your poo slimy soft 

    I went through a lot of prescriptions till I hit on what worked for me.  The above helped a lot.

    Keeping clean immediately after going to loo is def important.

    At my worst (gross alert) I went in the shower - I would use the water from shower and spray directly into my passage as I went (disgusting eh) but it mean the waste did not have much chance to settle on the cut (or less time) which meant it did not burn like acid.  I have my own shower by the way.  Dry with a cool hair dryer - do not towle dry.

    Get some witchhazel solution in the bottle (liquid) and soak 2 cotton pads then press them into the entrance to your passage - this soothes and helps the stinging.

    Get yourself a rubber dunlopilo ring (Amazon) to sit on - it will make a big difference.  A small hot water bottle (I found a kids small round one and it fits inside the ring).  The heat helps relax you and again anything you can do to get the muscle to relax will in turn relase it a bit and help with the pain as a result.

    Your most likely on a long journey to recover and heal from this.  It will not be easy and you will get down most likely.  take some comfort in knowing there are many of us out there with exactly what you have.

    Plenty good advice on here and if you have a partner let them know just how painful this is.

    I am 54 and never had pain like this before - the best way to get across to anyone just how painful it is  . . . listen to women when they say "I have had children and giving birth was not half as painful as this"

    If anything that tells people just how severe it can get.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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      Jeff11,   Excellent advice Jeff.  I think you know more about this affliction than most doctors.  Yes, indeed,  I’ve had three children and would rather go through childbirth again than suffer  fissures.  I’m healed since my surgery, but feel very sorry for those still suffering.   Good luck to you Allan hope you find relief soon.  
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    thank you for insight and information going back to doctors today so will ask for the items you have suggested 

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    Allan, you need to be very selective with your food.

    Lots of water- 3 liters/day

    High fiber- fruits and veggies

    Stool softner

    Sitz baths

    Do not eat:

    Meat of any kind- it will harden your stool

    acidic food- irritates the fissure

    Spicy- same as about


    It's all about keeping the stool soft not runny.

    Most important- be very patient. This is a long and painful healing process. We are here to support you.

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    My name is Myles and over the past summer I had a very bad anal fissure that was causing me enormous amounts of pain everytime I went to the bathroom. I wanted to put this post out there for anyone currrently suffering with an anal fissure because I know how bad they can be. For anyone who is currently suffering, you have my total admiration and respect because I know how hard it is waking up every day knowing that that day will bring pain. Anal fissures are very tough because it is not like a human cannot poop.

    Anyways, to go into a little detail about what I went through, the pain from the anal fissure was so bad that I had to bite on a washcloth in order to prevent me from tightening any of my other muscles in my body that would cause me to go through more pain. I could not exercise, thinking that I would agravate it, and was scared to get constipated out of my life.

    After about 40 days of dealing with the intense pain, I decided to get the anal surgery (sphinctoronomy) done. This was the  best decision of  my  life. After surgery, it took me a good two  weeks to poop with no pain, which was incredible. The first few days after surgery were very tough and the first time I went poop after surgery I almost wanted to throw up. 

    So, if your anal fissure sounds like it was as bad as mine, I would definately go for the  surgery. The percentage of people who suffer bad things from the surgery is very small.

    Some things I tried before I got the surgery were:

    Diltazem Cream (which I do not think  helped that much)

    Fiber (but do  not take too much as a poop that is too watery can actually cause more pain as a watery poop is  very acidic)

    ******Pooping in a different position- I want to emphasize this point greatly. Instead of pooping sitting down on the toilet, I tried squatting by putting my feet on the rim of the toilet and by squatting so my stomach was touching the front of the top of  my legs. This position helped  me tremendously and ever since my fissure I have always pooped in this position.

    Calmoseptine Cream- This cream contains menthol that numbs the area. This cream also prevents sweat form accumulating in a particular area. 

    I really hope that this advice helps and please do  not give  up on  your battle to survive your fissure. YOU will survive it whether by waiting it our or by getting the  srgery.


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      Myles that is indeed good news. I'm happy for you that you have found relief from the affliction of fissures.   Like you, I would also recomend the surgery.  Mine was also successful.  Nice to read a possitive posting on this subject.

      All the best to you and all the others who are still suffering.    

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    GET TO A COLORECTAL SPECIALIST: HAVE A Sphincterectomy!!!!!!!!!

    This Has saved my life! I spent 10 hours on the floor in all consuming pain after each BM before this

    It's now sheer bliss.... I love my BMS now.

    Forget the cream. Forget the Botox (mine failed)

    And you will be normal again. I'm just an average guy from Portsmouth. I have my life back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can pass details of surgeon.

    Goodbye strange anal group

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